Why the hell was the design of the validator page butchered/FUBAR'd beyond recognition?!

It looks like absolute ass, and whoever is responsible obviously doesn't have a clue about usability, replacing the "old" design where everything was visible in an instant with the new one where everything is just one huge list you have to scroll through. It looks like it's designed for a f*ckin phone.. get the hell rid of that crap.
On a related note: Why the eff are the drives (HDDs/SSDs) now listed?! This is completely irrelevant and unnecessary information.

What hasn't been fixed are the damn near unreadable forum banners (big blue & big CPU). No Suprise there..

The records page is also somewhat WTF-y ...
Why is there a "[LULZ] Most Miserable Frequency Reached with a Duron" category when you've gotten rid of the lowest clockspeed records ages ago due to "rampant fakes/cheaters"?! And why the heck is it so specific?

This all doesn't make sense in the slightest..