We make an embedded controller, and we are having some rare memory problems. I would like to run Memtest86+ during the 24 hr.burnin test to try to catch the bad memory before we ship the units.
I made a 5.01 USB key with your auto installer, and it worked great.
Our motherboard will only boot from a USB key, if the key is plugged directly into the only USB port. I did that and it booted up. It found errors in my two samples of bad ram, and ran 1 pass to completion without error in a sample of good ram. I was going to let the test run over the weekend, to try to catch soft errors, but I can't enter a pass count because without a hub, I have no keyboard support.

I was hoping to find that I could create a configuration file on the thumb drive to tell it to run more than one pass, but I couldn't find how to do that in the forum, or FAQ.

Can it be done? How?

Thank you so much. It's already been a helpful proggram, and I've only used it for an afternoon.