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    Bravo, l'intelligence née de l'équipe en charge du McM qui n'a toujours pas compris que les Golems et principalement les Omega c'est de la merde en barre...
    Ca ruine juste le McM en l'état actuel, là, ils ont rien trouvé de mieux que de les buff monstrueusement.

    Welcome in Golem Vs Door mode AKA Comment ruiner le peu de fun qu'il reste en McM...
    Betaseries Minecraft communauté CPC GW2 : Insert Coinz & Légion du Roi Dément En ville, on se méfie depuis que le zoo a relâché des fauves pour bonne conduite.

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    Nous sommes à pied d’œuvre pour préparer le premier week-end de bêta, mais en attendant, nous avons besoin de vous pour mettre à l’épreuve le revenant, la nouvelle profession de Guild Wars 2. Nous invitons donc tous ceux qui ont préacheté l’extension à nous rejoindre du vendredi 10 juillet à 21 h, heure de Paris (midi, heure du Pacifique) au lundi 13 juillet à 21 h, heure de Paris (midi, heure du Pacifique). Pendant ce week-end, vous pourrez créer un revenant en version bêta et jouer en JcE, JcJ et McM. Notre nouveau mode JcJ, Bastion, sera également ouvert à tous les joueurs d’arène non classée.

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    Fellow Warriors of the Mists,
    World population is visible on the labels on the World Selection and Transfer screen. It determines whether you can transfer to a world and, if you can, how much the transfer will cost. These measures historically have been set based on aggregate population levels around all game modes. But because World versus World is the only game mode to which worlds apply these days, we have developed a better model that exclusively uses WvW data to determine population levels and transfer costs.
    We will be rolling out the new model soon and some shifts in the population levels should be expected. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and we’ll make all adjustments we deem necessary to improve the WvW experience. As always, your feedback is very welcome.
    See you in the Mists,

    — Samuel
    Grosso modo, changement de la méthode de comptage du nombre de joueur par serveur pour refléter la population McM puisque seul le McM est impacté par la notion de serveur.
    Et du coup, le prix du transfert sera plus équilibré par rapport à la population McM.

    C'est une très bonne nouvelle.

    Je me demande les conditions de prise en compte d'un joueur comme étant un joueur McM, parce que le mec qui va en McM pour la forge mystique, les tables de craft et le tp gratos à l'arche, j'espère qu'il est pas compté comme joueur McM.
    Betaseries Minecraft communauté CPC GW2 : Insert Coinz & Légion du Roi Dément En ville, on se méfie depuis que le zoo a relâché des fauves pour bonne conduite.

  4. #784
    D'après ce que j'ai lu, ça serait plutot une moyenne de population pendant une période donnée.

    Suffira de mettre tynril sur le grill dimanche soir .

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    From Arenanet dev /u/Anet_Goremond. Thought it'd be useful to have it all in one place. Or you could just check his post history. I'll continue to add further posts and organize the comments for clarification.
    Will we keep our fractal reward levels when these changes go live?
    Yes. We won't be resetting your personal fractal scale
    Just a small clarification on what word you can use to refer to each fractal map.
    You could use the terms "single fractal", "single map", or "single island" to all mean the same thing. We usually call them islands, but every now and then I jumble up my dev terms and my live terms. Sorry for the confusion.
    About fractal boss islands.
    They are islands and will be mixed into the new 'static schedule'.
    Clarification on the "static list" of fractals.
    Each fractal scale is a pre-determined island and mistlock instability pairing. Fractal 20 will always be the same island and the same mistlock instability.
    Clarification on whether Fractal 20 will have instabilities.
    This is just a random example. Design will determine the best scale to introduce features at.
    In response to the mention of a "static list" of fractals, someone asked if different fractals will be open at specific times, like world bosses.
    The 'static schedule' is the pre-determined island/mistlock ibstability pairing I mentioned above. There is no time component like worldbosses have.
    The rewards you get from an island will scale based on the island type. So an island that is typically longer (cliffside) will give more rewards then one that is typically shorter (swamp). This will discourage you from just farming swamp forever.
    The new daily achievements are similar to the daily fractal bouncy chests you get right now on live. There will be multiple reward systems in the new feature.
    The new daily achievements will require you complete different fractal scales. You won't be able to just do swamp X times to complete the achievements.
    This might mean a group picks their favorite set of scales (3 to 9 or so islands) to clear each day, but repeatedly farming the same scale or same island will not be as beneficial.
    Pristines will come from the new daily achievements being added. We will be removing the current, daily-gated bouncy chests that you get per 10-level tier of fractal scale.
    Clarification on fractal reward levels/personal scale and farming them.
    Your fractal scale will increase with each island. Not the 4 it takes now. You still have to complete a high enough fractal to increase your personal scale.
    We aren't changing the requirements for increasing your personal scale. "you still level up your personal fractal level by completing any Fractal level that is above yours"
    Yes, you could could farm that, theoretical, level 92 swamp to get your personal scale up to 92. However, just because it's swamp doesn't mean it will be easy to grind from 1 to 92. Level 92 is no joke.
    It's more likely that players will advance through chunks of scales. You could farm the next-highest swamp to advance your personal scale, however only the first run will advance your daily achievements. You would be doing yourself a disservice this way.
    Someone on the forums mentioned that 50 fractal levels is the equivalent of 12 old fractals
    The difficulty curves are being changed a lot. Lower level fractal scales might end up being easier then they are on Live right now, and 51+ is going to be much more challenging. You can't really just divide by 4 and consider them the same anymore.
    Mais sérieux reddit alors qu'ils ont un forum officiel.
    Alias PAPRY BP:
    Citation Envoyé par Naad Voir le message
    C'est quand même triste d'avoir des écrans affichant plein de couleurs et d'en rester aux nuances de gris.

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    Patch du 25 août.

    +Note : Sneak bug fix qui empêche de faire le moussu sous l'eau. (à confirmer)
    Wii U : Purecontact -3DS : 2423-4437-3406 (Purecon) - Steam - Origin : purEcontact - : purEcontact#2237

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    Beta Weekend 3 - 02.10.2015 au 05.10.2015

    Vous aurez accès aux raids pour la toute première fois dans Guild Wars 2. Un nouveau portail vous attendra à l’entrée de la carte de l’Orée d’émeraude pour vous conduire à votre premier raid. Vous pourrez créer des groupes de 10 joueurs pour accéder à la Vallée des esprits, le premier chemin, à la recherche d’une escouade de soldats du Pacte ayant disparus pendant leur exploration de la zone nord de la jungle. C’est là que vous découvrirez le premier chemin du raid. La Vallée des esprits vous réserve au total quatre rencontres de boss. Nous vous parlerons des trois autres lorsque nous activerons le premier chemin dans le jeu.

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    Pas de raids ce week end.

    Hey everyone, I have an update regarding the availability of raids.
    Due to the issues we experienced yesterday with the Enhance Squad UI and with further internal discussion, we have made the very difficult decision to keep raids turned off for the remainder of the beta weekend.
    We are continuing to investigate the issues and also looking into options that would allow us to get more testing on these features before we release.
    We thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Wii U : Purecontact -3DS : 2423-4437-3406 (Purecon) - Steam - Origin : purEcontact - : purEcontact#2237

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    C'est revenu
    (Yes – that error is caused by the crash.)

    We are going to try again at 11:10 p.m., Pacific Time – basically in 9 minutes. Pony up!
    Puis c'est reparti.

    Okay, there are still some crashes. We are going to turn it back off at 11:25 pacific time (or so). We encourage you to get a raid team together and get in and have some fun.

    We have gathered more data from this experiment but it’s getting late. I don’t know (honestly) if we will try again tomorrow or not.

    Thank you for your patience.

  13. #793
    Changement sur les minions en PVE !

    Hey all,
    As some of you may have seen in raids during the last BWE, we were trying out something new with player minions. Basically, in that final BWE, player minions did not take damage from boss attacks. We thought that made minion-based professions feel so much better in combat, but that change did expose some problems such as minions being able to withstand a damaging attack indefinitely.
    We wanted minions to not die left and right, but we did want them to have some attrition instead of being completely immune to attacks. This problem is mainly prevalent in PvE as we have huge attacks all over the place that are meant to be dodged by players but unfortunately for minions, they can’t dodge.
    After reviewing BWE results, we wanted to create a better system to accomplish this as a global change for minions. To do that, we made it so that unless a minion is specifically targeted by a creature, they will be dealt drastically reduced damage and condition duration from attacks. Currently, this is set to 95% reduction as we feel like it’s a good starting place, but we’ll continue to monitor and adjust it. This means if your minion gains agro from a creature it will still take full damage, but if there is area effect damage hitting your minion, instead of usually killing it instantly, it will slowly attrition it down.
    We felt like minions were in a good place for PvP so we didn’t want to change them there for now. Thus, the interaction between players and minions in PvP combat will remain the same.
    The change is for all player minions, this includes things like engineer turrets and ranger spirits as well. This will be in for HoT Launch in a few days.
    Echalote | Côtelette | Paupiette

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    Allez hop, du contenu qui ne sera pas dispo à la sortie :
    Back when we announced all the updates to Fractals for Heart of Thorns – the announce blog also discussed more information coming before HoT about leaderboards for Fractals.
    Our team of folks working on Fractal dungeons kept iterating on this concept and ultimately we have decided to make it something more involved (re: exciting) than our original plans which will extend our development a bit more.
    This also means you’ll be able to earn the new fractal backpack precursor, but a few of the components for the new legendary will come with this expanded future fractals feature.
    Oubliez le dos légendaire fractal day 1, ça ne viendra que plus tard, dans une màj spécifique aux fractales.
    C'est... navrant mais pas étonnant.
    Wii U : Purecontact -3DS : 2423-4437-3406 (Purecon) - Steam - Origin : purEcontact - : purEcontact#2237

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    Les pré-requis pour déverrouiller les spécialisations élites.

    It works just like any other training line - except all the skills, traits, skins, abilities, etc. are all inside one full training line that costs 400 points to get everything in the entire line. It costs 60 points to unlock and be able to play as the elite specialization itself.

    Currently anyone who has done all the hero points in the world has about half of the entire elite spec line unlocked on day one. Hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so you'll only need to do about 20 hero challenges in the jungle [or via the new WvW system] to have everything related to your elite spec trained.

    There are enough hero challenges in the jungle to train your entire elite spec and not do the challenges in core world if you wish - they simply speed you up if you've already got them.
    En gros ça va couter 400 points, si vous avez l'exploration complète ça vous avance autour de 210 donc vous êtes à mi-chemin, ensuite il vous faudra les challenges dans les nouvelles cartes, chacun rapportant 10 points, et il y aura moyen de déverrouiller une spécialisation uniquement avec les défis dans les cartes de Heart of Thorns, donc la complétion des cartes de bases est optionnelle. Il y aura également la possibilité de gagner des points en RvR.

    Ça coutera 60 points pour être capable de commencer à jouer avec la nouvelle spécialisation, par la suite vous déverrouillerez de nouvelles compétences, traits, runes, skins.
    E:"Commandant, vous manquez de puissance de feu !" C:"C’est la taille qui compte" E:"Bien reçu. Défoncez-les, boss"

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    Betaseries Minecraft communauté CPC GW2 : Insert Coinz & Légion du Roi Dément En ville, on se méfie depuis que le zoo a relâché des fauves pour bonne conduite.

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    We’re going to update the elite specialization unlock to find a better middle ground by reducing the cost of unlocking every possible ability for an elite specialization from 400 hero points to 250 hero points total.
    This means you will be able to access them much earlier in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns PvE or World vs. World and fully unlock them much earlier as well.
    Alias PAPRY BP:
    Citation Envoyé par Naad Voir le message
    C'est quand même triste d'avoir des écrans affichant plein de couleurs et d'en rester aux nuances de gris.

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    We wanted to let you know that this year’s Halloween Festival will be ending on Wednesday, November 4.
    We hope you enjoyed the celebration! I know I had a blast!

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    Tiens pour les gens qui parlent anglais, quelques remarques récentes (en anglais) de colin:

    Sur les changement effectués pour le visuel:

    Sur la comm d'anet:

    Sur le manque d'équilibrage en sPvP :

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    Les dernières news sPvP

    -> ils ont désactivé stronghold, pacque doorbreaker/stealth fonctionne pas comme il faut.

    -> Un ptit feedback/liste des actions prises suite au début des leagues.

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    Et ils se sont décidé à faire une mini balance (sur le chrono et le rev + la rune de duraribilité).

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    Les ligues saison 2:

    A message from the PvP team:

    Five weeks ago, we launched the first season of our “PvP League system”, and since then we’ve been talking to many of you in-game and keeping our eyes glued to our forums, reddit, Twitch, and other social platforms in an effort to take in as much of your feedback as possible. Now that we’ve had time to fully digest your thoughts and contextualize it with the heaps of data that we’ve collected, we’d like to kick off the New Year by discussing the changes that will be coming to PvP Leagues for Season 2.

    Matchmaking Changes

    The matchmaking system in Season 1 uses a blend of both your current division placement in Leagues as well as your individual matchmaking rating (MMR). This means that you’ll generally get paired with and against players in your division that are of similar skill levels. Unfortunately, what this also means is that from day one you’re going to have difficult matches, and because of the way MMR works in Ranked play, you’ll have a very difficult time maintaining enough of a win-streak to progress through tiers and divisions. This is especially true as you climb into divisions such as Ruby where you can lose points as well as tiers. While this system helps ensure that your matches are always as competitive as possible, it does mean that it’s also more difficult to get to the division where you actually belong based on your skill – for example, as a top tier player, the difficulty of your matches in Amber would actually be fairly close to what you’d experience in Ruby and beyond. After analyzing your feedback, we’ve decided to shift toward having your division standing in PvP Leagues be even more reflective of your personal skill level than it currently is.

    Beginning with Season 2, matchmaking for Ranked matches will use your placement in your current league division as your primary matchmaking consideration and pair you against players who are placed in the same point range as you, regardless of the skill level (MMR) of the other people in that point range. While we’ll be using divisions to match you against your immediate opponents, we’ll still use your MMR to place you on teams with similarly skilled players (from your division point range) to help ensure that you’re not forced to play with individuals that are of a much higher or lower skill than you. Ultimately, this means that the new matchmaking changes will make PvP Leagues much more reflective of your actual skill, and each division will be progressively more difficult to compete in.

    Win Streaks

    Since the new matchmaking changes may make matches more volatile at the very beginning of the season (since everyone will be starting in the same division), we’re also planning to introduce a “Win Streak System” into PvP Leagues that will help more skilled players climb through early league divisions and get them into the divisions that they belong. On your third consecutive win (and for every win afterward), you’ll automatically earn extra league points toward your division progress for as long as you can keep the streak going. But keep in mind that a loss while on a win streak will reset your win streak status back to zero, and you’ll need to start another win streak in order to begin gaining extra points again.

    Point Confusion: Fixes & Clarifications

    If you’re not familiar with the more detailed workings of our match prediction system, then we realize that there’s still some confusion as to why you earned or lost points at the end of a match (for example, “Why did I gain 1 pip for having won a close match, but lost no pips in a blowout?”). With Season 2, we’ll be displaying a postmatch breakdown for you at the end of each game, which will include items such as the win probability that our algorithm determined for your team and an explanation of why your points changed the way that they did.

    Shopping for Ambers

    In addition to the changes above, we’ll also be adjusting the way that parties are scored in our matchmaking algorithm based on the overall division spread of a team’s makeup. It is important to us that anyone can play with their friends regardless of league standing, but in doing so, we also want to ensure that teams aren’t gaining an unfair advantage in match difficulty based on their rosters. An example of this would be two friends: one is in Diamond and the other is in Amber. For Season 2, these two players will still be able to team up and play together, but they’ll be placed into Diamond level matches based on the highest division player in the party. This means that forming a party with players in a higher division than you will always bring you up to their level for matchmaking and prediction, rather than adjust to compensate for party members at lower divisions. This specific change will go into effect in our next scheduled release (prior to the end of season 1).

    Wrapping Things Up (For Now)

    There are a few other things coming that will impact the next season of PvP Leagues (namely our next balance update) that will be discussed separately – so keep an eye on our forums and on for updates.

    We’d like to encourage all of you to please keep sharing your constructive thoughts with us so that we can continue to make PvP Leagues (and PvP in general) even better together. From all of us here on the PvP team, we wish you all a happy New Year and we’ll see you in the Mists!

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    C'est très très bon sur le papier. Vivement la ligue 2 !
    Dernière modification par Leybi ; 09/01/2016 à 20h59.

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    Alias PAPRY BP:
    Citation Envoyé par Naad Voir le message
    C'est quand même triste d'avoir des écrans affichant plein de couleurs et d'en rester aux nuances de gris.

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    Alias PAPRY BP:
    Citation Envoyé par Naad Voir le message
    C'est quand même triste d'avoir des écrans affichant plein de couleurs et d'en rester aux nuances de gris.

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    Alias PAPRY BP:
    Citation Envoyé par Naad Voir le message
    C'est quand même triste d'avoir des écrans affichant plein de couleurs et d'en rester aux nuances de gris.

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