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    Dernières informations et prochaines mises à jour

    Ce topic à pour but de rassembler les dernières infos, révélations ou rumeurs à propos des futures mises à jour.
    Dans ce premier post, vous trouverez une FAQ, ainsi que les derniers messages/réponses des développeurs (principalement SerB et Storm). A noter que les développeurs prévoient entre 6 et 10 màj pour 2013 et toujours plus de contenu: nouveaux chars, maps...

    I. FAQ

    1) Deuxième branche de TDs allemands: annoncée pour 2013 (probablement après la 0.8.6), elle est censée contenir des "Waffenträgers" (SerB a évoqué le "Waffenträger Tiger"). Le CO US a également ajouté qu'une partie de la branche devait être revue (possible qu'elle ne démarre pas du Marder II, mais rien de confirmé).

    2) Deuxième branche de meds allemands: prévue pour 2013 dans la 0.8.5, qui contiendra 7 nouveaux chars: DW, VK2001DB, VK3002DB v1, Indienpanzer, Leopard Prototype B, Leopard 1, Aufklärungspanzer Panther (un light T7).

    3) TDs et artilleries anglaises: les TDs arriveront à la 0.8.4: Universal Carrier 2-pdr (Tier II), Valentine AT (Tier III), Alecto (Tier IV), AT 2 (Tier V), AT 8 (Tier VI), Churchill Gun Carrier (Tier VI), AT 7 (Tier VII), AT 15 (Tier VIII), Tortoise (Tier IX), FV215b (183) (Tier X). Les artilleries, quant à elles, arriveront plus tard.

    4) Deuxième branche de meds américains: contiendrait le T95E1 et pourrait être ajoutée dans un futur lointain, mais rien de confirmé ni d'informations précises. Le M60 Patton est également envisagé (probablement en remplacement du M48A1).

    5) Nouvelle(s) branche(s) française(s): pas vraiment une priorité, mais les développeurs ont confirmés une nouvelle branche heavy (le T10 aurait un très bon blindage frontal mais pas de barillet) et une nouvelle branche medium.

    6) Artilleries T10: arriveront ASAP, les développeurs tablent sur cette été, (en fait, les actuelles T8 seront transférées en T10 et les trous seront comblés par de nouveaux véhicules). Leur arrivée doit aussi permettre de diminuer le nombre d'artilleries en partie haut tier.

    7) Arbre japonais: annoncé pour 2013, il doit arriver de la même façon que l'arbre anglais: d'abord un premium puis l'arbre initial.

    8) Arbre européen: il est censé contenir des chars suédois, suisses, tchécoslovaques, yougoslaves, hongrois et italiens. Possible qu'il sorte en 2013, mais de l'aveu même des développeurs, il reste de nombreux tiers à combler.

    9) Autres arbres possibles: les développeurs ont mentionné un arbre polonais mais en précisant qu'ils manquaient de candidats pour les hauts tiers. SerB à également évoqué un arbre moyen-oriental (avec des chars israéliens et égyptiens principalement), mais rien d'officiel.

    10) Sturmtiger: confirmé pour 2014, pas plus d'infos.

    11) Garages et batailles historiques: arriveront le plus tôt possible, mais pas de date ou de patch de précisé. Plus d'infos sur les batailles historiques.

    12) Obus premium en crédits: les développeurs sont plutôt satisfait du résultat actuel et ne pensent pas revenir sur leur décision. De plus, les consommables premium devraient bientôt être disponibles contre des crédits.
    II. Q&A des développeurs

    Étant donné que les développeurs répondent quasi-quotidiennement, je ne conserverais ici que les 3 ou 4 dernières séries de réponses traduites par Silentsalker sur le forum officiel.

    Citation Envoyé par Silentstalker
    - SerB states that (SS: unlike the accuracy), the penetration value within the 25 percent from average is distributed randomly (SS: in other words, with average pen 100, you have the same chance to get 78 pen and 100 pen, the average value is not advantaged anyhow)
    - Q: "Everybody knows that fire in a tank is the worst thing that can happen! For the crew and the vehicle too! But I noticed that the fire in game doesn't hurt the crew! Do you plan to finish/fix this in the future?" A: "Everybody knows that stupid questions in this topic is the worst thing that can happen! For those who answer the questions and have to wade thru sea of stupid questions too. But I noticed that most of those who ask don't read previous answers and post stupid questions! Do you plan to finish/fix this in the future?" (SS: the answer is - the fire doesnt kill crewmembers because the vehicle would become too crippled and unplayable after a fire)
    - Q: "I wonder why enemies, that are 650-700m away from me are not displayed?" A: "I wonder why despite the fact I hand out bans to those who ask stupid questions doesn't the stream of them dry out? Maybe I hand out too few bans?"
    - Brothers in Arms and Adrenaline Rush effects are completely sufficient according to SerB
    - it's possible that the changes to the camo system will be substantial
    - only one player per battle can get the Sniper medal
    - ARL V39 TD has one visibility checkpoint on the top of the miniturret on the hull - if it peeks above a bush, the vehicle will get spotted
    - apparently, a new shell (penetration) model is being worked on, it will be a complex thing, the "gold T5 derp" issue will be handled as a part of it
    - there will be patches 0.8.5, 0.8.6, 0.8.7, 0.8.8, 0.8.9 before 0.9.0 (eg. the camo re-work is a 2014 thing)
    - Storm will tell soon, how the "new model of the game" will look (SS: unsure what this means, but something big is coming)
    - there will be no special game mechanics for semi-AP marine shells
    - ejector graphic (cleansing of the barrel after each shot) might be implemented (SS: some modern guns have it), SerB thinks he actually implemented this already for some tank in WoT
    - SerB says that the Designated Target perk works 15 degress from the barrel (SS: official description is 10 degrees)
    - apparently, Brothers in Arms does influence the Designated Target perk
    - MTLS-1G14 is not planned to appear on Russian (or EU) server
    - 2 HE shell non-penetration hits in a row can kill off the entire crew (SS: the "no more than half a crew dead with one HE shell" rule applies only to one shell, not two shells in a row, plus a penetrating HE hit can kill off the entire crew completely)
    - AMX-ELC can get to tier 5-9 battles
    - SerB states there aren't any blatant spots on the Abbey maps where tanks would get stuck often
    - Ram II is placed in the US tree because it uses American chassis and was co-developed by Americans, it won't be moved to the UK branch
    - according to SerB, the Swedish possible heavy candidate KRV tank weighted 45 tons (SS: a player claimed it actually weighted 28 tons, my bet would be that the player confused the projected weight with the weight of the turretless prototype chassis that was actually made)
    - SerB states that the incoming camouflage system change is connected with the camo having too little effect on large vehicles
    - coniferous trees crowns (the large parts, near the ground) do act as bushes, when it comes to camo calculations
    - according to SerB, the BT "Christie" turret is historical
    - a player with hightier tanks can very rarely drop into the Province map - this happens when press accounts are present in the battle, they circumvent the regular map limitations (they can pick which map to play apparently)
    - T23 won't return in forseeable future
    - T-50-2 confirmed to be removed out of the game. The tank that will replace it will be transferred to tier 6, but this is not connected with the T-60/70/80 introduction (eg. won't happen in 8.5)
    - AMX-30? "no comment"
    - according to Yuri Pasholok, there was a plan for an artillery vehicle based on the IS-4 chassis, but no details were discovered
    - additional equipment/consumable slots are not planned, not even for gold
    - according to SerB, things get sometimes forgotten in the patchnotes
    - Firefighting skill does not enhance the speed of the automatic (golden) fire extinguisher
    - new Chinese premium vehicles in near future? "If we decided to implement, I'll tell you"
    - more models for destroyed tanks are planned
    - gold consumables for silver confirmed (unknown ETA)
    - no extra balancing for platoons planned (SS: for example matching of tiers, so both team has platoons with same tier vehicles)
    - according to SerB, the most common battle result is somewhere between 15:7 and 15:9
    - Soviets won't get a special branch of vehicles constructed by N.Astrov (SS: T-30,60,70,80,SU-76M, ASU-57, ASU-85, but also the ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" and others) because there wouldn't be enough vehicles for such a branch
    - the frequency of spot checks will possibly be increased, but SerB states the algorithm is quite requiring server-wise
    - SerB states there won't be an option for a player to see who added him as a friend (friendship in WoT is not symmetrical, eg. a player can add you but you don't have to add him). There will however be a function that will allow you to accept private chats only from people in your friendslist
    - T-60 and T-50-2 are in two different branches, the introduction of T-60/70/80 will not influence the characteristics of T-50-2
    - guns with muzzle brake reduce camouflage of the vehicle more than guns without it when shooting (they will demask you more)
    - you get extra XP for base capture points you accumulated even if the battle ends by destroying the enemies, you get this extra XP for capturing enemy base even if the enemies capture your base first
    - IS-7 will get a buff ("let's wait for test with details")
    - there won't be any "East Germany" (DDR) premium tanks for now - but if there ever are, it will most likely be T-34/85 premium (T-55 is tier 9)
    - the map in the Development section scheduled for 8.5 is the Pearl River
    Citation Envoyé par Silentstalker
    - driver's hatch on IS-7 does not count as external module, but as armor
    - it was considered to reduce the scale of shell penetration decay with distance
    - M551 Sheridan is "not planned for now"
    - PT-76 is not planned until bigger maps allow for amphibious tanks
    - the aim spread after moving the gun/turret is not influenced by gun length or gun weight or other hidden parameters, but by gunner skill
    - no composite armor will be implemented
    - it's not yet decided, whether parts of client physics will be switcheable off, or just the physics as whole - experiments are in progress
    - XP is awarded for first enemy module destruction (eg. chaindetracking will give you XP for destroyed tracks only once)
    - devs are discussing the idea that old replays could be converted to new format
    - upcoming Maus buff is confirmed, but it's not know when will it happen and it will not be significant
    - WoWs has the tank drawing distance removed (or rather, it's much longer), but tanks won't have it removed, the parameters of both projects are different
    - 8.6 will bring the sound engine overhaul (SS: unknown what it means)
    - Leopard 1 might be too high, it will be rechecked
    - acceleration is a balance parameter, eg. the acceleration of Leopard 1 doesn't have to be historical
    - the +/-25 percent random factor came to be thru experience, in the beginning, it was 50, it won't be reduced to 10
    - Leopard 1 might get better accuracy on the move
    - new sounds (of shell impact) might come until autumn, but no promises
    - dynamic garage tank stats are planned for distant future
    - the Leopard 1 Bundeswehr cross is an exception, there won't be post-war insignia for (for example) US and Chinese tanks
    - the tank icon indicator on the top of the screen won't get (apart from classes as it is now) also tier designations, it would be too much
    - a mechanism is planned for all the "collecting" archievements (medals) to display, what do you have left to do, will come around 0.8.8
    - in 0.8.5, only the most obvious objects (fences, walls) were fixed in order not to reduce the speed of a tank too much when running them over (thru them), the rest will be fixed in time- there will be no compensation for the reduced XP price of the VK2801 ("when the prices of electronics drop, do you also go whining to the electronics store for a refund?")
    - Russian tier 7 medium prem tank was never promised for the 0.8.5, it will come in the future
    - in 0.8.5, on the debriefing screen, the tank life percentage stat has been replaced by damage done in battle
    - the decision about the gun accuracy (the way it is now) has been made due to the limited scale of battles
    - there will be no possibility to trade tanks between players
    - immobilized tanks with one track down won't be able to move, just like it is now (SS: a player was moaning about the fact that in real life, a tank with one track destroyed could still "turn")
    - SerB stated that if Wargaming did Mechwarrior Online, they would have done a lot of things differently
    - HE shell splash radius does not change by +/- 25 percent, the damage however does
    - the test client is made separately the way it is because if it was somehow connected to the original client, many people would use the patch on the original game and then would whine because they couldn't play the game properly
    - Swamp and Komarin do not return in 0.8.5 (SS: odd, I thought this was confirmed... ah well)
    - client physics won't reach this level
    - devs cannot unfortunately write the equation for the ramming damage, as it is a complex physics model
    - the hull turn rate is a balance parameter, Storm: do not expect battles to be like in real life

    Overlord also made an article about (the removal of) Pay to win element from World of Tanks.

    A few points from his answers:
    - there has to be a balance between premium and regular users, either you invest time, or gold

    - tier 10 arty confirmed to come in "near future" (SS: according to RU devs: 0.8.6)
    - gold shells pen ceiling and armor buff possible
    - no golden ammo caps
    - no premium tanks for credits
    Citation Envoyé par Silentstalker

    - second round of 8.5 test will start on 11.4.2013 apparently (changes are not available yet)
    - there aren't so many city maps, because they stress the server more than "regular" maps
    - Asian maps (Dragon's Ridge, Pearl River) were introduced in order to satisfy the Asian audience
    - maps with rain/snowing effects won't come this year
    - the problem with night maps is the implementation of dynamic lighting, dynamic lighting is planned for very distant future
    - the 10 second drown time is not planned to be increased
    - old render will not be optimized (improved) anymore, only the new one will
    - the game will undergo a color-rebalance (SS: filters were mentioned earlier)
    - currently, the skill of the drivers is not taken into account when balancing vehicles
    - installing high-res skins and other addons can theoretically lower the game performance
    - WG doesn't have enough data to buff/nerf British TD yet
    - tank balancing is not done automatically, but manually and individually
    - the fact HE explosions have little effect on the light tank vehicle movement is intentional
    - exhaust vapours will not be made thicker (as they were before)
    - T-80 MM spread is not yet decided apparently ("wait for the patch")
    - developers are working on improving the account security (maybe including the possibility of "restoring" sold crews after the account was hacked) because there have been more cases of account stealing lately
    - 3 arty per team hardcap will not come
    - for now, no high-octane diesel fuel consumable is planned (for German diesel tanks)
    - open-topped vehicles will not get a buff (SS: connected to the question how some open-topped vehicles were dealt with after they had the "improved ventilation" removed)
    - no plans for tier 10 LT's
    - SU-100Y is doing normally statistics-wise
    - no (torque) difference will be implemented between the diesel and gasoline engines
    - post-0.7.0, the armor system has not changed: 16 armor groups for turret, 16 for hull
    - ST-I armor angles are historical
    - devs have so far not thought about introducing Soviet lend-lease vehicles into the historical battles concept
    - if you destroy a low HP enemy by ramming, you will get back the same damage as if the enemy had full HP
    - Storm on patch 0.8.6: "Get ready. The patch will be nuclear. A lot of rebalancing. Will tell more in about a month." It will contain tier 10 arty, amongst other things.
    - Poole medal was not rewarded retroactively, because it was harder to implement than for example the Lion of Sinai medal.
    - tier 10 alternative German TD will be a "German nightmare and horror" and "something special".
    - Q: "Will it be a nightmare and horror for its owners?" A: "For whiners - definitely" and "only for German-lovers"
    - generally, the state of module unlock has no effect on that vehicle's MM spread
    - second full branch of Soviet medium tanks - "distant future"
    - Soviet premium T7 med is not yet modelled
    - there are many Soviet archives not yet uncovered
    - US premium TD will come next year
    - the reason a T7 Soviet premium med will be implemented is that suitable tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank was not found
    - Type 59 MM spread is considered "normal"
    - AMX-13 better than T71 in anything? "It's adequate complex-of-characteristics-wise"
    - tier 10 arties will make the work easier for the matchmaking mechanism
    - regarding the question why T-54-2 won't be implemented as Soviet T8 premium MT: "You want another Type 59? We don't." (SS: not as a Type 59 visual copy, but as another balanced medium that would flood the random battles) and "T-54-2 is not worse in any way than Type 59"
    - IS-7 maximum speed buff only presents itself when the tank goes downhill (engine power was unchanged)
    - test server hardware is apparently not used between tests
    - Deathmatch mode is not even in long-term plans
    - the devs didn't find enough materials about Leopard prototyp B to implement it. It still exists as a built prototype tank, but photographing it is forbidden for now, might get implemented if the data are found
    - second round of 0.8.5 test is planned
    - apparently, one of the devs answered incorrectly before (as the RU players are also confused), so: British arty is NOT planned to come at the same time as other tier 10 arty, it will come afterwards, "British arty was never planned for 0.8.6"
    - plans for 0.8.6 will be officially revealed very soon
    - when an artillery HE shell lands between two close standing tanks (splash), each tank gets its own HE average shell (+/-25) damage (eg the damage is not halved)
    Citation Envoyé par Silentstalker

    - Q: "In 8.5, the Konisch gun damage for regular and gold shells was made the same, is it realistic?" A: "As soon as you provide us with the real life data on Konisch gun damage (measured in hitpoints), we will make it realistic"
    - when smoke (as cover) is introduced, the cover mechanism of various objects (haystacks, walls etc.) won't be changed (they won't be added as camoproviding objects), there are too many of them
    - various tanks have various tracks hitbox models, these models do not depend on the type of the suspension (torsion bars, Christie etc.), rather than on its shape
    - you do recieve credits for caused module damage
    - the archievements for the XP class badges (3rd Class to Master) for arty won't be revised
    - trophy (captured) tanks will not be made for now
    - some branches have regular vehicle - arty transfers, it is not yet clear what will happen to those transfers when the arty is stretched to tier 10, apparently they won't disappear all
    - KV-1S to SU-152 transfer won't be implemented
    - the Chinese TD and arty branches are not yet prepared, let alone modelled, no details will be told now
    - shell (trajectory, impact) system won't be modified, it would get too complicated
    - 0.8.5 test 2 will have a few minor bugs fixed
    - Ferdinand won't be separated into the Elefant and Ferdinand tanks, because those two tanks are practically identical
    - T-62A was the "ugly duckling" tank, the developers didn't want to implement it, but had to because they didn't find any proper alternative.
    - the escort mode was tested but the devs decided it's not working and decided to scrap it
    - WG cooperation with (implementation of) Raidcall, Teamspeak or Mumble? "No comment"
    - Matilda 1 and Char 2C plans? "If there are any, I will tell"
    - IS-3, IS-8 and 110 won't get a frontal armor buff on the spot where lower plate and upper plate meet
    - it's not yet clear whether the Chinese TD branch will containt SU-100 and SU-152 copies
    - Q (by a player named Mishkas88): "Will there be any changes in German tank properties in 8.5 test 2?" A: "No. And that 88 means you were born in 1988, right?"
    - there are many factors as to what premium tanks will be implemented and what not
    - apparently, the Chinese TD's are a mess - there is enough material to make two branches of them, but the devs are still thinking how to make it all fit together
    - somewhere in the next few patches there will be a sound re-work, but music re-work is unlikely
    - new anti-aliasing is scheduled for middle future (not as bad as distant - usually refers to 6 months - 1 year or so)
    - there will be a new WG video, possibly explaining the shell penetration trajectory inside tank
    - it's possible Korean War will appear in historical battles, Vietnam War most likely won't
    - in the future, the sound engine will be updated
    - visibility range restriction removal - doesn't have high priority, definitely won't come in 2013-2014
    - HE shell splash has the shape of a sphere, not a circle
    - the weird 2nd anniversary garage (SS: more like gay-rage) won't be optional
    - T-70 will be made a 2-man vehicle before the 0.8.5 goes out
    - the third T-80 crewmember was historically the gunner
    - the old tracer system (where you could see tracers even from undiscovered enemies) will not return
    - devs have enough ideas for game optimalisation for several years of implementation
    - all arties will be completely rebalanced up to the point of implementing new guns
    - official WG "noobmeter" is planned for very distant future (SS: if I understood this correctly, it's somewhat unclear, since a part of the original question is missing)
    - single-click crew transfer from tank to tank (premium to regular and back for example) is planned
    - devs consider KV-1S balanced and alright
    - Object 261 (based on IS-7 hull) maximum speed won't be increased
    - you can spend only 3 battles in a row at the bottom of your team, the 4th battle the MM forces you to be on the top or in the middle of your team
    - in the future, accidentally sold crews will be possible to restore, for now, it's not possible even thru tech support
    - the rules for teamkill/teamdamage punishments will be changed (intentionally not said how), devs are working on it right now. Current system does take recidivism (previous bans) in account when selecting proper punishment. The changes in rules (and possibly to whole mechanism) ETA is not yet decided
    - the cancelled tech tree transfers (Hummel - Pz III/IV etc.) were not included in the patchnotes because Storm forgot about them
    - Storm states that it's useless to angle the Löwe, it has a weak hull for its tier - you gotta take shells with the turret
    - it's possible the "average damage per battle" stat will be implemented into the player's official profile
    - new "mechanics explanation" movie (SS: I believe in English the series was called Interesting mechanics or something like that?) will come relatively soon
    - SerB states that the problem with implementing the T-62A was that some its stats were too good while others sucked, the tank was also considered "too new", but SerB is happy with how it turned out
    - the maximum gun elevation angle in game is 45 degress, that's when the arty shell flies the longest distance. For example if the arty stands on the 30 degrees slope, that angle would be 15 degrees
    - devs do not watch player-made bug movies on youtube
    - for arty vehicles using 2-part shells (shell + charge separately) it was considered to allow them to use reduced charge fill so the shell would fly with more curved trajectories. The idea was however scrapped.
    - there was no "1941 pattern T-44", there was only the A-44 project (SS: regarding Soviet medium tanks, players are trying to post suggestions for various alternative Soviet types)
    - Object 430 will not be implemented as tier 8 Soviet vehicle (SerB: "Share the marihuana joint") (SS: Object 430 was a late 50's medium tank project, designed to improve/replace the T-54. While it was not a bad vehicle, its performance was not much better than that of T-54 and the project was scrapped. It would make a fine T10 I think).
    III. Liens utiles

    Le topic Q&A des développeurs, pour les russophones
    Le topic de Silentsalker ou son blog, pour la traduction anglaise des réponses du topic précédent
    La section Q&A du serveur européen
    La section Q&A du serveur américain
    Le blog d'Overlord
    La section de "Challenger" et celle de "Chieftain", pour toutes les questions autour du jeu.
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    bande de naze

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    Penser à mettre un sous-titre Avatar de keulz
    ain et agressif
    Citation Envoyé par CanardNoir Voir le message
    Voilà en cherchant j'ai trouvé ce thread du fofo officiel avec des gentils qui sont allé cherché des infos sur le serveur ou sur les fofos russes.

    C'est ici

    Il y a des screens de nouvelles maps, des détails sur les changements des canons allemand et autres. Maintenant le topic et long (+ de 20 pages) et les infos distillées à petites doses.
    Faut se créer un compte russe pour pouvoir essayer ?

    Ah, et c'est la version 0.6.4, pas 6.4.

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    La nouvelle minimap qui indique le type de tank en lieu et place des anciens petits points rouges (ou verts) est pratique : on voit vite des éventuels déséquilibres. Par contre attention, les artys seront encore plus menacées une fois repérées.

    Cependant, vu la taille des icônes, je me demande si un light (voire un medium) peut être quasiment invisible s'il se colle à un pote heavy ...
    Hannibal Smith : "Overkill is underrated !"

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    A la lecture des premières pages du topic, les gens n'ont pas l'air content... Principalement à cause du nerf des tanks allemands (notamment VK45)
    Batteltag Fab#22920

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    Bah : 3,75 shoot per minute on 128mm sur le VK45... Supayr. La même cadence que sur un T30, hahaha.
    Citation Envoyé par ackboo
    La torpille de World of Warships est l'arme la plus jouissive depuis le railgun de Quake 3.

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    Infos supplémentaires :

    * Le GW type E a un angle de tourelle ridicule.
    * Le canon de 105 des heavy US voit ses dégâts passer à 320. Ceux du 88 long teuton augmente de 20 ou 30.
    * Sur Komarin, l'île centrale comporte désormais des bâtiments. De plus les entrées de l'île sont bloquées par des protections anti tanks que les tanks légers ne peuvent détruire.
    * Le Pz III/IV voit son armure frontale passer à 60 au lieu de 80 mais va désormais à 55km/h et sa tourelle est plus rapide et renforcée.
    * Réajustement sur les cadences de tir des canons tier 9 et 10
    * Les PVs du Jagdtiger passent à 1900
    * Le T54 aura un nouveau moteur qui a 20 chevaux de plus mais sa tourelle pèse 500 kg supplémentaires
    * Le Panther II voit l'armure de sa tourelle réduite mais peut monter le 88 L71 sur la tourelle de base.
    * L'IS3 passe à 1450 PV (1500 avec la tourelle améliorée) et sa vitesse max passe de 36 à 38.
    * Nouvelle map : Caucasus => les bases sont reliées par 3 vallées séparées par de hautes montagnes. Très jolie d'après quelques screens
    * L'Object 704 gagne 250 PV.
    * Le Stug III tire moins vite mais est plus précis (je suppose que c'est avec le 75 L70)
    * Ajout du KV13, qui permet de passer du KV1S au T43 et du T34-85 à l'IS
    Dernière modification par Noir le Lotus ; 04/05/2011 à 17h51.
    Hannibal Smith : "Overkill is underrated !"

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    Attention quand même il s'agit de changements non-définitifs pour certains. Le nerf du vk a été annulé par exemple, donc il vaut mieux tout lire et prendre les infos avec des pincettes.

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    tout à fait, je n'en suis qu'aux premières pages
    Batteltag Fab#22920

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    Je préfère être prévenant pour éviter les drama à base de nerfs :D

  10. #10
    Ajout du KV13, qui permet de passer du KV1S au T43 et du T34-85 à l'IS
    C'est sûr ça ?

    Ça serait super bon, j'aurais pas à passer par le KV pour choper le petit père du peuple.
    Et les types de tank sur la minimap.

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    Pour étayer un peu plus les propos de Noir Le Lotus (possible qu'il y ait des oublis ou des erreurs) :

    - Artys Tier VIII :

    T92 : 1.47cps/min - 2250dmg - 0.54
    GW E-series : 1.84cps/min - 2000dmg - 0.49
    Objet( 261: 2.4cps/min - 1700dmg - 0.37

    - Nouveau design de certains canons allemands :
    12,8cm du VK4502P Ausf B
    12,8cm L/61 du JgTiger

    - Schmallturm du Panther II :
    Passage de 150/60/60 à 120/60/40 (0.6.4 test n°2) pour passer à 120/60/60 (0.6.4 test n°3).
    Possibilité de monter le 8,8cm L/71 sur la tourelle stock

    - Changements sur Komarin :
    En plus de beaucoup de maisons sur l'îlot central, les entrées seront bloqués par des croix antichars qui ne seront pas destructibles par des scouts ou tout ce qui est inférieur au Tier V.

    - Le Pz III/IV. Seul les changements sont indiqués (en rouge):
    Points de vie : 420 - 440
    Vitesse : 43km/h - 55 km/h
    Armure de caisse : 80/60/30 - 60/60/30
    Armure de tourelle : 65/45/30 - 80/45/30
    Rotation de tourelle : 50°/s - 59°/s

    - Le Pz 38(t) NA (Neuer Art)
    Stats & comparatif

    - Nouvelles stats pour les top canons artys Tier 6 allemandes et US :

    - StuG III :
    Cadence de tir descendue à 15,38cps.min et précision montée à 0.29 (valeurs actuelles : 17,54 et 0,3)

    - Changements sur le 8,8cm court :

  12. #12
    Pour le 8.8 court, l'ancienne image est à droite, c'est trompeur Merci pour le repost ici !
    Citation Envoyé par ackboo
    La torpille de World of Warships est l'arme la plus jouissive depuis le railgun de Quake 3.

  13. #13
    Oh, good ce canon est déjà énorme en top tiers !

  14. #14
    Penser à mettre un sous-titre Avatar de keulz
    ain et agressif
    Citation Envoyé par Yshuya Voir le message
    Oh, good ce canon est déjà énorme en top tiers !
    Euh, ça dépend sur quel char...

  15. #15
    Sur le Vk bien sur.

  16. #16
    Le canon de 105 des heavy US voit ses dégâts passer à 320.
    ça concerne que les heavy ça ? Le 105 du Sherman il change pas ?

  17. #17
    Ouah, le buff du 88 court.
    ...Vous auriez un Régulateur de Magnétoshpère Hydroélectrique ?

  18. #18
    Penser à mettre un sous-titre Avatar de keulz
    ain et agressif
    Citation Envoyé par jullebarge Voir le message
    ça concerne que les heavy ça ? Le 105 du Sherman il change pas ?
    Le canon de 105 des heavy US voit ses dégâts passer à 320.

  19. #19
    Le 88 court je le trouve pas si bourrin comparé au 90mm du m6 ou 107 du KV-3. Ils sont plus de dégâts/pénétration pour pas une grande différence en rof. Quand le vk36 va passer lourd le MM va le rattraper et 132 ce sera un peu court.
    Dernière modification par CanardNoir ; 04/05/2011 à 20h19.

  20. #20
    Sauf que normalement les canons de même calibre ont les même dégâts, la longueur du canon fait seulement varier la précision/pénétration.

  21. #21
    Penser à mettre un sous-titre Avatar de keulz
    ain et agressif
    Citation Envoyé par Le Glaude Voir le message
    Ouah, le buff du 88 court.
    Sur le DB:
    88 Калибр (мм)
    10 cadence (выстр/мин)
    132/171/44 péné (мм)
    220/220/270 dégâts -> 250
    0,36 dispertion 100м (м) ->0,33

    Sur le T20:
    90 Калибр (мм)
    7,31 Скорострельность (выстр/мин)
    160/243/45 Средняя бронепробиваемость (мм)
    240/240/320 Средний урон
    0,33 Разброс на 100м (м)

    Ca ne sera toujours pas exeptionnel, même si les DPS sont élevés...

  22. #22
    Sympa le petit up de l'IS3.

    Par contre, je trouve très dommage que le type de tank soit indiqué sur la mini-map. L'esprit de découverte et du "bon, j'y vais ou pas" manquera.
    Hi, I'm Elfo !

  23. #23
    Bah disons qu'il y aura une raison pour prendre le 8.8 court comparé au 7.5 L/70...
    Citation Envoyé par ackboo
    La torpille de World of Warships est l'arme la plus jouissive depuis le railgun de Quake 3.

  24. #24
    Citation Envoyé par Nelfe Voir le message
    Sympa le petit up de l'IS3.

    Par contre, je trouve très dommage que le type de tank soit indiqué sur la mini-map. L'esprit de découverte et du "bon, j'y vais ou pas" manquera.
    Je n'ai jamais eu cet esprit, j'appuis toujours sur ALT ...
    Les types de tank sur la minimap ca permet simplement de moins le faire.
    Citation Envoyé par Big Bear Voir le message
    Si, on t'as mal renseigné (propagande de Poutine depuis les années 90s via Greenpeace, pour inciter les européens à acheter du gaz russe pour les jours sans vent/ sans soleil)

  25. #25
    Le long aussi du coup ferra 250.

    Je ne sais pas ce que ça va donner avec le Tigre. Le damage model sera corrigé apparemment donc l'un dans l'autre ça peut en faire un tank potable. Tout dépend de l'ampleur de ces changements.

    Sinon pour la minimap se référer au type de tank ne veut pas dire grand chose. Si tu ne connait pas exactement le model des tank en face je ne crois pas que tu puisse évaluer correctement la situation de toute façon. (sans parler des différences en fonction du matos)

  26. #26
    Heu mieux, puisque avec Alt tu dépasses pas les 500 m, avec la minimap tu peux voir toute la carte (avec les dernières radio à 700-800m sur ton spotter et toi).
    Mais je trouve ça dommage, finalement. Un sacré coup de pouce, je trouve.
    Citation Envoyé par ackboo
    La torpille de World of Warships est l'arme la plus jouissive depuis le railgun de Quake 3.

  27. #27

  28. #28
    Infos supplémentaires :

    Le 10,5cm L/68 passe à 0,3 de précision et la cadence passe à 5.45-7.5 (Respectivement les valeurs pour la Königstiger PorscheTurm et la VK4502P EliteTurm)

    Le 12,8cm L/55 (Maus et VK4502P) passe à 0.31 de précision (actuellement 0,35)

  29. #29
    Ils avaient pas nerfé la précision des canon sur un patch précédent ?

  30. #30
    Penser à mettre un sous-titre Avatar de keulz
    ain et agressif
    Citation Envoyé par Projet 154 Voir le message
    Infos supplémentaires :

    Le 10,5cm L/68 passe à 0,3 de précision et la cadence passe à 5.45-7.5 (Respectivement les valeurs pour la Königstiger PorscheTurm et la VK4502P EliteTurm)

    Le 12,8cm L/55 (Maus et VK4502P) passe à 0.31 de précision (actuellement 0,35)
    Bon, j'espère qu'ils vont vite me nerfer ce 128, parce que faut pas abuser non plus.

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