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    Afin de désengorger la rubrique des addons, je vous propose de poster ici tout ce qui a trait au WIP -work in progress- (et présente un semblant d'intérêt) ne faisant l'objet ni d'une release public ni d'une bêta ouverte.

    J'ouvre le bal avec quelques nouveaux screenshots d'un mod attendu de tous : A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod 2

    Suit un gros addon bien connu sous Armed Assault, et dont le portage sur ArmA2 ne peut que provoquer une érection chez certains : le Mando Missile !!

    NOTE : bien entendu les mods faisant déjà l'objet d'un topic consacré, tel qu'Operation Frenchpoint 2 (FaFW), continuent à centraliser les infos et screenshots qui leurs sont propre.

    [edit] oups ! Je viens de m'apercevoir qu'ACE2 avait lui aussi un topic qui lui est consacré sur le fofo CPC. Amis Canards, au temps pour moi.
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    • nouvelle vidéo test pour le Mando Missile, un addon qui prend une belle ampleur mais qui se laisse sacrément désirer.
      Halala tiens, vivement la première release.
    First ArmA2 anti-missile tests went well

    Patriot vs SCUD duel
    d'autres vidéos de l'addon se trouvent dans le premier post de ce topic.
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    Mmm, miam ! Ce Mando missile promet vraiment a mort !
    Je ne sais plus qui me disais qu'il serais probablement implanter dans A.C.E II, se serais l'idéal.
    Mon code Referral Star Citizen : STAR-GJSY-PJPL
    Vous garantit: Richesse (5.000 aUEC), célébrité, et retour de l'être aimé !

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    C'est moi, ils avaient déjà recup une partie des fonctionnalité dans ace1 et la vu l'intérêt de la communauté il y a de grande chance qu'ils mettent l'addon en entier dans ace2. Mais ça ne sont que de pures suppositions de ma part et ca dépend grandement de Mandoble lui même.

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    Nouveau screenshot (un seul hélas): le T72 à la sauce FDFmod.
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    -=SARMAT=- Studio announced a new project for ArmA II: “LIBERATION 1941-1945”.

    This project is a continuation of a good known modification for OFP “Liberation War”. Here we give interview with site, which have answers for questions about modification. (In the next – :
    We heard that you’re planning to continue creation of “Liberation” mod?

    Liberation :
    Yes, we have such plans. :
    “We” – you are talking about SARMAT Studio?

    Liberation :
    SARMAT Studio already started create a mod about WW2 for ArmA 1. In result we had addon-pack Liberation 41-45, but that was a “test of strength”, and this was success – we were the first team of Russian community, who created such mod.
    Yes, we are going to continue creation of legendary mod LIBERATION 1941-1945 in ArmA 2. Project will be created under the aegis of SARMAT Studio, and it will be created by the group of people, gathered special for this mod. SARMAT have many different plans, and we are trying to assign people for priorities. :
    What plans do you have for ArmA II?

    Liberation :
    For now we want to release a demo-version of modification. Modification will show events of 1943-1945 years, and we will create vehicles of this period for USSR and Germany. :
    Which addons do you want to put in the demo?

    Liberation :

    USSR :
    • Infantry
    • Mosin rifle
    • PPSh
    • Maksim machinegun
    • 45-mm cannon (1942)
    • ZiS-3 cannon
    • 76,2-mm cannon (1943)
    • Т-60
    • Т-34-76
    • Т-34-85
    • KV-85
    • IS-2
    • SU-76М
    • SU-100
    • SU-152

    Germany :
    • Infantry
    • К98
    • MP-40
    • MG-42
    • PAK-40
    • Hanomag
    • PZ - III
    • PZ - IV
    • Panther
    • Tiger
    • Marder III М :
    This will be new models?

    Liberation :
    All of the models were created by our modellers. And if we will use models of other authors, we will request permission for using of them.
    For example, FF Studio gave us they’re work for ArmA I, and we glad for such co-operation. :
    What is the fundament of campaign? Will the demo-version have any campaign

    Liberation :
    Scenario of the campaign founded of the Lvov-Sandomirsk operation (13 of July — 29 of August, year 1944). Location – West Ukraine and East Poland.
    In the end of operation was destroyed german-hungarian army group, take up the territory of West Ukraine, and the Polish Silesia.
    In campaign player will be soldier and part of a tank crew. Campaign will have attacks and defenses. It wouldn’t be easy. :
    Do you planning to create a map?

    Liberation :
    Yes, we have such plans, but it’s too soon for the talking about demo of the island. :
    Can you introduce people, who working on this mod.

    Liberation :
    Here is the list of people, who working on :
    • Loktew
    • Ingeneer
    • SofD
    • Ttham
    • Lovesan
    • Gms
    • Zenger :
    Are you looking for new men for mod?

    Liberation :
    Yes, of course. We need 3D-modellers, people, who knows ArmA config. Also we need people, who can create texture in Photoshop, island-makers, and animators.
    If the someone wants and can help us with creation of the mod, here’s our e-mail: [][/mailto].

    Translator : VulF
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    Lib 41-45, c'est cool que Sarmat Studio assure la relève.

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    Bon deubeul post mais c'est pour la bonne cause.

    Un autre mod majeur WW2 dévoile ses plans pour ArmA 2 : Invasion 44 :

    We decided about a year ago that we wanted to go back to the Wacht am Rhein project once we were finished with the Normandy project for ArmA1. The Normandy project will be ported to ArmA2, which is our first priority, but once this is completed, little if any expanding of the project is expected. The Ardennes offensive will take priority after that.

    Traditionally, we have always focused on singleplayer (SP), with the hope that the mod would be as usable as possible in multiplayer (MP). However, due to improvements in internet connection speeds and changes in the gaming industry over the years, multiplayer gaming has now become our main focus. We will also make it possible for the campaign to be played in SP, but it will be orientated primarily towards MP.

    We aim to create a character driven storyline somewhat similar to that of BIS' "Razor" campaign (as far as time and technology permits anyway). The campaign is projected to consist of 4-7 Co-op missions, in which the player will be the tank commander of a Waffen SS tank crew in the Kampfgruppe Peiper of the 1.SS "Leibstandarte" division (that's right, you'll be playing as a German). We realize that this is a unit with a somewhat tainted reputation because of the actions of some of it's members during the battle of the Bulge. We will however continue to stand by our decision to include any symbols that were used (mostly the swastika and runes) to not detract from the realism. The missions will be small to medium-sized, really large tank/combined arms battles are reserved for separate missions (SP and MP).

    The decision to make a storyline from the Point-of-View (POV) of a Waffen-SS unit is the result of wanting to break with traditional WW2 games and mods that always portray the Allied (mainly Anglo-American) POV (we are aware of Red Orchestra being an exception). Kampfgruppe Peiper was an elite force at the very center of the German attack in the Bulge comprising most of the 1. SS Leibstandarte division's panzers tasked with accomplishing missions crucial to the progress of the entire offensive.

    Campaigns in which the player is part of a tank crew have not often been done in mods for BIS games so far. We've never done a campaign before revolving around tanks due partially to the lack of realism in particularly armored vehicles, and a lack of resources (people and time) to attempt to overcome these weak spots in the games. With the help of a group of people that have recently joined our team, who are dedicated to making tanks as realistic as possible. Things like (but not limited to) suspension, gears, armor, ballistics, sounds etc will all be looked at and improved as much as possible, as well as remaking a lot of the tanks, the German ones in particular, which until now have been reworked OFP ports for the most part. We want to take out these aging relics and replace them with brand new ones that use all of the latest advances in graphics. Because of all of this we've decided that tanks should be in the spotlight in this campaign. Aircraft on the other hand will not be any real priority as they only really started playing an important part towards the end of the offensive, as well as any kind of naval presence obviously being highly doubtful at best.

    When combined, those factors make representing a Waffen-SS tank crew in Kampfgruppe Peiper an interesting choice for us.

    There will not be any recreation of war crimes, or actions pointing to any such things. Most soldiers of all nations, even many in the Waffen-SS, were just fighting for their country without any political goals. This fight for survival is what we want to portray. The Waffen-SS as the elite fighting force that it was."

    We have a pretty large team with a good amount of model and texture artists (always looking for more talented people though), but two types of people that we could really use are voice-actors (American-English and German) and missionmakers.

    We have quite a few items already being worked on, but we have chosen not to include screenshots for now, as these would mostly consist of high-poly variants used for "baking" normal maps, rendered in non-BIS applications, possibly giving people wrong impressions. The logo is a temporary fix aimed at attracting attention to this post. If you're reading this, we figure it worked

    -Topic sur le forum Bi.

    -Site Inv 44.

    Quelques screens de leur D-Day sorti sur A1 qu'ils sont en train de convertir pour A2 :

    Petit rappel de ce qui était inclus dans la release pour ArmA 1 :

    Things included in this release:
    • Mini-campaign (by Joffre257)
    • Custom music (composed by SFG)
    • Ambient Environment to increase the feeling of total war (by I44_John).
    • Ballistics coding based on extensive research and calculations (by Canukausiuka).
    • US Army
    • US Rangers
    • Heer
    • Waffen SS
    • 15+ weapons, many of which are new or extensively reworked.
    • 10 Allied vehicles including tanks, recon vehicles, troop carriers and landing craft.
    • 20+ German vehicles including tanks, recon vehicles and troop carriers.
    Ces gars là sont vraiment doués, j'ai hâte

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    Un nouveau screenshot ig, et pas un de plus hélas :
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Une nouvelle vidéo pour le Mando Missile, présentant le TorM1 :
    Citation Envoyé par Mandole
    Now you can define up to two acceleration stages, and during the first one there is "guidance" or aiming. So you can set an initial speed to eject it vertically, and then a -9.8ms^2 accel for the first second, having the missile being already oriented to the target, and then engine burst and full acceleration.
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Pour rejoindre l'aventure Star Citizen et avoir un bonus de 5.000 UEC, n'hésitez pas à entrer mon code de parrainage : STAR-M6RV-N2K4

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    Ouais, on a là un sacré addon en perspective.
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    • Île Sbrodj par Old Bear du Clan-ADO :

    After releasing Sbrodjistan for ArmA, I am back to my initial projected island : Sbrodj.
    First unreleased Sbrodj was an unplayable ArmA map. Unplayable due to forest, I have been a victim of the "Schmalfelden syndrom". Too much trees on the map ... So I had switched to a desert map : it has been Sbrodjistan !

    So, back to Sbrodj. The project is to build a Warefare dedicated map, with a "no corner" structure, roughly symmetrical features and a bit "simplified".
    Having been helped by Floosy my ADO team mate, I have launched again the map building factory ...
    I am a bit late on my schedule because I had to rebuild the whole roads network with ArmA2 roads and decided to add 2 "towns" on map.
    Sbrodj the central ruined town with it's castle is finished, Zuud the large town in the South-West is nearing completion, Severnsk the large town in the North-East is still to be transformed.
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Hoooo, voila un truc qui pourais être interessant: Une campagne "Comanche" (RAH-66).
    A voir Ici:
    Mon code Referral Star Citizen : STAR-GJSY-PJPL
    Vous garantit: Richesse (5.000 aUEC), célébrité, et retour de l'être aimé !

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    Clair, ça à l'air trés sympa

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    Citation Envoyé par Rocket

    Nearly complete, ready for release. This is just an announcement prior to the release shortly.
    Citation Envoyé par Rocket
    Question pre-emptive strike :
    • Yes, blank textures will be released for people to do repaints
    • Yes, source will be released so people can steal it
    • Significant monetary donations from USEC members were used to purchase 3D reference libraries, maintenance manuals, and sound effects. Send your thanks to them.
    • No, I have no plans to do a (insert variant here) beyond what is listed below
    • If you want to help, when the release is made, submit bugs to our bug tracker
    • No, I will not be making an ArmA variant. Someone may?

    Brief Features :
    • "Bitchin Betty" information, warning, and caution system.
    • Detailed interior and exterior
    • Working gauges in cockpit
    • 3 Sections in highest LOD
    • Single texture for exterior view
    • Customized Sound effects for Ramp and Gear
    • Manual gear raise and deploy
    • AI Friendly
    • Armed Variant (with Minigun and side MGs)
    • Custom Sound effects for Engine and Rotor noise
    • Links in with the USEC Revolutions v2 system in ArmA2

    And much more...

    Targeted release :
    • October 2009
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Putaing ! Le Stallion est somptueux !
    Hélas, un hélico de transport en plus... Voila quoi, pas forcément super utile, mais clair que la modélisation roxx du panda.
    Mon code Referral Star Citizen : STAR-GJSY-PJPL
    Vous garantit: Richesse (5.000 aUEC), célébrité, et retour de l'être aimé !

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    Ca manque un peu d'avion de transport russe tout ces mods
    pseudo en jeu: Kolik
    Proto de jeu en cours de dev:

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    4 nouveaux screenshots :

    Dernière modification par ATP ; 29/09/2009 à 20h23. Motif: ajout screenshots.
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Le Su-33 Flanker-D à la sauce Naoyuki :

    I think that I put out the beta version when all textures of the airframe end. (There might not be cockpit part.)
    Dernière modification par O.Boulon ; Aujourd'hui à 13h37

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    Sympa, couplé au script de catapulte ça va donner
    Pour rejoindre l'aventure Star Citizen et avoir un bonus de 5.000 UEC, n'hésitez pas à entrer mon code de parrainage : STAR-M6RV-N2K4

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    Rock 'n' Roll !

    Fixed: [CCCPC] Wazatiste: Si je me mets à Arma 3, tu m'éduqueras ?

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    Autres mods majeurs de l'époque Ofp qui vont se rabouler sur ArmA 2 :

    -le CSLA Mod :

    L'un des deux grands avec FDF sur Ofp, il se focalise sur l'armée tchéquoslovaque bien que dans sa derniere version pour Ofp il amenait aussi des effets (made in Thunderbird de FFUR), une IA revue, plein d'unités et véhicules Blufor, Opfor et Fia (resistance) de toute beauté. Autre point fort il apportait aussi des dizaines de missions et de nombreuses campagnes jouables en coop'. Ha oui aussi : ce sont des virtuoses du polygone et de la texture, la qualité de leur boulot est à chaque fois impressionante.

    Leur roadmap pour les mois à venir :
    Version 1.04 - for ARMA1:
    - new features + new vehicles + MP/SP missions
    - will be released in august/september

    Version 1.05 - for ARMA1/ 2.05 for ARMA2
    - will be last version for ARMA1 and first for ARMA2
    - new features + new vehicles + MP/SP missions (+ maybe mini campaign)
    - will be released sometime in october/november 2009.
    Des screens tirés de la version ArmA 1 :

    -Red Hammer Studio mod (RHS) :

    RHS lui se focalise sur le matos russe. Pour ceux qui se rappellent, pour Ofp ils nous avaient modélisés une bonne partie de l'arsenal soviétique. Le tout avec une qualité hallucinante, comme les gars de CSLA. Par contre pas de modifs du gameplay, du moins ils ne l'ont jamais fait jusqu'à présent. Mais les gars de RHS arborent un logo "Fall 89", surement un project de mod à la Project 85' vu qu'aprés une belle engeulade, Vilas est parti releaser tout seul le project 85' et que les autres (les gars de RHS et de FFUR, entre autres) se sont retrouvés comme des cons à avoir bosser comme des oufs pendant deux ans "pour rien". Quoiqu'il en soit RHS compte bien sortir pour l'instant du boulot sous son propre nom, notamment : des T55, T62, T80 et une artillerie russe dont le nom bizzare m'échappe. Screens WIP :

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