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    Citation Envoyé par Eradan Voir le message
    Ben non, vu que tout le monde respecte le standard quake
    Standard Quake Tu compares de l'arcade hardcore avec un mod de combat urbain orienté réalisme NO COMMENT

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    AoC powerhelper Avatar de Eradan
    Je te parle taille des équipes, pas gameplay
    Barba non facit philosophum.

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    Insurgency, c'est du tout bon, foncez!
    La vie est un jeu, la mort te pénalise juste définitivement...

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    Petit up pour signaler la release Beta 2.5

    Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat
    Beta 2.5

    New features:

    - Added fully-configurable Spawn Protection System.
    - New morale & scoring system.
    - Players now will earn morale points when suppressing enemies (wounding & eliminating targets).
    - Eliminating enemies within capture areas (while attacking or defending) provides a boost in morale points.
    - The Kill / Death Ratio (KDR) of the player is taken into account and provides an additional bonus multiplier to the player´s score.
    - Added server option ins_spawnprotection. Disabled by default, when set to 1 it will read the settings of the server .sps files (placed at the Maps folder) and enable the Spawn Protection System.
    - Added console command ins_showsps to allow players to check the Spawn Protection Settings of the server for the current map.
    - Ammo caches now have a per-player timer. You can only restock your ammo after a period of time to prevent grenade / RPG spamming from ammo cache locations.

    Bug fixes:

    - M203 "Rapid Reload" exploit has been fixed. M203 reload speed has been increased. Ammo increased by 1 grenade.
    - Corrected ironsight alignment for several weapons.
    - Spectators can now see other player's weapons in first person.
    - M16 firemode switch sound is now functional.
    - Fixed bolt weapons. You can no longer reload, scope or unscope while doing the bolt action.
    - Players are no longer able to switch fire modes while in m203 mode. Sprinting and shooting is no longer possible with this weapon.
    - Player hitboxes have been corrected. Prone hitboxes are now accurate.
    - Fixed ins_viewpoint.
    - Removed net_showevents.
    - Fixed shell sounds / models for shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols.
    - Some extra cvars flagged with sv_cheat.
    - Fixed USMC voice command "Standing by".
    - Updated font to support brackets for clan tags (such as [XxX]) in the new spectator menu.
    - You can now see the tracers of other players when they're using LMGs.
    - Players' feet will not show outside walls when prone.
    - DirectX Level minimum setting set to 8.
    - cl_updaterate minimum value set to 33.

    Visual Updates:

    - Revamped Makarov Texture.
    - New Optic Lenses.
    - New M-14 DMR Texture.
    - New M9 Beretta Texture.
    - New M18 Smoke Grenade Texture.
    - New RPG-7 Texture.
    - New RGD-5 Texture.
    - Updated Various Weapon Selection UIs.
    - RPG-7 rocket now properly disappears from the first person view after firing.
    - Corrected bolt-related animations.
    - Corrected "last shot" animations.
    - All ironsights are now consistent (taken away from the player).
    - The M203 position has been adjusted.
    - New skins and textures for the Insurgent characters.
    - Improved Al-Kadesiah sniper rifle scope with new rubber eyepiece.
    - L42A1 Enfield sniper rifle now allows players to keep track of their targets after firing (keeping the mouse button pressed).
    - New death/spectator menu.
    - Other minor & aesthetic updates to first-person animations.
    - Improved player and team-mate icons on the overhead map.
    - Team-mate icons now blink when the players are using VoIP or in-game voice commands.
    - Improved world models of the M16 and M16M203 to match their new first-person equivalents.
    - Added new skin and ironsights to the FNFAL).
    - Improved some weapon animations to prevent some small glitches.
    - Added a new sound for the animation of "cooking" the grenade.
    - You can now see the front sight of the M4 through the aimpoint scope (like you would in real life).
    - M4 w/aimpoint has been realigned to address a bug that made it shoot off-target at longer ranges.
    - You can now see the front sight of the M4 through the aimpoint scope (like you would in real life).
    - M4 w/aimpoint model has also been upgraded with more detail and higher polycount.
    - The Aimpoint dot behavior has been upgraded to simulate more closely its real-life equivalent.
    - More accurate collision models made for the Humvees.
    - More accurate collision models for palmtrees in Buhriz and Karam.
    - More accurate collision models for Canvas Truck and Lada.
    - Upgraded some truck models & skins, as well as other vehicles (cars, pick-up trucks, etc).

    Map Updates:

    - Bigger capture zone for Objective B, based on community feedback.
    - Fixed overview coordinates.


    - Marines can use the INS spawn alley when Objective C is captured.
    - Higher sky ceiling at Objective C.
    - INS Spawn C is only closed when Insurgents control Objective C.
    - Fixed a few other minor issues and exploits.


    - Added extra cover for B (some bushes).
    - Added a sandhill on the main entry of the village (cover)
    - One building has been damaged to reduce INS advantage.
    - Viewpoints corrected.
    - Added a truck and a humvee to the fields before Objective B to provide extra cover for the marines.
    - Some exploits have been prevented.


    - Expanded Objective B capture zone towards the parallel tunnel.
    - Higher sky ceiling at the bridge area.
    - Fixed an area where players could fall down into the valley.
    - Other tweaks based on community feedback.


    - Clipped carpets to prevent players from getting stuck.
    - Lowered the A capture zone so it can't be captured from the top of the building.
    - Raised skybox ceiling where possible.
    - Other minor fixes and updates.


    - Removed the back alley.
    - Added a balcony to USMC spawn so that it’s now harder to pin them down there.
    - Added a extra route towards Objective B from USMC spawn.
    - Fixed some well-known exploits.
    - Upgraded skybox.
    - Fixed overview coordinates.

    Audio Upgrades:

    - Improved first person footsteps and player sounds.
    - Improved bullet sounds and other in-game sounds (bullet impacts, etc).
    - Grenade-related sounds have been improved (baking grenade).
    - Additional upgrades and tweaks for the game soundscapes.
    - Several weapon sounds have also been updated (M9, M1014, M14, Makarov, Al-Kadesiah…)
    - Tweaked footstep sounds (velocity and volume).
    Pour rejoindre l'aventure Star Citizen et avoir un bonus de 5.000 UEC, n'hésitez pas à entrer mon code de parrainage : STAR-M6RV-N2K4

  5. #65
    - Added fully-configurable Spawn Protection System.

    AH ben, c'est pas comme si c'était trop tôt, hein...
    Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Jelbae

  6. #66
    Ouais d'ailleurs j'étais sûr que cette feature était déjà présente
    Pour rejoindre l'aventure Star Citizen et avoir un bonus de 5.000 UEC, n'hésitez pas à entrer mon code de parrainage : STAR-M6RV-N2K4

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    Citation Envoyé par Voodoonice Voir le message
    Petit up pour signaler la release Beta 2.5
    Je comptais newser dessus ce soir... Bon tant pis, je newserai quand meme :3

  8. #68
    Cool, bonne occasion de s'y remettre.

    Merci d'avoir prévenu !

  9. #69
    Bonjour à tous, je me permet de ressusciter se topic pour annoncer au canard ceci (étant moi même un canardeur) :

    La vie est un jeu, la mort te pénalise juste définitivement...

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