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    J'ai allumé pour la première fois nouveau laptop et l'initialisation de windows 10 reste bloquée sur cet écran depuis des heures :
    Que dois-je faire ?
    Merci d'avance

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    Salut, que tu veux dire par nouveau, tu veux dire neuf ?

    Perso, si c'est pas neuf, je partirais sur une réinstallation de W10 avec une clef de boot W10
    Dernière modification par Rocca ; 10/06/2021 à 20h23.

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    Most Updates will sort themselves out in a few days so I'd wait to see. If not then here are steps you can take:

    1) There is a new guided walk-through from Microsoft for repairing Windows Update that leads up to resetting components if necessary: Try running that first.

    2) If that fails try manually resetting Windows Update Service:

    Open administrative Command Prompt and type following commands one-by-one followed by Enter key.

    net stop wuauserv
    net stop cryptSvc
    net stop bits
    net stop msiserver
    Ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
    Ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old
    net start wuauserv
    net start cryptSvc
    net start bits
    net start msiserver

    Close Command Prompt and see if Windows Updates works then

    3) You can also install the Updates manually that fail to install which are logged at Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Installed Update History, and then search for those to download and install from this Catalog:

    4) If they continue to fail and interfere, then you can block them using one of these methods:

    5) What I'd do at this point if you haven't yet is install latest Version 1809 by installing Media Creation Tool from this link and choose Upgrade This PC Now:

    This is the most stable way to change to the newer version and because it reinstalls WIndows while keeping your files and programs in place, fixes most problems. It also brings all Windows Updates to date.

    If there are any hurdles during install then these steps can overcome them:

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. I will keep working with you until it's resolved.

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    Ce n'est même pas une pub

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    Attends quelques jours et les liens auront changés.

    Parce que là il n'a pas l'air de répondre à la question en fait.

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    C'est bien foutu quand même

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