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    My system:
    gigabyte x570 ultra
    amd Ryzen 9 3900x cpu (default speed)
    32GB Gskill ddr4 3600(16GB x 2)
    windows 10 for wor workstations x64 19041.113 v2004
    no issues benching or stress testing (aida,occt,cpu-z,etc

    when I open cpu-z 1.91 it opens fine,no issues
    I click on validate and input my name and email,then I click on save validation file
    my system locks solid (cpu 100% ,but only ~60c) and then reboots
    I tried other versions,cleaning cpu-z off my OS as well
    Thank you

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    Really! 500 views and not one reply
    I'm sure someone has the same issue

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