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    Guys, anyone know, witch CPU-Z version run on Windows NT 4.0 SP1? For purpose of old machine I need to run these old Windows (P90 is not fast for XP, lol) and I was tried latest v1.73 of CPU-Z, but it does not work.
    Then I tried older version down to v1.34.1, but no help. Anyone know?

    And anyone know, where the older versions are stored somewhere to download? Or I have to create my own stash of old versions?

    CPU-Z 1.34.1 -
    CPU-Z 1.51 -
    CPU-Z 1.55 -
    CPU-Z 1.57 -
    CPU-Z 1.61.4 -
    CPU-Z 1.63 -
    CPU-Z 1.66.1 -
    CPU-Z 1.68 -
    CPU-Z 1.70 -
    CPU-Z 1.72.1 -
    CPU-Z 1.73 -

    Looks like have a pretty nice repository:
    ...makes me wonder, if the v1.57 labeled (Win98) will work on W98. The exe is definitively differnt that the "normal" v1.57... And v1.44 claim WinNT support too??? Hmmm!
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    Version 1.57 from works on my machine with Windows 98 SE, I don't know if it would also work on NT.
    P.S. *which - here you have a witch

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