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Brouette Quantique
15/09/2010, 22h04
Parce que c'est quand même un peu nébuleux, voilà les explications des développeurs:


Each account is associated with a grade. Grade is a measure on guaranteed skill level. This means a player with a high grade is a good player. However a player with a low grade can be just as good as a player with a high grade. The reason for this is that grades are gained by increasing in score and not on matching rating. An account can have several different scores and some of them are not visible to the player. For example there is a hidden score used for single player games and custom games. The visible scores are for example a player's score in the Solo Arena 3v3 ladder.

Grades are calculated by translating all scores associated with the account into Account Rating and determent what score that gives the highest Account Rating. Account Rating is thereafter used to set a grade. This means that only the score that gives the highest Account Rating is used, so a player that are fairly good in several brackets will have lower grade then a player with a really high score in one bracket. The reason for this is to not force all players to every bracket. If a player only likes to play Team Arena 3v3 and his team have really high score, his grade should be higher than a player that has decent score in several brackets.

Also worth of notice is that the same score in different brackets are translated into different Account Rating. For example the hidden score for single player games and custom games can never increase an account over Grade 9 - Judicator. Another example is that scores in Team Arena 3v3 will give more Account Rating then the same score in Team Arena 2v2. The reason for this is that the game is balanced around 3v3 and will give the most fair and balanced matches.

Depuis ça, on a les valeurs nécéssaires pour ces grades:


Les cases contenant une croix indiquent que le grade est accessible en custom games.

Les scores cachés:

Hello everyone, since we get lot of complains and questions about this, I've decided to give you are more detailed version on how the system works.

First of all, when you joined a new season, you will get a Hidden rating based on several factors. Your current Grade, Player Balance (all kinds of stats and records of matchmaking games) and Introduction Question. Currently if you are a new player, with just a few games played (you have reach lvl 5) and you answered that you are a pro your hidden rating will be fairly moderate, since the system actually is very unsure if you are skilled or not, since the only factor the system have is the question you have answered.

If another player with Grade 11, 5000 games played and several teams and previous records in matchmaking bracket joins the Solo MM career, the question he answered when he was new is totally useless, since now the system have a
good clue on how good you are, with all the stats the system have on you. A player with Grade 11 and a lot of games played and good previous records, will start the Solo MM Bracket with a high hidden MM.

Oki, so lets move over to how you Score is gained. As I've stated before, TPS has nothing to do with the Score you gained from a game. The things that affects the Score you gain is the difference in your Score compared to your Hidden Rating, your team's combined hidden rating against the other team's, the result of the match and the match value (how close all peoples hidden rating are compared to each other. Higher match value if all players are at the same hidden rating).

This means that Score can be really different from game to game. I'm gonna bring up a
few examples. Let say me, Shelt, have a Score of 1000 and a Hidden Rating of 1500. The system believes I'm better then what my Score say, so it actually will reward me a bit more because of that. Now I go play a game and my team win 3 - 0, which might give me a Score of +50. However this Score gain will be different if the game would have been 3 - 2, which you all probably notice that the result have a great affect on the Score gained.

Anyhow, lets go back to the 3 - 0 win and the +50 Score I got. This +50 Score depend on so much more then just the result of the game and the difference in my Score and Hidden Rating. Let say
everybody in that game had very similar Hidden Rating, we were all around 1500. The system will then say, "Hey this should be a really balanced game, but it went 3-0, so obviously the winning team is better and should get rewarded for that". Now let say the hidden rating in both teams look likes this; 1000, 1250, 1800 vs 1400, 1400, 1250. As you can see this is a perfectly balance game since both teams have the same combined rating, however the match value will be low since all players are at really different skill. The system will then say "Hey this game is really hard to judge the result on, so I will reduce the Score changes a bit".

I'm gonna take one more example, and thats is Crew's records, since they was posted in this thread.
As you can see on the image, the records might not be that impressive, but his Score is really good. So how could this be?
The major reason for this is that the system knows Crew is a good player and will give him a high Hidden Rating. He will then be match against other really good players and therefore should win and lose about 50-50. Since he proves that he can win at least 50-50 (even better) his hidden rating will be fairly the same all the time (lot of factors here as well but will not go in to detail here). Eventually his Score will catch up with his Hidden Rating and now his Score change might not be that huge anymore.

Now let say, we didn't used all this factors and we put Crew on a starting Hidden Rating of 1000. He would then have to play with a lot worse players, which would complained about the matchmaking system, since the game was totally unbalanced. Crew would however probably ruled all the games in the lower level, until his matching rating would increase to what he is now. This would however probably take Crew a bit more games to get to his Current Score, since
the System have a really hard time judging him. However his win ration could look like this ( 150 - 20 87% 2121 ).

So now to conclusion. What is best? That the system help Crew faster to his real Skill and on the way he will how some better balanced and exciting games or that he would have to play a lot more unbalanced games were people would complained even more, but eventually he would be at the same Score but will better win-ratio?

Hopefully everyone who took time to read this get a better hang on how much factors thats affect the whole rating and matchmaking system. I also have to add the our system isn't perfect and its a really difficult task to do a perfect system were everyone is happy and satisfied. We will keep improving our
system and any suggestions will be taking in to consideration.

Sources: Shelt.
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