Voir la version complète : Les fichiers serveurs sous Linux sont dispo en version Alpha !!

27/10/2009, 21h01
Realease des fichiers alpha pour les serveurs Linux :wub: :


Copyrigt (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

Installation instructions :

1. Following programs must have been installed on your Linux-box:
tar, gcc. Optional: md5sum (for setup integrity check)

1a. On some verions of Linux (this was reported for RedHat 9
and Gentoo linux 2.4.20) the NSCD deamon must be installed to
run ArmA 2 server successfully. Caching of DNS would be sufficient.

2. Copy the whole "ArmA 2" directory from Windows
to some Linux-directory (ArmA2). DON'T DO ANY DATA CONVERSIONS
(even "dos2unix" translation of text files is not necessary).
Example: you can use PKZIP (WinZip, PowerArchiver, etc.) on
Windows and "unzip" on Linux.
Don't use upper case letters in the ArmA2 directory name
(/home/bob/arma2 will be good, /home/bob/ArmA
may cause some troubles).
ArmA2 directory should contain subdirectories "Addons", "Bin",
"Campaigns", etc.

3. Copy the "server-x.xx.tar.gz" (x.xx is version number) file into
the ArmA2 directory. Unpack and install it with commands:

arma2$ tar -xjf server-x.xx.tar.bz2
arma2$ ./install

Watch the messages - they will inform you whether your installation
is successful.

4. Dedicated server can be started in foreground:

arma2$ ./server

Or in background:

o$ nohup ./server > out.txt 2> err.txt &
[1] <pid>

5. Running server can be stopped by executing:

$ kill -s SIGINT <pid>

Where <pid> is process-id of mother server thread (printed out in
"nohup" command).

6. ArmA2 server has a feature: command-line parameter
"-pid=<pid_file>". It causes creation of <pid_file> with
PID of root ArmA2 process. If IP port specified in "-port=<nn>"
parameter is busy (in usage), ArmA2 will terminate immediately
and <pid_file> won't be written..

7. The "arma2server" script is provided for automatic server
start/restart/status query/etc. Please be sure to edit
After this is done, install (hard-link?) the script into
"/etc/rc.d/init.d/arma2server" file. After that it can be managed
by "chkconfig" (see info/man).http://forum.canardpc.com/images/icons/icon2.gif Le topic sur le fofo Bis (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=89224)
http://forum.canardpc.com/images/icons/icon2.gif Le wiki Bis serveurs dédiés (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server)
http://forum.canardpc.com/images/icons/icon2.gif Téléchargement : arma2_linux_server-1.04.59822.tar.bz2 (http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/arma2_linux_server-1.04.59822.tar.bz2) (4,97Mo)

27/10/2009, 21h11
ça c'est une excellente nouvelle ^_^
C'est Slayertom qui va devenir fou :ninja:

28/10/2009, 01h53
Je ne compte pas l'installer tant qu'il sera en alpha (et surtout que balles ne sera pas revenu car sinon on fait une croix sur son interface).

10/12/2009, 10h13
Linux Server 1.04 Build 61018 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8082)

added support for battleye anticheat system (http://www.battleye.com/).