Voir la version complète : Cant validat my Result

23/12/2015, 23h47
i have the Problem that i cant upload my CPU-Z validation. I use the new v1.74 (tryed v1.73 also) and its say: "Unable to upload CVF". And when i try to upload it manual i get "Corrupted or missing CVF (Code:3)". And in the window where I chose the file is now: "No File Selected". But i selected a File....-.-
I have this by my Benchsystem and my Mainsystem. Have some one else this problem or know what i make wrong?

Benchsystem: ABit NF7-S2 Rev. 2 (with d26 Manta Rays XT), Duron 1,1Ghz, 512MB DDR1
Mainsystem: ASUS Maximus VII Hero, i7 4780k @ 4,8Ghz @ 1,22v, 16Gb TridentX @ 2400Mhz Cl10

I cant upload the Result with my Benchsystem, Mainsystem and my Galaxy S5. So what is the Problem? Why it dont work?
I have a Thread in the hwbot Forum also: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?p=423610#post423610
hope we all together find the problem and fix it. In the hwbot thread are some pictures, i hope they help you to help me xD.

Edit: I cant upload cvf made with the benchsystem and the mainsystem. SO why? Are both broken? Or i am to silly and make something wrong?

Sry, my english is not so good. I can read read it well , but not write .