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    Even though we ensured save game compatibility with previous versions of the game, we recommend starting a new game (especially on dedicated servers because the spawning bug fix will only work in new games). Please note that everything you built in space before PA 5.0 is now in Omicron Orbit (i.e., if you resume an old game on Ningues and leave the planet, you will be in Ningues Orbit but your previously built stuff is in Omicron Orbit - some AU away)

    Main Features:
    - Solar system and warp jumping
    * The new solar system consists of 8 planets, 2 moons and 3 POIs (new planets: alien, desert, barren and lava) distributed in many sectors
    * You need a Capital Vessel and a warp drive to jump from one planet to the other
    - Added dynamic playfield server management (now only playfield servers that are populated are loaded) which leads to less memory usage

    Other Features:
    - Added new creatures: 2 alien bugs, 2 golems (swamp and ice), 1 new variation of the desert worm and the armored golem that you know from our 1st trailer (he will defend some POIs)
    - Capital Vessels can now land on planets and take Hover Vessels with them
    - Added several new asteroids fields (e.g. rings around planets)
    - Added possibility to sort for ping and players in Server Browser
    - Radar map in space uses a logarithmic scale for far away objects and added compass for radar map on planets
    - Private and foreign players/structures don't show on the big planet 3d map ( M ) any more. However, they show up in the top-right radar map, if you are close enough. Visibility of POI and resource spots remains unchanged.

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Added new logo and tweaked Main Menu
    - Exchanged GUI font to prepare for localization to more languages
    - Stamina is now also slowly regained while walking
    - Increased vertical anti grief distance
    - Added "Docked" info to HV ship panel
    - Added landing gear (docking pad) for HV
    - Added 2 landing gears for CV
    - Added new models for Fridge
    - Added new models for Oxygen Stations
    - Added new model for Warp Drive
    - Added better weapon models to all drones
    - Added better trail effect to resource asteroids
    - Added marker to Asteroids Sathium in space
    - Added several new POIs (thanks to Dead8Eye)
    - Added capacitor (deco) also in survival mode
    - No items can be put in Quick Access grid if player is inside a ship to avoid loss of these items
    - Tweaked colors of labels in Control Panel
    - Enhanced 'servers' console cmd to show idle and (un)loading servers
    - Resized chat window & fixed problem that text was shrinking if too long
    - Changed some templates to take into account the new solar system setting (e.g., changes to Flux Coil and Power Coil)
    - Slightly reduced range of SV weapons to make it more challenging to conquer a POI
    - Slightly increased speed of alien plasma rockets and also range of alien turrets
    - Rescaled rocket and plasma turrets HV
    - Reduced light intensity of work lights
    - Tweaked light on Drill, Filler and Repair Tool
    - Tweaked flashlight of player (a bit wider angle)
    - Tweaked particle effect when drilling a resource asteroid (less particles are dropped)
    - Changed name of Akua fruit to Ahax fruit and removed this plant from Akua (now it only appears on desert planets)
    - Enhanced server details with hyperlinks

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem of duplication / loss of items in Constructor and Food Processor in multiplayer
    - Fixed major spawning problem of NPC: no gathering anymore (fix works only for new games)
    - Fixed problem in space that player always respawned at 0/0 coordinate (now player can respawn at current death position)
    - Fixed problem with troop transport that it did not always deploy troops
    - Fixed problem that radar and 3D map did not show correct icon direction if cockpit was not orientated to the "normal" fly direction
    - Fixed problem that orbital gravity was not switched off for all objects in space (e.g. starter block CV was dragged on planet if placed close to planet)
    - Fixed empty cockpit landing bug on dedi: now SV / HV hovers in air for while before coming down (to facilitate building below them)
    - Possible fix for problem that sometimes player was stuck below vessel when changing playfields with SV (e.g. leaving Akua to Akua orbit)
    - Fixed problem that sometimes many drones gathered in one spot on a dedicated server
    - Fixed problem that server details were not always displayed
    - Fixed collision on Coffee plant
    - Fixed problem that you could not remove a block on a structure after you changed the playfields with this structure in dedi mode
    - Fixed problem that player sometimes respawned in medic station of crashed ships
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Hop, hotfix de noël...

    Changelog 5.0.1:

    - Reduced lagging on dedicated server through client-side prediction of movement and server reconciliation

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Reduced radius of small radar map on planets to 250m
    - Added Sathium deposits to Omicron Moon and Akua Moon
    - Added seat to cockpit CV
    - Updated small icon of constructor SV
    - Placed Sun higher in orbit on dedicated server
    - Moved Capacitor to deco blocks categorie in constructor
    - Reduced sound of fridge in SV
    - Tweaked starting position in Omicron Orbit (Creative Empty)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem that terrain was visible in space under certain circumstances
    - Fixed camera position on passenger seat CV
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Citation Envoyé par Madvince Voir le message
    On peut s'y amuser seul néanmoins ?
    Je joue tout seul depuis 3 jours et ya plein de choses a faire : sa base, son 1er aeroglisseur, bien gerer la nourriture (plantation, chasse), de l'exploration, visite de l'usine , son 2eme aeroglisseur,, explorer et fouiller en profondeur les epaves !!

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    Citation Envoyé par Bobolebo Voir le message
    Je joue tout seul depuis 3 jours et ya plein de choses a faire : sa base, son 1er aeroglisseur, bien gerer la nourriture (plantation, chasse), de l'exploration, visite de l'usine , son 2eme aeroglisseur,, explorer et fouiller en profondeur les epaves !!
    Merci de m'avoir répondu avec .....un peu de retard

    Depuis j'ai eu le temps d'en faire le tour et même si effectivement on peut y jouer seul , on s'ennuie au bout d'un moment car pour un survival il y a peu de menaces qui te mettent la pression constamment. Et pour les attaques de bases (remplies de drones,androides,..) il est facile de feinter le jeu pour se débarrasser des ennemis.
    De plus les problèmes de sauvegardes non compatibles entre les patchs (ce n'est plus le cas je crois maintenant) m'ont fait vite arrêter.
    J'attends que le jeu mûrisse encore pour recommencer une partie. Mais ce jeu a du potentiel et il est bien suivi !

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    Debout debout !

    CHANGELOG: Pre-Alpha 5.1

    - Turrets and mountable weapons (SV/HV/CV) now consume ammo and take ammo from an ammo box
    - Mountable weapons are now grouped together so that you can have more than 9 weapons per vessel
    - Added main map M to space (centered around zero position of a sector)
    - Added sitting player model to passenger seats and cockpits

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Drones on a planet are now shown on the radar map
    - Planets of the sector now shop up on the radar map and main map
    - Improved asteroid dust area. Borders are less visible.
    - Warp jump effect for CV is relocated and placed closer to the vessel
    - When activating warp drive, vessel maintains speed and direction until warp jump is done
    - Added short landing gear for CV to facilitate loading of HV
    - Added cockpit to Starter Block CV to indicate flight direction, adapted template Starter Block CV
    - CVs can now also be built on planets.
    - Only the player that pilots a CV/SV/HV can switch power on/off
    - Adjusted camera position on cockpit CV
    - Better 3rd person view on CV/SV/HV (per default it is now a bit lower)
    - Added passenger seat (interior) SV and deactivated old (cube and slope) passenger seat SV
    - New Base/SV/CV/HV is now set to the player's private faction on placing per default.
    - Added faction check on landing gear (now you can only dock on another CV, if it belongs to your faction. Change was made to avoid blocking of other factions' CVs)
    - Info window (bottom right) is only shown when a weapon is active
    - Showing total number of remaining ammo (inventory or ammo box) in lower right info window (also for players with handheld weapons)
    - Major revision of block info (weights, etc.)
    - Updated preview icons (ammo + missiles)
    - Better sorting of ammo in template overviews
    - Added more info to mountable weapons (ammo, capacity, range etc)
    - Tweaked reload sound and delay for mounted weapons (we will add more variation and different sounds later)
    - Server Browser: Added counter of currently shown servers, improved display of server details
    - Added Cancel button to 2nd stage of connecting to server (before you had to completely shut down the game)
    - Increased output count of magnesium powder (to take into account higher demand for ammo)
    - Last selected panel in main map is now opened when re-opening map
    - Adapted drops/loot of plant monster to be consistent with what is growing on Akua
    - Alien Container does not show up in Control Panel anymore
    - In local single player games, a player can now change the playfield from space to the planet surface even without a ship
    - Added error message when spawning Blueprint on Dedicated Server in Creative Mode

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed fuel consumption bug: now when switching on a Base/SV/CV/HV, no extra amount of fuel is consumed (before, the amount of fuel was consumed since the last activation)
    - Possible fix for CV vanishing / clipping through the world when parked on terrain
    - Fixed problem with playfield sleep mode that stopped constructors/plants and did not restart them when reactivated
    - Possible fix for problem that sometimes dug out terrain reappeared and underground bases got refilled (fix works only for areas that have not yet been visited)
    - Possible fix for problem that terrain placeables (H2O2, O2, H2O Generators and Survival Constructor) were sometimes vanishing (fix works only for areas that have not yet been visited)
    - Fixed problem that sometimes it was not possible to warp jump with CV ("you have to fly in direction of destination") even though you were flying towards destination
    - Fixed problem with "invisible" golem
    - Fixed problem that alien turrets and other projectiles could shoot through terrain
    - Fixed exploit problem: Inventory could be multiplied with suicide + fresh start
    - Fixed problem that wrong fuel consumption was shown in control panel when structure was turned off
    - Fixed problem that when exiting a passenger seat or spawning within a room that is only 2m high the player was teleported one level higher
    - Fixed problem that resource meteorites sometimes spawned in space
    - Fixed problem that hitting T repeatedly (and fast) after reaching a warp-destination lead to unexpected ejection from vessel
    - Fixed texture problem when Water and Hull Block were at same level
    - Fixed problems with Tech Tree: color flicker when changing tabs and position resetting when unlocking an Item
    - Fixed problem with turrets in third person view (now first person view enforced)
    - Fixed: Mouse pointer no longer jumps to center when clicking Connect in server browser
    - Fixed problem with Alienplasma having "O2 content"
    Source :

    La map spatiale :
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Il va vraiment falloir y rejouer un jour!

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    C'est ce que je me dis à chaque patch...

    Mais à priori il y a encore le problème des tourelles qui tirent à travers tout et n'importe quoi.

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    Hop, intégration du Steam Workshop !

    CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 5.3.0 (Build 302):

    Main Features:
    - Steam Workshop integration
    - Added possibility to change the starter planet on a Dedicated Server
    - Added new set of windows without shutters (semi transparent from both sides)

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Turret improvements: turrets don't have to be re-activated anymore after changing a playfield
    - Added faction check to blueprints: now you can only take blueprint of a structure if it belongs to your faction
    - Added possibility to remove on-screen object markers via F9
    - Improved blueprint library: rename, delete, save as, overwrite
    - Improved water shader
    - In single player, removed anti-griefing measures (restriction of block placing and base spawning near resource deposits)
    - Escape pod is now set to Private Faction and thus cannot be looted by other players anymore
    - Backpack icon now appears on radar map and on map M (only for own faction) + backpack disappears after 60s when empty
    - Added new landing gears and tweaked emissive texture on old landing gears
    - Replaced generator (SV/HV) with new model
    - Tweaked visuals and functionality of Control Panel, e.g., select next object (instead of previous object) when adding to Group
    - Added 'WipeTime' to dedicated.yaml in order to allow removing of structures if a player did not visit them for a long time
    - Tweaked Repair & Removal Tool (faster removal of blocks)
    - Optimized setup of lists (implemented for server browser and Control Panel's device list). For example, the device list in the Control Panel will be built up much faster in large CVs
    - 'Production finished' message for blueprints is now also displayed if blueprint menu is not open
    - Space Drones are now seen only from 1500m on a Dedicated Server
    - Changed underwater ground on Akua
    - Better barrel animation on turrets and mountable weapons
    - Improved muzzle flash on large plasma weapons
    - Added Bloom camera effect
    - Turret Radar now only rotates if powered
    - New Blueprints spawn as in Private Faction (and not Public Faction)
    - Changed and optimized flares for better performance
    - Tweaked joystick of Cockpit CV
    - Exit of cockpit after warp jump is now limited to only 5s and ship slows down immediately after jump
    - Restricted line/plane tool to 10 blocks in survival and 20 blocks in creative
    - Updated Starter CV and Base stock blueprints with new windows

    Improved water shader:

    Bug Fixes:
    - Possible fix for structures only building up when moving towards/away from them after login on a dedicated server
    - Fixed problem that tutorial messages did not show up anymore
    - Fixed problem that a target lock after a warp jump wasn’t shown in HUD
    - Fixed problem that asteroids sometimes disappeared after playfield change
    - Fixed problem that one could take items from a Creative game into a Survival game
    - Fixed problem that vessel got lost under certain conditions (especially on Moon)
    - Possible fix for FPS drops when many vessels are attached to a CV
    - Fixed emissive not working on terrain placeables (water generator, survival constructor etc)
    - Fixed problem that a player's blueprint production was immediately finished after re-login on a dedicated server
    - Fixed crash that sometimes appeared when enemy turret was aiming
    - Fixed problem that sometimes Resource Asteroids were stuck in air on a Dedicated Server
    - Fixed problem that constructors consumed full power when powered off with an unfinished item in the construction queue
    - Fixed problem that playfield didn't show for non faction player in Info Board B
    - Fixed problem of line tool regarding inaccuracy in placement
    - Fixed problem with switching off thrusters: Disabling all thruster of one side still allowed the vessel to move in the opposite direction
    - Fixed problem that sometimes a dedicated server did not start without crashing after using the admin tools
    - Fixed problem that rotation position of a turret was not correctly saved
    - Fixed problem with mixed up naming of Alien Bug and Alien Scorpion
    - Fixed problem with exploit of Durian plant resulting in strange recipes in Blueprints
    - Fixed problem with German localization and not correctly shown keys (e.g Escape Pod message)
    Tiens, je me suis aperçu que j'ai raté 1 mise à jour.
    Voici le lien vers le changelog :
    Pre-Alpha 5.2
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Article plutôt élogieux sur ce jeu dans le nouveau CPC.
    Faudra vraiment que je le relance!

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    L'Alpha est disponible !

    Le patch-note (très épais) :
    CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.0

    Main Features
    - Added structural integrity SI (only for planetary bases at the moment): buildings will collapse if not supported correctly
    - Added basic tutorial system (PDA) with the current tasks visible in the Player HUD
    - Added dense grass and large decorations (trees, large rocks, underwater deco, etc) viewable from far away (trees can be harvested for wood logs)
    - Added possibility to completely configure a planet by yourself (terrain, textures, deco, NPCs, etc)
    - New block rotation system that shows rotation axis
    - New block shape management system: craft basic block and choose block shapes via selection menu (RMB when block group is selected in toolbar)
    - Added more materials: wood, concrete (wood logs, wood planks, cement) and hardened steel (replacing the armored plates)
    - Added player drone to facilitate building
    - First integration of Offline Protection: Build the offline protection device and your PvP area base and CVs will be safe when you log off (same applies to factions, when no faction member is around on the server anymore; eventually leading to a full shield-feature in later Alpha development stages!)

    Individualization for Building:
    - New block customization: any side of a block can be colored / textured individually
    - New color and paint system:
    * 31 colors available from new color tool menu
    * All 3d models are colorable (cockpit, turrets, thrusters, generators, deco blocks and other devices)
    - New system to apply textures / symbols / letters to each side of a block individually
    - Added a first set of textures, letters, numbers and symbols
    - Added material-related textures for the Texture Tool (each material now has a defined set of “own” textures plus a few that are shared between all materials. This opens up the possibility for even more textures in the future

    - Added "Spawn at home base": For example, you can tag your CV in Orbit, any Base or Space Station and respawn on this CV/Base when you die on a planet. (only one Home base can be tagged at any time)
    - Clone Chamber has been added to set a definite Home-Base spawn point (Without a Clone Chamber you will spawn in a random location close to your home-base tagged base or vessel)
    - Your player model can now hold its breath for up to 10 seconds under water (without helmet)
    - All plants in the wild now re-grow after being harvested (if you discover a nice spot of helpful plants, come back later and harvest them again!)
    - On a Dedicated Server: you will now always start on the morning side of a planet in MP
    - When de-constructing blocks, the items you collect are now shown in your HUD
    - Warp Drives use Pentaxid crystals as fuel (added to an individually placeable warp drive tank) for warp jumps. Pentaxid must be crafted from Blue Crystals found on planets
    - Shift + RMB now removes block in Creative mode
    - Improvements to all maps: own objects (private or faction) are now colored greenish
    - Survival constructor got a radar- and planet-map marker (so you won’t lose track of where you set it up when venturing around)
    - ALT now toggles a free-move camera (instead of the need to hold it)
    - Added filter (text input) and entity type filter-toggles (SV,HV,CV,BA, All) to constructor windows
    - Turrets can now be activated/deactivated in control panel (they are deactivated when placed the first time)
    - Founder/Admin of a faction can now set a structure of this faction back to Public/Private
    - New rotation tool: allows to rotate blocks after placement
    - Added Tier 2 drill that auto-collects ore (available at Tech Tree Level 7)
    - New easy to craft food item made out of seaweed: Seaweed snacks (Survival Constructor)
    - Added Bandages as an easy to craft alternative to small medi kits (Survival Constructor)
    - Escape pod is now controllable so that you can choose your landing zone
    - Active status effects (poison bite, open wound etc.) are now visualized by icons
    - Added epic weapons that can only be found in “ultra rare loot”
    - Slider for all lights for setting Intensity and Range

    - Blueprint menu now also shows blueprints with forbidden blocks (with red color and a hint), not allowed to put in factory or publish (Alien Core and any Monster-Spawner)
    - Blueprint placement: Added possibility to move Blueprints vertically with Page up/down
    - Changed: Blueprints now spawn without damage
    - Workshop: Published (or updated) Blueprints are now automatically tagged according to their structure type (e.g. "Hover Vessel")
    - Blueprints now save the control panel grouping info
    - You can use your own Blueprint bases as random POIs for planetary playfields (double-click in the library & set a group name. Use the group name for customizing in any playfield.yaml)

    Console Commands & Server:
    - Activated console to enter many commands for single player (open Console and type ‘help’ to display the possible commands)
    - Added many new server commands (similar to single player) and a new permission level (Gamemaster)
    - Added customizable, periodic auto-shutdown of playfield servers incl. warning messages (configured in dedicated.yaml)
    - Server messages are now colored to easily see them
    - Change: Simplified dedicated.yaml format - NOTE: Server hosts using their own yaml file need to convert it to this new format!
    - WipeTime + DecayTime now use real time hours instead of game time
    - Now all yaml files are checked on game start
    - Server Browser: Added "Rent a server" link in button and a host info for official servers
    - Added possibility to configure space drones in playfield.yaml
    - Sectors/playfield.yaml are now copied to save game folder

    Blocks & Crafting:
    - Re-enabled Alien Container and Alien Core for use in Creative Menu
    - Added Creature/NPC-Spawner blocks to Creative menu
    - Added new block shape: Inverted Corner Thin
    - Added new railing blocks
    - Changed Starter Block Base to “Core only”
    - Added water jug (produced by Water Generator)
    - Water generator can now be crafted in Survival Constructor
    - Added much stronger Tier 2 RCS for CV
    - Added extra large thruster CV
    - Added saw attachment for HV and chainsaw for player
    - Re-activated old cockpit 06 (now cockpit 05) and added improved 3d model
    - Added Bio Fuel for Chainsaw

    - Added new temperate planet Oscutune
    - Added many new POIs (thanks to Dead8Eye)
    - Added Talon Guardian NPC
    - Added ambient sounds according to the biome a player is in (e.g. on Akua: forest, water, open plains, mountains)
    - Spawning of NPCs now depend on biomes (e.g. on Akua: Woodwalker in forest, Slime at water, etc)
    - Tweaked loot of many NPCs
    - Added 4 types of loot container: common (grey), rare (yellow), very rare (red), ultra rare (purple)
    - Some tweaks to Start Setting Creative and updated Bases / SV in Creative Mode (thanks Xentor, Dead8Eye and Piddlefoot)
    - Added new enemy drone model

    Major Visual Improvements:
    - Atmospheric scattering
    - New water shader (edge blending for water shores, refractions, waves, etc)
    - New underwater view
    - New water droplet effect when leaving water
    - New lava shader + lava fog and improved under-lava shader
    - More details are shown when close to objects (also terrain)
    - Increased Brightness of shadowed areas/darker areas of planets in Space
    - Better planet map preview

    Tweaks - Gameplay:
    - Added auto-grouping feature in Control Panel
    - Control Panel now shows damage for all units (not only for essentials as before)
    - Improvements to space map and radar map: other faction's icons are no longer displayed except they are closer than 2500m to the player (before everything was seen on space map)
    - Reduced overall max. distance of HUD object markers to 500 m on planets - matches with radar map range and avoids cluttering of display
    - Backpack is now visible 500m on map (before 50m)
    - On placing a turret "Prey" is not activated
    - Added enemy base icon that shows up whenever there is an enemy base nearby (and you cannot build due to anti-griefing distance, for example)
    - Added hint if player tries to run on a planet while jetpack is active (once per game start in Survival mode)
    - Re-balanced large thrusters CV: mass, thrust, energy consumption
    - Doubled output count of Electronics
    - When joining a server the first time: the loading screen is now shown immediately after the planet choice window.
    - Removed deco and building blocks tab from Techtree

    Other Tweaks - Visual, Audio & Tech:
    - Improved terrain texture - they should be much sharper now
    - Increased light intensity during night on most planets
    - Quality Settings Fast - Good - Best technically refined
    - Updated many models (all handheld weapons, many devices, deco objects etc) to PBR shader
    - Replaced truss and walkway blocks with new models
    - Updated basic hull texture (less dark panel lines)
    - Tweaked muzzle fire of laser pistol/rifle to blue/red
    - Added new volumetric laser shot effect to Laser Rifle and Pistol
    - Improved effect when drilling
    - Tweaked terrain textures on Alien planet and moon·
    - Added ground fog and fireflies on Masperon
    - Tweaked many terrains (especially Omicron and Masperon)
    - Added bullet impact effects on water
    - Sound tweaks:
    * lower sound volume when drilling
    * Slightly reduced distance at which sound from devices is heard (O2/water generator, gravity generator, generator)
    * Updated sound for drill
    - Exchanged model of survival constructor
    - Improved texture on non-illuminated stairs
    - Better smoke on destroyed enemy drone
    - Tweaked terrain textures to make resource veins better visible
    - Smoother fade out from Main Menu -> New Game
    - Better camera handling when player dives
    - When swimming: camera should not clip feet in 3rdp away any more
    - When escape pod collides with water, the correct splash sound is played.
    - Added Helmet Overlay/Effect
    - Updated screenshots in game
    - Added better stamina boosts
    - Removed blood hit particles in first person view
    - Optimization: Reduced FPS drops when passing by a firing ship
    - Improved Control Panel's list:
    * Remembers collapsed states of groups per structure
    * Last selected item will be scrolled to (also works for group headline and if there are collapsed groups)
    * Significant speedup of Control Panel list
    - Drill and Fillertool don’t do any damage to devices anymore
    - Added tooltip info for objects in space map
    - Tweaked jetpack speed and controls
    - Added info when player left Controls options and has unassigned actions (e.g., primary action not defined)
    - Increased speed of Ion Cannon shots by 30%
    - SV/HV/CV does not allow to fire any more if not powered

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Problems when switching playfields (SP / MP)
    - Fixed: Turrets do not fire at own base anymore (no more auto destruction)
    - Fixed: Stamina reduction when pressing SHIFT key while standing still
    - Fixed: Projectiles following vessel movement after being released
    - Fixed: Shooting CV weapons in FPV sometimes lead to explosion directly on vessel
    - Fixed: Switching a CV to Faction does not undock foreign Private/Public vessels
    - Fixed: Map objects of renamed POIs (with player core) now show the new name
    - Fixed: Pressing Start button in New Game menu multiple times no longer possible (before it caused a crash)
    - Fixed: Coffee and adrenaline shots do not work as expected sometimes
    - Fixed: Large medikit and other consumables do not add the whole range points
    - Fixed: Using 2 large medikits in a row does not add up the effect
    - Fixed problem that after the last player of a faction left, this faction was not deleted
    - Fixed: Blueprint exploiting no longer possible via MP re-login after production time is over
    - Fixed: Some turrets don’t hit correctly and aim too low
    - Fixed: Outside lights leading to a "flickering cockpit"
    - Fixed problem that spotlight did shine into cockpit if placed behind cockpit
    - Fixed Nullref when cancelling connection to Server
    - Fixed: Some devices missing bottom texture if build in a certain way
    - Fixed: Logging out in an underground base leads to respawn on top of the hill
    - Fixed: Savegame renaming now checks if a game with the new name already exists
    - Fixed: Decayed food in a Food Processor is recognized as template input material
    - Fixed: Worklight 1 & 2 can be picked up infinitely
    - Fixed: Mirror mode uses 2 items if block is placed in-line with mirror
    - Fixed: Backpack bugged in Vessel leads to nearly making it immobile & flickering
    - Fixed change tool handling -> window transparency change was not smooth
    - Fixed: Player model flying outside of vessel / misaligned
    - Fixed: Reset chat timeout when using chat scrollbar
    - Fixed: Sides of some blocks are not displaying when placed in a special way
    - Fixed: Saving a Blueprint while HUD display is off creates correct thumbnail (without visible HUD elements)
    - Fixed Exploit: Backpack not empty when re-login (backpack from dead player is now also accessible from other factions)
    - Fixed: Blueprint factory sometimes showed "Start Production" while a production is running
    - Fixed sporadic NRef when resuming a game
    - Fixed: Multi-doubling items with line-tool in Survival
    - Fixed: Blueprints with a mismatch in directory and filename are now ignored (avoids exception)
    - Fixed collider problem with shape "cylinder"
    - Fixed: Activate checkbox in control panel on groups showed even if none of the group could be activated.
    - Fixed: The state of the activate checkbox was sometimes wrong
    - Fixed: Item descriptions are cut off (except partially on left screen edge)
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Hop, on a raté quelques mise à jour :

    - Alpha 1.1 : Improved AI pathing, tweaks and bug fixes (patch notes)
    - Alpha 1.2 : Optimization, tweaks and bug fixes (patch notes)
    - Alpha 1.3 : Improved device management, tweaks and bug fixes (patch notes)
    - Alpha 1.4 : Turret Access, Optimizations and Bug Fixes (patch notes)

    Et voici la Alpha 1.5 : In-Game Backup, Infinite Drone Waves, Status Effects and Bug Fixes

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.5.0

    New Features:
    - Added in-game backups for single player
    - Added new feature that the content of a device (e.g. cargo box, ammo container, constructor etc) is dropped in a box when this device is destroyed
    - Added new alien insect (barren planet)
    - Added 3 spider NPCs (spawned on e.g. Akua, Omicron, Alien and several other planets)
    - Added several new POIs (thanks to Dead8Eye):
    * one very well defended structure: Fortress P1 (found on Masperon)
    * two alien-infested structures (Mine and Factory) that are defended by Overseer and Nightmare creatures
    - Added enhanced Server Browser to display more detailed server configuration data
    - Added Dedi command "gents -overview" which shows overview over all structures

    - Added private faction protection to Survival Constructor (i.e., Survival constructor can now only be used by the player that placed it)
    - Added setting for infinite drone waves that will attack your base (drone attacks will only cease if you destroy the drone base)
    - Added more diversity in drone base attacks
    - Status effects are more of a threat now (longer duration), food poisoning now also diminishes health
    - Added probability to get Food Poisoning to more raw food
    - Antidote Pills now also cure Food Poisoning
    - Added more epic weapons: Pistol and Plasma Cannon
    - More diverse spawning of NPCs on several planets (e.g. snow, barren, lava)
    - Added Overseers to Troop Transporter on some planets

    Visuals / Audio / Decorations:
    - Improved terrain on Akua: denser forest and more grass
    - Improved terrain textures and decoration on Skillon and Zeyhines
    - Improved texture on Moon
    - Added deco blocks: Holographic Screens (they can be found in the Console Blocks group)
    - Added night ambience sounds on Omicron
    - Added better sound for Epic Sniper
    - Added new cactus plants
    - Added new rocks on Omicron and Skillon
    - Added more details to several rocks when close to them
    - Increased night light intensity on: Zeyhines, Aestus, Aitis, Oscutune
    - Better open sound for drop container / backpack
    - Updated preview icons for Plasma Charges

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Improved interpolation of drone movement so they will move much smoother on a dedicated server
    - Turrets do not fire any more if OP is activated for their structure
    - Angle of Escape pod at which enters is now a bit flatter (ie you can now fly further)
    - Added new Tier 2 starter SV
    - More playfields are set per default to PvP
    - Added better names for block shapes (also added localisation for them)
    - Simplified grass and decoration items in playfield.yaml
    - Opuntia Cactus Spears are now edible
    - Better camera position on base turrets
    - Added new spawner blocks: Overseer and Nightmare
    - Added damage model to space drones and updated their weapon models

    - Turret balancing (to make it more challenging to attack a base / POI with a SV):
    * Flak Turret: higher rate of fire, lower damage
    * Enemy Laser Turret: higher rate of fire, higher speed of projectiles, higher rotation speed, lower damage (now needs around 7 shots to destroy cockpit)
    - Re-balanced wood: 1 Wood Log -> 40 Planks, 4 Planks -> 1 Wood Block
    - Increased head shot bonus of sniper weapons
    - Reduced reload times of all handheld weapons (adapted reload sounds)
    - Tweaked Rocket Launcher T2: it is now a SciFi plasma cannon
    - Chainsaw cannot destroy rocks, hull blocks and concrete blocks any more
    - Increased hitpoints of troop transporter to make it harder to destroy
    - Slightly increased overall spawn rate of NPCs

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem that no / very few predators were spawning
    - Fixed problem that Offline Protection could be circumvented by spawning and exiting mechanisms (now player dies inside an offline protected base of another faction)
    - Fixed problem that POI Ion Turrets could shoot through terrain
    - Fixed problem that drones fell through the planet when shot down in a distance
    - Fixed problem that vessel were sometimes sinking into the ground on a dedicated server
    - Fixed problem that auto-loading of turrets used twice the ammo
    - Fixed problem that exiting a turret while reloading resulted in loss of ammo
    - Fixed problem that enemies did not attack reliable any more
    - Fixed jetpack exploits: 1. no longer endless flying when holding N during jetpack usage, 2. permanent flying on planet when coming from orbit
    - Fixed problem that constructor did not produce item when logging out while crafting is in progress
    - Fixed problem that sometimes grass was floating on slopes
    - Fixed problem that sometimes the drone waves were not correctly counted (it could happen that only one wave was launched)
    - Fixed problem that weapons vanished from pilots toolbar if passenger boards the vessel
    - Fixed problem that creative menu filter sometimes hid items with common properties
    - Possible fix for Blueprint overwrite bug
    - Fixed problem that chat window was locked when reconnecting after a kick
    - Fixed wrong display of very large formatted physical values (e.g. vessel statistics)
    - Fixed problem that capacitor was missing bottom texture
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  13. #43
    Pour ceux qui ont loupé l'info, il est en week-end freeplay depuis ce soir

    Je vais en profiter pour le découvrir un peu...

  14. #44
    Petit avis rapide après le peu de temps que j'ai pu essayer ce week-end.

    Tout d'abord, je précise que d'une manière générale, je ne suis pas particulièrement fan de ce qui est technologique (console de supervision, métamoteur à plasma, etc...) mais que pourtant le jeu m'a bien plu.

    Pour une alpha, on constate qu'il a déjà matière s'occuper, et bien qu'étant simple bac à sable, on entrevoit pas mal de possibilités offrant de belles perpectives et de longues heures de jeu avant sans doute de se lasser.
    D'autres aspects ne sont pas aussi bien réalisés : manque de distance d'apparitions des objets, environnement un peu vide de décor, graphismes en deça des habitudes actuelles, IA apathique et sans vie propre.

    Concernant l'IA, je n'ai pas vu d'interactions entre elles. A priori elle est en loitering en attendant de se faire attaquer. En cas d'attaque, soit elle fonce tout droit sur vous, soit elle fuit en ligne droite. Sa vitesse maxi semble être toujours inférieure à la nôtre.
    Elle ne représente pas de challenge.
    D'une manière générale, je trouve le jeu trop facile et mal équilibré : il n'y a pas de pression de la part de l'environnement.
    La faune n'est pas assez agressive.

    La survie a tout de même l'air en deça : je n'ai pas trouvé la possibilité de faire un simple feu de camp pour y faire cuire ma viande/mes ingrédients, alors que je suis capable d'assembler des câbles électroniques pour en faire une console.

    Le jeu manque d'interactions avec l'environnement : j'ai trouvé des épaves ou des bâtiments abandonnés et malgré ma perceuse, ma tronçonneuse et un engin capable de terraformer, impossible de percer un trou dans une cloison (même en verre) ni même de récupérer le moindre morceau de ferraille.

    J'ai tout de même eu quelques bonnes surprises :
    - il y a des POI
    - j'ai vu un truc rouge au loin sur mon radar, j'ai voulu aller voir ce que c'était. C'était un drone dont j'ai été surpris qu'il soit opérationnel. Il m'a attaqué, j'ai dû fuir. C'était la nuit, dans une forêt tropicale: je me suis fait aussi attaquer par la faune, j'ai attiré vers moi toutes les saletés possible des alentours :D
    Je suis mort.
    - j'ai découvert une sorte d'immense barrière d'énergie. Je ne sais pas si c'est propre à la seed de ma partie ou une limitation dans la zone de jeu. J'espère que non, ça serait franchement rédhibitoire. J'espère plutôt que c'est un système de défense/sécurité qu'il y aurait moyen de percer
    - je me suis fait charger par une plante carnivore sur patte !
    - allumer un halogène de chantier a immédiatement attiré l'attention sur moi d'un drone en patrouille au loin

    Pour résumer, malgré son côté un peu cheap, le jeu m'a laissé une très bonne impression et ceux qui aiment les trucs avec de la conquête spatiale devraient s'y plaire.
    Le jeu est pour l'instant très facile (et il y a un très bon tuto!) mais il y a déjà matière à s'amuser pendant une paire d'heures.

    Est-ce que certains d'entre vous s'y sont essayés ?

  15. #45
    J'y ai jouer y a environ 7-8 mois ! Ca m'avais bien amusé ! Exploration de morceau de vso spacial (il me semblait que j'avais recuperer des ingredients en detruisant les cloisons) ; pour faire de la cuisine ca se faisait obligatoirement dans le constructeur (voir constructeur avance). Je me suis arreter de jouer quand j'ai tout perdu lors de l'attaque d'une usine garde par des mechants aliens ! Pour la barriere d'energie, j'avias lu (a l'epoque) que c'etait vers les poles pour fermer la zone accessible)

  16. #46
    Ah oui, exact pour les barrières d'énergie, c'est vrai je m'en souviens, j'avais aussi lu un truc à ce sujet. Bon, si c'est ça, c'est pas trop grave, je craignais plus d'être plutôt cloisonné dans un tout petit périmètre et que les paysages visibles à l'horizon ne soient là que pour faire jolis...

    En tout cas je me suis bien amusé, il y a clairement du potentiel et de quoi s'occuper et se faire plaisir

    Merci pour les infos

  17. #47
    Bonne base mais bien ennuyeux au bout d'un moment , surtout en solo évidemment.
    L'IA des mobs est complètement naze et les menaces n'en sont pas vraiment.
    Mais le jeu est encore jeune.

  18. #48
    J'ai eu de bonne surprise en creusant d'avantage sous les épaves du Titan et sous la mine abandonnée.
    Ces créatures se déplacent à une vitesse folle, j'envisage de me faire un petit véhicule d'assaut pour nettoyer la place.

    Mais d'après ce que j'ai testé, mettre plusieurs propulseurs ou thrusters directionnels ne fait pas varier la vitesse ou la stabilité. Pour les RCS supplémentaires aussi ?
    Le temps c'est de l'XP.

  19. #49
    Hop Alpha 1.6 est de sortie.

    Changelog: Alpha 1.6.0 (Build 431)

    New Gameplay
    - Newly placed Constructors + Food Processor are now all able to do the auto-crafting (exception: Survival Constructor)
    - Terrain placeables can now be picked up
    - First draft of consuming food from inventory with Shift + RMB
    - Perishable items can now be stacked, their resulting perish time will be the weighted average of the two original stacks combined
    - Added sector map: Open the map ( M ), have a look at the third tab .. and write us your feedback! (Colors are: red = lava planet, blue = temperate, yellow = desert, white = snow, green = alien. Colors and icons can be modified in sectors.yaml!)

    - Improved constructor: Items can be taken out of construction queue even if machine is ON (except the first item which is currently crafted)
    - When the alien core of a base gets destroyed all spawners and turrets get deactivated.
    - Turrets are shown as de-activated in Control Panel when a Blueprint is spawned
    - Easier drone attacks on Akua (no infinite drone waves any more on Starter planet Akua)
    - Added new mechanical T1 drill. (Changed Mode of Tier 1 Drill; Shortened range to 2m as it has no beam but a drill head)
    - Player can now run on planet when jetpack enabled
    - Changed default controls (you might have to revert to default)
    * Console: Ö (germany), Tilde (US)
    * Inventory: Tab
    * Switched: F <> T
    (Tip: you can always remap your keys to your needs, except function keys like SHIFT, STRG, ALT)
    - O2 generator can now only be placed into water
    - Increased the amount of Magnesium Ore deposits per playfield (reduced size)

    Additions & Updates

    - Added new fighter cockpit
    - Updated console models (deco)
    - Added new 3d model for two-legged dinosaur (not aggressive during day, aggressive during night)
    - Added better 3d model for Entity Spawner
    - Slightly adapted colors of template inputs to better differentiate between directly and recursively craftable items

    Tweaks & Balancing

    - Updated PDA
    - PDA: Added more tasks for manual completion
    - Optimized played built turret AI behaviour to use less CPU time
    - Set the 'Open PDA with F1' as first in-game tutorial message + Added info text in loading screen to explicitly inform about the PDA
    - Entity spawner are now only placeable on Bases
    - Removed hint that cannot run while jetpack on
    - Tweaked HP and spawn of spiders
    - Re-order content of Escape Pod
    - Tweaked texture on old Interior Wall Corner and Interior Wall blocks
    - Added some memory optimizations (radar map)

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed: Items vanish from Constructor if moved to Player Inventory with Shift-Click from other Constructor
    - Fixed: PDA: 'Consume item' step does not complete when item consumed from inventory
    - Fixed: Crafting progress bar of Survival Constructor does not show up anymore
    - Fixed: PDA chapter 1, action "Power O2 Generator" does not trigger if you close the menu window too fast after putting fuel in (via network ping time still applies)
    - Fixed: Offline Protection does not work when placed on a conquered POI
    - Fixed: Exploit: Duping any container content in MP
    - Fixed: Exploit: gain access to private bases with P Menu
    - Fixed drones moving after being killed + Downed drones sink through the ground and "plopp" up to the surface again
    - Fixed: Faction does not show up in list after being created.
    - Fix for Flashlight not lighting Grass properly
    - Possible fix for losing structure when container bug / faction bug happens
    - Fixed problem with WedgeThin (could not always be textured / colored) - note: the model is now slightly different
    - Fixed: Durian Sprout: not able to pass through / has collision box
    - Fixed: Alien Block: can not be removed with R&R Tool when POI core gone
    - Fixed: Exploit: Spawn drone inside an OP protected and non OP-protected BA/CV and use weapons to destroy core/devices
    - Fixed: Switching to drone while walking keeps last movement active and triggers a fly exploit
    - Fixed: Dead & looted corpses don't despawn
    - Fixed several internal errors on dedicated servers
    - Prevent NRef exceptions with respect to container / inventory handling
    - Fixed: CV Lift not working on a planet
    - Fixed problem that sometimes the border blocks on a chunk are not drawn. Need to update structures for existing saves to take effect.
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  20. #50
    Hop, nouvelle mise à jour : Armor Update.

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.7.0 (Build 451)

    - Added combat steel blocks for BA + CV (handheld weapons cannot destroy combat steel blocks - except rocket launcher)
    - Added first set of armored windows (not destructible by handheld weapons): added thick versions of vertical windows + old shutter windows are now armored windows (more window shapes in production)
    - Added armored door (not destructible by handheld weapons)
    - Added Emergency O2 Generator (needs Oxygen Atmosphere). Added "AtmosphereO2" parameter to playfield.yamls (for old single player save games: default of 0.1 is used, for old multiplayer save games: you need to start a new game to make use of this device or add AtmosphereO2 manually to the corresponding playfield.yamls)
    - Added T2 Repairtool (slightly nerfed T1 Repairtool )

    Graphics and Settings:
    - Added new screen effects: Bloom, Image Processing Effect and SSAO (can be disabled in Settings)
    - More individual Video Options for different quality settings
    - Added PBR Shader for building blocks and terrain
    - Increased Light Intensity on several playfields
    - Added new start setting for Omicron Orbit (Creative Mode): new CV, SV, HV (thanks to Mr.IceCat and Piddlefoot)
    - Updated model for Ammo Boxes
    - Updated model for Oxygen/Hydrogen Generators
    - Updated model for Gravity Generator
    - Updated model for Power Generators

    - Blueprint menu now checks for correct blueprint version (Blueprints from Experimental version are not available in Public version's BP Library)
    - Better sorting in Server Browser: server name, players, ping
    - Improved saving of intermediate game states which should significantly reduce the likelihood of losing structures due to crashes
    - Holographic screens get now enabled/disabled with structure
    - Showing text "No connection to playfield server" if a playfield server hangs
    - Added better info to all consumables regarding their use (LMB or Shift+RM

    - Major performance optimizations for playfields with many turrets
    - Internal optimization regarding large structures
    - Performance optimization of constructors: data processing only done if data has actually changed
    - Compressing deco/grass data transfer on first connect to a server

    - Increased hitpoints of all turrets and SV+CV weapons
    - Handheld weapons cannot destroy hardened steel anymore (except rocket launcher)
    - Concrete: increased hitpoints from 15 to 40
    - Hardened Steel: increased hitpoints from 100 to 200 (adapted template)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem linked to spawning blueprints from Experimental version 1.7
    - Fixed: Dying in a turret can lead to "turret occupied" in multiplayer games
    - Fixed: SV/HV/CV parked on a slope are sliding away when not unpowered
    - Fixed: Turrets don't shoot if spawned with blueprint which had its turrets set to ON when saved
    - Fixed: Mirror Tool enables player to build 2 Warp Tanks / Warp Drives for a CV
    - Fixed: All blocks but HV Hover Engines removed leads to HV falling through the ground a loop-respawn (MP)
    - Fixed problem that when entering cockpit/passenger seat in a very big CV, the terrain did rebuild
    - Fixed: CV sometimes shooting at Sathium Asteroid around the Alien Space Station
    - Fixed: Offline Protection does not cover irregular/unsymmetrical large bases and CVs
    - Fixed Offline Protection exploit: Weapons can pin through the Offline Protection Shield when used in 3rd Person
    - Fixed: Possible to place a starter Block within a Offline Protection shield
    - Fixed: Moving items from inventory to toolbar could result in an error and the item being deleted (MP only)
    - Fixed possible exploit: Control Panel of other player does not close if base is set to faction/private
    - Fixed error when client had Control Panel open and server exited
    - Fixed: Starting a new game uses last used Save- or Server World Name
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  21. #51
    L'Alpha 2.0 est sortie.

    Lien :

    ATTENTION, pour ceux qui veulent continuer leur partie, il faut faire quelques manipulations.
    Save Game Compatibility:
    Due to our new decoration placement algorithm, we recommend starting a new game in Alpha 2.0. However, you can continue your old save games but you might encounter strange deco placements (e.g. deco on the slopes of mountains etc). To ensure full compatibility you must copy all new playfield.yamls into your save game folder.

    Step-by-step guide:
    - Suppose your Save Game is called "New_Game"
    - Go into the "Templates" folder of your save game, located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games\New_Game\Templates
    - In this folder you will find the templates of all playfields you are currently using in your save game (Temperate, Desert etc). You have to update the playfield.yaml to the new version
    - E.g., for the temperate planet Akua you have to replace the old playfield.yaml in Temperate folder with the new version. In particular, copy playfield.yaml from C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Playfields\Temperate to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games\New_Game\Templates\Temperate

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 2.0 (Build 479)

    Main Features:

    1. Difficulty Settings
    You can now change several parameters of the game (e.g. Escape pod content, resource amount, enemy difficulty, crafting speed etc) in single player (via New Game menu) or multiplayer (via dedicated.yaml)

    2. Marketplace:
    The marketplace allows you to trade items / devices with other players on a dedicated server
    - Added Gold Ore, Gold Ingots, Gold Coins and Credit Cards
    - Added gold deposits (for now only lava planets)
    - Added "Balance" display in player inventory to show amount of credits CR
    - Added possibility to convert gold coins into credits. For now: Cold coins and credit cards can be converted into credits
    - Trading via Marketplace can be enabled / disabled in dedicated.yaml
    - Distributed credits: Credit cards and gold ingots via loot (rare + very rare alien containers) and some NPC drop credit cards

    3. Upgrade Tool
    You can now upgrade devices / blocks (e.g., constructor Tier 1 into Tier 2, hardened steel into combat steel etc.) by using Shift+RMB on the “Remove & Repair tool” (which is now called "Multi Tool")

    4. Decoration Refactoring
    - Better placement of grass and decorations. In particular, grass should be placed more reliably (no empty patches anymore)
    - Tweaked deco on all playfields

    5. Added Hangar Doors + Interior doors
    - Added 3 hangar doors
    - Added 2 interior doors (glass and plain door)
    - Updated normal door with thin frame (armored door has thick frame)
    - Door SV is now a manual door

    6. Upgraded Game Engine to Unity 5.3
    - Updated block textures for Unity 5.3
    - Adapted light intensity on some playfields for Unity 5.3

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Added full set of armored windows (can be upgraded from basic windows)
    - Offline protection (OP) is fully enabled with a delay of 1 minute after the last player was online (before: instant activation): player within the OP field receive 1 damage/s for the 1st minute
    - OP Protection in control panel window now displays if OP is possible (PvP area, OP block, etc) and not only if OP block was set
    - Increased gun elevation of Enemy Laser Turret to 80°
    - Added "Rate of Fire" info to all weapons
    - Enemy spawners now deactivate the particle effect if not active any more -> works only for new games (saved games -> entity spawner always show disabled but still work)
    - O2 Emergency generator cannot be crafted anymore (only in Escape Pod equipment)
    - Balancing: Adapted template O2 Bottle Large -> 2x O2 Bottle Small (instead of 1 -> 1)
    - Balancing: Emergency O2 generator-> Reduced O2 bottle production time, extended operation time per fuel cell
    - Map Window: Added Atmosphere O2 Content/Breathable label
    - Adapted template for Armored and Combat Steel
    - Adapted colors of Copper and Zascosium ingots to distinguish them better from each other
    - Changed: terrain placeables cannot be colored anymore due to problems when resuming a game
    - Added possibility to color Sentry Guns
    - Tweaked PDA: Basic Crafting can now be manually completed- Slightly changed color of Sathium resource
    - Tweaked screens on constructors to make them more crisp
    - Talon now also drop sprouts
    - Added shutter windows as a separate block group
    - Adapted sitting position in cockpit 1
    - Ammo Box is now green per default + updated texture
    - Added better SI destroy sound for medium destruction
    - Tweaked texture for terrain resources to make them more visible
    - Changed quality preset to change on click instead of dropdown menu
    - Fighter cockpit (cockpit 1) is now unlocked at level 7 (instead of 12)
    - Tweaked textures on Sentry Guns, Cockpits and HV Turrets

    Tweaks to Blueprints:
    - Added new stock prefabs (i) Base (Tier 3) - thanks to Vexray and (ii) Small Vessel (Tier 1) - thanks to Mr. IceCat
    - Replaced old CV Tier 1 - thanks to Mr.IceCat
    - Updated stock prefabs CV Tier 2+3 - thanks to Mr. IceCat
    - Added 2 new SV to Creative mode (Akua + Omicron Orbit) - thanks to Vexray
    - Updated prefabs that are in-game (stock prefabs and prefabs in creative) with current auto-crafting blocks (constructor + food processor)
    - Updated 2 POIs (orbital stations) with hangar doors - thanks to Dead8Eye

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Exploit: Endless Ammo for handheld weapons
    - Possible fix for picking up deco (e.g. crystals) infinitely
    - Fixed: Survival Constructor Icon does not vanish when picked up
    - Fixed: Map icon of Survival Constructor is not removed when destroyed
    - Fixed: Letters are not properly centered on blocks
    - Fixed: Turrets and other blocks can be used on vessels not providing those normally
    - Fixed: FOV Resetting when Game is exited and restarted
    - Fixed: The planet-bound drones did only attack players but not SV and HV anymore
    - Fixed: Alien POI Turrets firing as long as no Player turrets are placed (PvP and PvE)
    - Fixed: Duplication bug: Duplicate components with Large and Adv. Constructor
    - Fixed: Player Turrets on POI did not work (SP/MP)
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  22. #52
    Pour ceux qui ont joué à ce jeu et à space engineers, quels sont les principales différences que l'on peut rencontrer entre ces deux jeux ? je n'ai jamais joué à space engineers mais ça fait un moment que je veux me le procurer. Je me suis rabattu sur Empyrion car plus accessible aux petites configurations (ce qui est mon cas), et j'ai été très agréablement surpris. Néanmoins, je me demande ce qui le différencie de son concurrent. Peut-être l'exploration qui a l'air moins abouti dans space engineers ?

  23. #53
    Toujours pas de réponse ? Dommage ça m'intéresse aussi

    De ce que j'ai récupéré comme informations, Empyrion par avec un avantage sur le côté survie, a permis le voyage sur des planètes avant Space engineers et est plus stable. Du coup, oui l'exploration est plus abouti sur Empyrion, malgré l'impossibilité d'accéder aux pôles.
    Cela dit, même si les avis sont plutôt positive sur Empyrion, je ne vois pas de let's play s'éterniser. La faute à un bug sur les sauvegardes survenu lors d'une mise à jour, forçant les gens à repartir à zéro. Perso j'ai pas connu ça heureusement.

    Niveau richesse du contenu des modules, blocs et autres éléments à crafter, Space engineers semble plus développé (à confirmer). Il paraît que la physique l'est aussi.

    Je me vois mal jouer à Space engineers en plus, donc je continue de miser sur Empyrion.
    Quand je vois mon hover être catapulté dans les airs j'ai des doutes, mais le reste ne pose pas de problème.
    Le temps c'est de l'XP.

  24. #54
    Personnellement je n'ai pas eu trop l'occasion de rejouer ni à Empyrion, ni à Space Engineers récemment.
    D'après les dernières infos, sur le fond, les 2 jeux se ressemble de plus en plus (surtout depuis que SE a ajouté les planètes).

    Pour SE, je n'ai jamais pu jouer convenablement avec les planètes (ça rame comme pas possible, même en baissant la qualité visuelle), donc difficile de donner un avis pertinent.
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  25. #55
    ça confirme la stabilité de Space engineers, Empyrion est mieux. Enfin, je m'avance peut être.

    Sinon, le hover catapulté dans les airs, je suis le seul à avoir eu ça ?
    Le temps c'est de l'XP.

  26. #56

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 2.1.0 (Build 503)

    Feature Updates
    - Marketplace:
    * Offers can now be partially accepted (buy or sell only some of the amount originally offered)
    * Marketplace now charges the offer creator a 10% marketplace fee
    * Anti-abuse change: On 'For sale' offers the creator has to pay the marketplace fee immediately. On claiming an accepted sale, the vendor gets the full price in return
    * Added unit price column to allow better comparison of offers
    * Now showing the item info window for the currently selected item
    - Implemented difficulty setting for Player Progression (example: HARD mode will earn you more XP than in EASY mode)
    - Added damage stages for 3d models (note: not all 3d models have a damage stage yet)
    - Multi tool now shows damage level of each block
    - Added possibility to configure resource asteroids (Meteorites) in playfield.yaml
    - Added possibility to move object up / down while in preview mode with page up/down for easier placement

    New Devices
    - Added seat and console as a SV / HV cockpit so that you can now self-build your SV / HV cockpit
    - Added attachable explosive device (door buster) with fixed timer of 8sec
    - Added shutter doors
    - Added retractable ramps

    - Added new creature "Alien Assassin" (troop transport, replaces overseer spawner)
    - Added new creature on Akua that replaces Woodwalker
    - Added new bush to Akua
    - Added snow to top of mountains on Akua and Omicron (you need to start a new game to have snow capped mountains)

    Game Options
    - Added Brightness and Contrast Adjustments to Video Options
    - Added Texture Resolution options to Video Options (Max and Half)
    - Added Deco/Grass Distance and LOD Quality options to Video Options

    Tweaks / Balancing
    - Optimization for constructors which should reduce lags on dedicated servers
    - Reduced sensibility of Player Drone
    - Weapon balancing:
    * Nerfed SV weapons against hardened steel and combat steel
    * No handheld weapon can destroy hardened steel and combat steel anymore (except rocket launcher, plasma cannon and explosive device)
    - Added possibility to move object up / down while in preview mode with page up/down for easier placement
    - Getting out of escape pod is now less glitchy
    - Emergency O2 Generator is now private faction (similar to Survival Constructor)
    - Added docking sound
    - Modified PDA system to allow the Emergency O2 Generator to be checked for being placed and powered, adapted respective PDA action description
    - Added more icons for status effects (no O2, O2, no food, fire) and adjusted player window equipment/player model area to fit Status Effect Icons
    - Some re-balancing of TechTree unlock points for some SV/HV cockpits
    - Re-balanced mining of resource meteorites: ore drops from meteorites are reduced so that it should be now similar to normal resource mining
    - Dedicated Server: On player connect it checks if target playfield is existing - if not player is moved to first starter planet
    - Tweaked Bald Cypress Trees on Akua -> removed air roots
    - Triceraptos large (Akua) now also drops Milk
    - Tweaked textures on several NPCs
    - Adjusted resource panel in map view to allow for up to 12 resources to be displayed
    - Exchanged order of "Load Game" and "Back Buttons" in Resume Game menu
    - Added better sound for Player Sentry Gun
    - Player credits are now calculated with 2 decimal digits
    - Tweaked material on large drone + troop transport
    - Updated CV Tier 1+3 Stock Blueprint (thanks to Mr. IceCat)
    - Slightly increased render distance for the grass for each quality setting
    - Disable Difficulty button in Resume Game if no saved games present

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed: MP Crossing Playfields Planet-Space leads to heavy/visual rendering issues interrupting a seamless transfer
    - Fixed problem that deco did not correctly build up on a dedicated server after orbit - planet transition
    - Fixed: Telnet - using the "add entity to faction" command does not work
    - Fixed: Issues with Tree-Placement on Sloped Terrain
    - Possible fix for infinite pickup bug - please let us know if it still happens
    - Fixed: Some savegames suddenly show as "dysfunctional"
    - Fixed: Drones falling through the planet when shot down in a distance
    - Fixed: Dying in a Cockpit while flying towards the orange pole barrier results in loss of the ship
    - Fixed: Doors open also for Vessels
    - Fixed: Rocks and Tree sometimes regrow in bases after resuming the game (MP and SP)
    - Fixed: Player Drone can be activated after player death
    - Fixed: Multitool: Upgrade to higher Tier Devices even if not unlocked
    - Fixed problem with LODs on alien palm tree Omicron
    - Fixed: SV/HV Door model is slightly too high
    - Fixed: Exploit: Use Marketplace even if deactivated server-side and vice versa
    - Fixed problem with some hull textures not being able to color fully white
    - Fixed: Exploit: Can move vessel-weapons to player inventory under certain conditions
    - Fixed: Too many decimals on some Weapon RPM info screens (like 66,66666667)
    - Fixed Difficulty Setting: Drone presence OFF and Base Attack OFF have no effect
    - Fixed: SI: Hangar doors do not fully support/forward SI
    - Fixed: SI: Hangar door breaks immediately if not fully embedded
    - Fixed: Active Vessel parked behind closed Hangar door -> open as soon as playfield reloads
    - Fixed: Multitool: Upgrade Materials not used when stored in inventory
    - Fixed: Control Panel Grouping: Add to group / last group jumps back to CP overview/collapses previous group
    - Fixed Light Flare Color not updated until light power is cycled
    - Fixed: Doors stay open when repowering a base
    - Fixed: Camera clipping when placing larger items
    - Fixed Camera Clipping: Sitting in a CV allows to clip below the ground with ALT-cam movement
    - Fixed Fading of player character when opening/closing player setup and inventory windows
    - Fixed: POI still drop T1 Drill with T2 Drill Charges
    - Fixed: Players die but sometimes Respawn Menu does not show up
    - Fixed: sorting issue with door window glass
    - Fixed width of hangar doors to avoid clipping into other block
    - Fixed: Energy Pill: Bad Trip effect missing
    - Fixed: Energy Pill: Duration longer than described
    - Fixed camera clipping problem with resource meteorites (meteorites have now more detailed colliders)
    - Fixed problem with flares in first-person view when changing FOV (e.g. on assault rifle)
    - Fixed: Error when using console command jumps and teleportation
    - Fixed: Drowned drones sink through the ground and "plopp" up to the surface again
    - Fixed exploit that player can click on previous toolbar content while loading screen is shown
    - Fixed strange glass reflection on Cockpits 5 and 9
    - Fixed preview shader of blocks
    - Fixed: SV/HV docked to CV have negative impact on ALT-Look Cam
    - Fixed SV/HV: Cockpit show a graphic/glare displacement
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  27. #57
    Alpha 2.2

    Changelog: Alpha 2.2.0 (Build 516)

    - Marketplace: Added textual filter and filter icons
    - Added "Compress" button in Resume Game window. Reduces size of savegames by defragmenting files. Attention: Depending on the size of the savegame this can take several minutes!
    - Added possibility to choose "Fullscreen Window"
    - Enhanced Empyrion Launcher:
    * Launcher now starts clients with a log file comparable to dedicated and playfield servers (so that the client logs are no longer overwritten on each start)
    * Log filename timestamps now using UTC time to be enable to compare client and server times which may be located in different timezones
    * Launcher now also starts dedicated servers (was necessary for UTC time stamp). We adapted cmd files to do so (however, you can still use your old cmd files). Example: To start a dedi with a custom yaml file:
    EmpyrionLauncher -startDedi -dedicated MyDedicated.yaml (without graphics)

    - Added LODs for structures: structures appear if closer than 1000m on a planet and if closer 2500m in space => this optimization will have significantly performance improvements for playfields with a lot of structures. The LODs will be improved in future updates! (Note: both ranges are far beyond reach of turrets and weapons on both playfield types)
    - Optimized fog on planets (Masperon / Aitis) and space as well as the underwater particles.

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Added better textures for resource meteorites
    - Added new bush to Alien planet
    - Explosive device cannot be placed with player drone any more.
    - Changed display of block info for groups of blocks:
    * the block group itself does not display mass or hitpoints anymore (as the per-block values are not identical within a group).
    * the individual block info about mass, hitpoints and such, are given in the info-panel on the right. The info panel is displayed when hovering over an item in the expanded group overview (group overview = right-click when having equipped a block group like steel or deco in the toolbar).
    - Added info on how to use color and texture tool in the info panel
    - Collecting plants from Growing Plots now only gives 2x more XP than in the wild (before 10x more)
    - Tweaked LODs of Raptor NPC to improve performance
    - Improved shader on resource ores
    - Improved Escape Pod: it now looks much smoother
    - Tweaked Escape pod rolling behavior after landing (it should behave now more naturally on steep mountains and sticks now less to the ground). In addition, it should no longer stand on its top after landing
    - Added "Apply" button for Video Quality options. Selected options are not set until "Apply" is pressed to avoid freezing
    - Railing and Railing Slope (Walkway family) can now be placed on SV / HV
    - Updated Tier 3 Stock Blueprint (Base): Thanks to Vexray
    - Waiting until the deco is fully build up before entering a game -> please let us know if you encounter a situation where you are stuck in an endless loading screen
    - Tweaks to volcanoes on the lava planet
    - Tweaked shutter doors (rotated 180°)
    - Slightly increased light intensity on lava planet.
    - Tweaked shaders on many wild plants
    - Tweaked texture on drill/filler/multitool
    - Slightly decreased density of fog on Alien planet.
    - Adapted position of retractable ramp positioning -> no gaps anymore
    - Adapted position of door SV -> no gaps anymore

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: POI still firing through terrain
    - Fixed: Ramps do not extract automatically any more on power on
    - Fixed: Resource Asteroids fall on planets despite deposits not empty / wrong resources
    - Fixed: Items are disappearing from upgraded fridge.
    - Fixed: Ore deposits are sometimes spawned in or below bedrock
    - Fixed: Jetpack on/off leads to view distortions/changes
    - Fixed: Switching playfield leads to player model displacement in SV cockpits
    - Fixed: Trees not always rebuilding when entering a planet
    - Fixed some seams on terrain
    - Fixed: Can't go through SV / HV door if vessel parked on slope
    - Possible fix for playfield crashes on Masperon
    - Fixed: menu options: Graphic settings revert to BEST
    - Fixed: Losing health after respawn on a dedicated server in some situations
    - Another fix to hopefully solve endless deco pickup bug
    - Fixed: Grass sometimes re-appears on a dedi after login
    - Fixed: Trees show damage/destroy effects on approach
    - Fixed: Tutorial Vessel: Cockpit 9 missing as a trigger
    - Fixed: Doors: Can not walk through some of the doors anymore
    - Fixed: Tutorial Vessel: Open Cockpit (SVHV) missing as trigger
    - Fixed: Tutorial Gardening: Kavae, Ahax and Aloe do not trigger
    - Fixed: Consuming small O2 bottle does not show consuming-O2 status icon
    - Fixed exception in Blueprint data loading
    - Possible fix for NullRef exception in console commands
    - Fixed exception in adminconfig.yaml data processing
    - Fixed several other internal bugs
    Et quelques screenshots pour la forme.

    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  28. #58
    Quelques améliorations visuelles dans cette mise à jour.

    Changelog: Alpha 2.3.0 (Build 520)

    - Added server-side Blueprint restrictions depending on the Device-count (dedicated.yaml). Restricted classes can not be produced in Blueprint factory and/or spawned. They are marked ORANGE in the Blueprint Library. Device count of each Blueprint is visible in the blueprints info panel.
    Available Size Classes:
    Class 1 = less than 50 devices
    Class 2 = between 50 and 250 devices
    Class 3 = between 250 and 500 devices
    Class 4 = between 500 and 1000 devices
    Class 5 = between 1000 and 1500 devices
    Class 6 = more than 1500 devices (default)

    Please note: these limits are not set in stone and may be changed in the course of development.

    - Added global server-side restriction of blueprints being allowed to be used or not (dedicated.yaml).
    Available settings:
    None = Blueprint system completely disabled
    StockOnly = only stock blueprints can be produced
    All = all types allowed (default)

    - Added Size Class and Device Count available via Control Panel -> Statistics (+ some tweaks to stats window)
    - Added new T3 Fuel Tank (CV & BA, 2*2*1: 56 slots)
    - Added new T2 Generator (CV & BA, 6*2*2: 500MW Output)
    - Added Shutter Doors sizes 1x2, 2x3.
    - Added new starter blueprint: Tier 4 SV. Updated some other starter blueprints (Thanks to Mr.IceCat)

    New Tier 4 Starter SV by Mr.IceCat

    Improved Visuals:

    - Increased light intensity on many playfields (you must start a new game for this change to take effect)
    - Increased intensity of shadows
    - Changed ambient color (less dark)
    - Tweaked tone-mapping and image processing effect
    - Tweaked shader for trees on Akua, tweaked deco

    Changes and Improvements:
    - Increased LOD limit of structures: 1200m on planet (instead of 1000m), 3000m in space (instead of 2500m)
    - Optimized Terrain -> less micro stutters.
    - Optimization: Tweaked LOD groups of many devices (slightly earlier culling)
    - Increased power of small and large Generator (BA / CV)
    - Large Ammo Box has now 35 instead of 21 slots
    - Added hitpoint info to small fuel tank
    - Another small tweak to Escape Pod (collider and rolling behavior)
    - Updated Stock CV Tier 1-3 -> added shutter doors for vertical doors
    - Slightly reduced de-spawn time of destroyed drones

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed: Multiple instances of playfield loaded (leading up to a total crash)
    - Fixed: Explosive devices do not get used up when placed
    - Fixed: Underwater Deco placed on dry land
    - Possible fix for ground/terrain rebuilding like an invisible layer with drone wrecks nearby
    - Fixed problem with disabled audio source warnings
    - Fixed wrong path description where to find outputlog in support email
    - Fixed: Tanks - Description Info missing/wrong
    - Fixed glass issue with cockpit
    - Possible fix for playfield crash
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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    Premier anniversaire d'Empyrion (1 an depuis qu'il est dispo)

    Les devs ont écrit un petit message là-dessus :

    Et aujourd'hui, hop mise à jour "anniversaire"

    Changelog: Alpha 3.0 (Build 547)

    Main Features:

    1. Motorbike:
    - Added first version of motorbike

    2. Missions and PDA improvements:
    - Added first version of missions and faction missions
    - Added tabs to PDA: Tutorial, Missions, Faction Missions Knowledge Base
    - Improved event processing system for more flexible action configuration

    Notice for players: Faction Missions are still heavy work in progress, but we did not want to hold them back. Please read the READ FIRST that is included in the Faction Missions PDA tab. This includes a Howto and the known issues.

    Notice for creators: If you are using your own PDA.yaml, please do not use "StructuresSpawned" and "CheckWhat" anymore (see new format in PDA.yaml)

    3. Living World:
    3.1 Better decorations and more diversity:
    - First version of changing terrain textures depending on biome to increase diversity
    - Added new plants and trees on Akua - tweaked deco
    - Tweaked grass textures on Akua
    - Replaced bush on Akua with version that is harvestable (-> fruits can be picked up)
    - Increased beach area around lakes on Akua (height + 1)
    - Added Alien Honey to worm plant on Akua
    - Tweaked LOD levels on some trees
    - Plant pixie stalk is now better arranged (closer together)
    - Shadow during day now less dark on many playfields

    3.2 Better deco effects:
    - Added possibility that particle effects on a planet are now dependent on e.g. biome, day/night (Example Akua: Fire flies during night only in forest, Dandelions during day in Open Plains etc)
    - Added birds on some planets (Akua, Omicron, Masperon)
    - Added meteor showers on Omicron
    - Added lightning and thunders on Masperon (see first screenshot on top of page)
    - Added butterflies on Akua
    - Added flies to worm plant on Akua
    - Added pollen particle effect on Omicron
    - Added dandelion particle effect on Akua
    - Changed texture on Ahax Plant (harvest stage)
    - Replaced Aloe Vera plant with high-quality version
    - Added proper harvest state for Pixie Stalks on snow planet
    - Added better LODs to several plants (higher poly models)
    - Tweaked water color on Akua
    - Slightly increased light intensity on Omicron

    3.3 Improved NPC behavior and overall visuals:
    - Added herd behavior for many NPCs
    - Smoother overall movement for NPCs (walking and turning)
    - Improved pathing of NPCs on terrain: they should get stuck less often and don't walk on steep mountains any more (e.g. Akua)
    - Lizard Mule is now on Akua. Added own texture for Lizard Mule Baby. Lizard Mules flee now when being attacked.
    - Triceraptos does not drop milk anymore.
    - Added Parasaur to Ningues.
    - Improved shader on many NPCs
    - Improved terrain shader
    - First version of 'round' cutout box to integrate POIs better into terrain (will be improved)

    4. New Player Jetpack Model
    - Added new jetpack model to player (male/female) + updated textures of player

    5. Better Escape Pod landing:
    - Better Escape pod exit: damage model, screen fading, no grass removal and escape pod will not fly away in SP when exiting while flying.
    - Some tweaks to Escape Pod controller -> more reactive now.

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Drones are not visible on the large map M for the whole planet anymore: now drones will be only visible when closer than 250m
    - Map / HUD view distance for objects of other players (private and/or faction) are reduced to 250m on planets and 1250m in space (instead of 500m / 2500m)
    - HUD object names are only displayed below distances of 200m / 500m (planet / space)
    - Added new POI to Omicron: transportation hub (thanks to Vexray)
    - Saving player data on kicking him from server to avoid exploits
    - Re-balanced player sentry gun: - Higher RoF - More hitpoints - More damage - More gun elevation / depression
    - Added New Image Effects: Screen Space Reflections + Bloom
    - Added Light Shadows and Sky Reflection quality options to Video Settings
    - Increased range for Brightness Slider
    - Added better SV on Creative Akua.
    - Slightly increased given Unlock Points for levels 19 and 20 (added 30 UP).
    - Added damage states to consoles, atmo thruster, sentry guns and laser turret
    - Added number of devices in struct info txt and server output info line
    - Improved sound loop with thrusters (better zero crossing in wav)
    - Adapted tutorial message after Escape Pod crash
    - Updated Tutorial: added motorbike
    - No collision on Varon Root anymore
    - Large grey rocks: Tweaked occlusion strength on Rocks. Adapted LOD group (now: earlier switch to LOD1)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem in Resume Game menu that made it impossible to resume any game if only one of the savegames had a problem
    - Fixed: Ground/terrain rebuilding like an invisible layer with drone wrecks nearby
    - Fixed: Deco sometimes not removed from POI
    - Fixed: Player Avatar Movement issues in Multiplayer
    - Fixed: Rocks sometimes create holes next to or below themselves
    - Fixed billboards and LODs on Alienpalm tree Omicron
    - Fixed: Multitool T1 & T2 imbalance: HP removal per hit inconsistent
    - Fixed: Creative Menu Fresh Start leads to error
    - Fixed grass shader: grass is overbright when sun is low (i.e., morning or evening)
    - Fixed problem when leaving cockpit -> player remained in sitting animation for 0.5sec
    - Fixed: light of player drone and flashlight shining through walls (you must turn on shadows for this change to take effect)
    - Fixed: Hangardoor 13*7 and 14*7 has invisible gap between frame and blocks
    - Fixed: Rocks and Trees sometimes vanish when plants are picked up nearby
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

  30. #60
    Hop petite mise à jour.

    Changelog: Alpha 3.1.0 (Build 553)

    Changes / Improvements:
    - Improved Faction Missions: Implemented shared contribution for actions with an Amount specified - you can now do some missions better together
    - POIs are now embedded smoother into ground
    - PvP: Player joined / left messages are only shown to faction members - several chat messages localized
    - Improved corrupt savegame behaviour in Resume game menu: Now, corrupt games will be listed but with a dialog that informs which savegames are bad and that the player should delete them
    - Increased spawn rate of Seaweed and Fiber on Omicron (Fiber can now be found in Lower Plains)
    - Added lightning (in different colors) to more planets
    - Added new plant to Akua
    - Added steam effect in damaged Escape Pod
    - Added meteor showers to Aestus / Aitis
    - Added blue butterflies to Alien planet
    - Added missing preview image for Dangerous Space mission
    - Added more diversity for local and global particle effects on several playfields. Tweaked some effects.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Collision problem when motorbike is spawned or parked in CV
    - Fixed problem that entity spawner spawned infinite entities.
    - Fixed error when fulfilling Dangerous Space mission
    - Fixed problem with mission where reward weapon amount >0
    - Fixed problem that no deco was visible in plains of Zeyhines and in foggy area on Aitis
    - Fixed problem that sometimes Talons fell through their base
    - Fixed: NPC are caught by/bug into Deco Blocks
    - Some more fixes for random errors
    Je dis souvent de la merde...

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