As I already reported for 5.00RC1:

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I tried the 5.00 RC1 (booting from CD) on my PC.

In default mode (multi CPU) I get errors somewhere in test #3. Lots of them, they just keep scrolling/counting.

In single CPU mode (fail safe) it runs without detecting any error. Also v4.20 does not detect any error.

HW details:
Intel Core i5-2320
Northbridge Intel Sandy Bridge rev. 09
Southbridge Intel H61 rev. B3

2x 2GB DDR3 1333 CL 9

Mainboard Model MS-7728 (MSI OEM, the PC is a Medion P5350 D (MD8895) )
gfc card : NVIDIA GeForce GT 530

PS: Interestingly, memtest86 4.2.0 (without the plus, the competition) behaves similarly: default (multi cpu) mode gives gobs of errors, while single CPU mode works OK with no errors detected.
I get the same problem with v5.01. (now the default mode is single threaded and that works fine, no error reported. If I select multi-threaded mode with F2, then I get tons of error in test 3 - no errors in test 1 and 2)

I got a very similar problem with MemTest86 v4.x. I discussed it with their developers and they found the cause and implemented a workaround. See this post on their forum.