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Discussion: 5.01 freezes

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    CPU: Intel Ivybridge 3570k 3.4Ghz
    RAM: Mushkin 996995 8GB
    Motherboard: Z77A-G43

    Firstly am I supposed to force SMT? Memtest86+ seems to think my PC is single core otherwise.

    Secondly, after choosing SMT, the test freezes less than two minutes in. The few blinking symbols on-screen keep blinking, but the timer freezes, and the program doesn't respond to keypresses...

    In case this is important: I installed MT86+ to USB from my Windows 8.1 computer using the installer.

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    I have 2 servers: Intel Xeon E3-1220 V2, SuperMicro X9SCI-LN4F, SuperTalent 2x8GB DDR3-1600 ECC and Intel Xeon E3-1220 V3, SuperMicro X10SLM-LN4F, SuperTalent 4x8GB DDR3-1600 ECC. When I press F2 to get SMP mode the systems freeze in Test 7 about 20% to 25% through the test doing a Block Move of 4096M-6144M. Things seem fine with SMP Disabled.

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    Thanks for the input. That sounds exactly like my "problem". So I expect this is almost certainly a program fault then?

    In that case, I suppose this can now be read as a bug report .

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    When I press F3 to get SMP mode the Intel Xeon E3-1220 V2 gets past Test 7 but the Intel Xeon E3-1220 V3 does not.

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    CPU: i5 750 @ 2.88 GHz
    RAM: G. Skill Sniper 9-9-9-28 @ 1805 MHz, 1.45V
    Mobo: Asus P7P55D EVO

    With SMT disabled, it passes all the tests.
    With SMT enabled, the tests proceed at warp speed and freeze at Step 7, just like norwoods above.

    If I use 5.00 RC1, SMT works fine.

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    I have 8 servers HP BL 460c G1 with 20Gb ram each.

    When I ran memtest 5.01 SMP test all servers freeze at around 25 minutes!
    Error in Test #7 [Block Move]
    Testing: 4096M-6144M

    Mem config on all servers:
    2x4096 + 6x2048

    All servers pass 24 hours non SMP.

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    I'm testing a HP BL460c Gen8 with 64 GB of RAM.
    I'm using the virtual media feature in iLO 4 to map the memtest86+ iso image to the server.

    I press F2 when memtest86+ 5.01 boots and select the cores so it shows:
    Cores: 24 Active / 24 Total (Run: All)

    This runs well until it gets to Test #7 and then there is a spontaneous reboot.
    Now it's running in default (no SMP) mode and I will check the progress in the morning.

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    Same thing here, Happened on a few different laptops I tested. No problem with SMP:disabled, frozen with SMP enabled (F2). Works fine with 5.00 RC1.

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    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 3.20 GHz
    Mobo: Dell Dimension 8300/0W2562 w/A07 BIOS
    RAM: 4GB G. Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS

    With SMP disabled, it passes all the tests.
    But the instant I press F2 to enable SMP, Memtest86+v5.01 freezes and I must hard reboot the computer.

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    Citation Envoyé par coyote2 Voir le message
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 3.20 GHz
    Mobo: Dell Dimension 8300/0W2562 w/A07 BIOS
    RAM: 4GB G. Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS

    With SMP disabled, it passes all the tests.
    But the instant I press F2 to enable SMP, Memtest86+v5.01 freezes and I must hard reboot the computer.

    Same for me !!!!!!!!!!

    My config :

    . ASUS P9X79 pro LGA 2011
    . Intel core I7 4930K
    . 16 Go DDR3 1066 Mhz quad channels

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    same for me,
    SMP (F2) I get a full blown shutdown and once in a while a reboot, but it IS the same place, at 9-10% in #7.
    SMP disabled passes all tests.

    asus p9x79 deluxe bios 4502 (for those of you who don't know this, BIOS updates include CPU microcode updates), i7-3970x LGA 2011 8x8GB corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 RAM standard desktop non-ECC unbuffered (running at SPD DDR3-1333). am realizing after running prime95 for about 15-20 min that I need better cpu cooler. it is edging at 68degC with prime95 due to case heat, but with memtest86+ it's been 46-56degC. so I am hoping for more cash to get a corsair h110i, hoping that the 20mm difference in the 2 fans will help some with the cooling(?).

    this ram is not the absolute best as far as speed and maybe quality goes, but it is supposed to be DDR3-1600 (but only at XMS apparently), it runs default at DDR3-1333. when I do XMS 1.3 DDR3-1600, I get the same results in memtest 5.01, it's just that the memory overheats, warms up the case, and I found out that this shortens the life of the memory, so I put it back down to default. no floppy in, controller in BIOS even set for IDE. no difference.

    the i7-3970x tCASE is 66.8degC and it's about 10degC from hitting that with memtest86+, so obviously it's not a temperature problem.

    not sure how anyone much less ASUS can check the usb memory address thing mentioned in the FAQ, perhaps some Engineering guidance/info can be put in the FAQ please for people who submit bug reports to their manufacturer? thanks

    I brought this issue up with ASUS about the USB memory address thing, in case that *was* the problem.

    it looks, acts, and smells like a bug, whether it's in some firmware or BIOS somewhere, or maybe in memtest86+. multithreading is a major recent change to memtest86+, so I think most likely the bug would be in memtest86+.
    but it IS a welcome change! thanks, for your efforts, keep up the good work. it's appreciated.
    Dernière modification par jmichae3 ; 10/12/2013 à 08h21.
    Jim Michaels

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    Same here
    ASUS P9X79 pro, I7 4930K, 8 Go Mushkin DDR3 1066

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    Same here on a Lenovo G505 laptop. Hangs on test 7 with multithreading enabled but works flawlessly otherwise.

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    Memtest86+ v5.01 freezes on the two (similar) systems:

    CPU : 4670K
    MOBO: Gigazbyte Z87MX-D3H
    RAM : G.SKILL 4x4GB 1866

    CPU : 4670K
    MOBO: Gigazbyte Z87M-D3H
    RAM : G.SKILL 4x4GB 1600

    They both fail test #7 around 20% when testing memory area 4096M-(whatever the next part passed the 4G area is) when SMT is enabled. They dont if SMT is not enabled.

    EDIT: The systems I had these problems had stability problems when running their memories at their automatically set frequencies. I manually lowered them and the systems are stable, I will try memtest again to confirm that it still freezes.
    Dernière modification par pattakosn ; 17/01/2014 à 11h24.

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    On a believed-good Lenovo Edge 72
    i3-3220 (4 cores), 2x8GB DDR3-1600 DIMMs, 11-11-11-28 @798 MHz, 128 bit mode

    Memtest 5.01 consistently
    - works flawlessly in default mode
    - detects error in SMP mode (F2), at beginning of test #7
    - also fails at hidden SMP (F3)

    Any idea where I can get the RC1 which is rumored to have no/less false positive in SMP?

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    Memtest86+ v5.01 freezes(one core at W state, 3 other stop in working | /\ state) on my system on 23% pass (test #7)in SMP(F2)/SMT(F3) mode:

    CPU: intel core i5 2400
    MB: MSI PH61A-P35 (B3)
    RAM: 8 Gb = 2x4Gb DDR3-1333 DIMMs Kingston KVR13N9S8/4, single rank

    Test passes OK when SMT/SMP is disabled. On 4 Gb RAM(Samsung 2x2Gb) SMT test somehow passed, but also had some glitches. Are there going to be some fixes for SMP/SMT mode?

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    I've just run into this conundrum too.

    I'm building 2 near identical machines. Both are ASRock B85M Pro4, i7-4770, but one has 4 x 1.25V GSkill F3-12800CL9-4GBSR2 (CAS 9-9-9-28), and the other has 4 x 1.5V GSkill F3-12800CL9-4GBSR (CAS 11-11-11-28).

    I was able to isolate the problem to the 1.25V RAM. I don't know which stick(s) are dodgy, because when I split them into pairs and test, neither pair fails after an hour of running. Very frustrating!

    Perhaps it is a very intermittent failure, or perhaps it is a heat issue. The RAM does get hotter than I would have expected. Not too hot to touch, but getting there. These sticks have showy heatsinks attached, but I wonder if they are counter-productive when all 4 slots are occupied and therefore there is barely any room for airflow between the sticks.

    PS: It is a bit disconcerting that Memtest lists the tests as 100% Passed and completed, before actually completing or passing tests. That is definitely a situation where rounding down is called for, not rounding up. I hope that coverage of the RAM doesn't suffer from that error!

    PPS: Just to add to the confusion, I have also found this error on a 3rd machine (ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3, i5-2500K). On that machine, the SMP only failure was observed with 4 different types of sticks, even in when only in pairs. Despite the Memtest failure, that machine seems to run OK. Maybe there is an obscure bug in the SMP test code?

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    Did some more testing. Of the 4 suspect chips, I split them into 2 dual channelled per PC and tested some more. It took over 2 passes to exhibit a failure, so I split the pair for the fail PC and put 1 stick in each PC. It then took over 4 passes (and 135 minutes) for one of the sticks to fail.

    So, with 4 sticks (16GB) it fails after about 15 minutes testing. With 2 sticks (8GB), it fails around the hour mark. With 1 stick (4GB), it takes well over 2 hours to fail.

    Why would it consistently take longer to find a failure when there is less memory to test? That's a very counter-intuitive result. Less memory to test should result is quicker detection of any flaws, surely! That kind of result makes me think it might actually be a bug in Memtest, except that it seems to give different results for different sticks of RAM of the same specification.

    PS: it is also disconcerting that Memtest's footer says "** Pass complete, no errors,..." even after finding a problem. In my experience it fails by freezing far more often than it detects a problem and continues to run, so having a message up there saying "no errors" is often wrong.

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    5.0.1 freezes at 5 mins 15 seconds, or within 3 seconds of that. Reproduced this at least 8 times. It behaves the same way every time. If SMP is disabled, passes all tests running 36 hours straight. I did that 36 hour test twice.

    Picture of frozen run attached.
    Images attachées Images attachées

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    After posting yesterday, pulled down 5.0.0rc1 and ran it. 24h later and it's running in SMP with no errors. Seems obvious a change went in after rc1 and before 5.0.1 that's causing the lock up. Current run pic below.

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    me too
    Intel i3-3250
    Kingston KVR1333D3N9/8G (99V5471-047.A00LF)
    memory is OK, recommended by Asus
    4.2 or 5.0rc1 works, final version freezes

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    ditto - SMP test freezes at test #7 on 3 different machines.

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    Citation Envoyé par lex Voir le message
    ditto - SMP test freezes at test #7 on 3 different machines.
    Savez-vous pas que «expérimental» signifie expérimental?

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    Lex that would require propel to actually READ documentation before posting. which people don't. 90% of people's post just they clearly don't.

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