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    I have been looking for a "guide" to interpret the results of a memtest test. Does anyone knows where such a thing could be found?

    As additional info: I am currently trying to set up a dual boot WinXP / Real Time embeded system and get different blue screen / errors installing windows. I starting running MemTest86+ (4.20) to check the integrity of the RAM (Its build in the controller and can't be changed that easily). For now no errors but if some happen, when can one "decide" or interpret the the RAM is defectuous. How much errors is significant enough to tell the RAM is faulty?

    I suppose the truth is somehow more complicated than "Over X Errors you can consider your RAM dead" and this is why I wish to find a document describing the procedure understanding and interpreting the results of the test.

    Best regards

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    Just so that its written on the forum:

    I found a document that contains more or less the answer to my question (more than less): Its the FAQ of this forum. It is really rich of information. So if you read this thread because you ask yourself the same that I did, check the FAQ:

    (sorry I read AFTER posting)

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    The problem with the FAQ's that I see is it hasn't been updated in forever. Version 4.00 had major architectural changes done but what does that mean, I don't know. So it would be nice to see the FAQ's updated to reflect up to the current version of MemTest86+ and I'd like to see it also cover version 5.00.

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