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    Beta 1 hangs here. It starts fine with Cores: 1 active / 4 total, but when it gets to 4 active cores it simply freezes. The '+' in Memtest86+ keeps blinking, though.

    My system specs are:
    - Intel i5-3570k
    - Intel DH77EB
    - 4 sticks of Crucial Ballistix Sport. 8 GB each, DDR3, 1600 MHz, 1.5v (Memtest86+ also freezes with 2 sticks)

  3. #63
    I can confirm what ferjim above me writes:
    - Intel i5-3450 at default frequency;
    - Intel DH77EB;
    - 2 sticks of Kingston HyperX Blu KHX1600C9AD3B1K2/4G (2 x 4GB memory), tested at DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 (no difference)

    Only connected a USB keyboard and monitor via DVI. Memtest86+ beta-1 hangs in test#2 at a random time. Memtest 4.20 runs OK (well, tried it for 5 minutes).

    Edit: memtest 4.20 runs OK for more than 24 hours (no errors); Memtest 5b1 in failsafe mode runs OK - at least for 5 minutes.
    Dernière modification par vanaalten ; 02/07/2012 à 22h26. Motif: added information

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    Beta works fine here with
    -AMD A8-3870k@3 GHz
    -1,6 GHz Corsair Vengeance
    Only with CPU overclocking options tells RAM runs @ 3,2 GHz (BIOS says 1,6 GHz)

    4.20 displays DDR2-800 instead so its an improvement.
    Pics and other Machines are to follow.

  5. #65
    Memtest86+ 5.00 Beta with HP ProLiant BL460c G1 Server Blade
    2 x Dual-Core Intel Xeon 3333 MHz CPU
    16GB RAM

    Tested with default settings and then repeated using F2 to force SMP.
    Images attachées Images attachées
    Dernière modification par alexx ; 02/07/2012 à 14h50.

  6. #66
    After a new BIOS release from asus (P8H77-V BIOS 0803), my situation has evolved into this:


    Is this a bug ? A random error or whatelse ?

    Mobo: ASUS P8H77-V (H77 chipset) - Default bios values
    Memory: 4 x Corsair Value Select CMV8GX3M1A1333C9
    Cpu: Intel i7 3770

    Thank You.

  7. #67

    I tested it briefly on an MSI 870A-G54 with an AMD Phenom-II X6 1045T. In general it worked well (in safe mode and single-core mode too).

    But one time I had paired memory failure warnings as reported before, possibly "false positives":

    I let it run 3 passes some days later without any reported failure.
    Dernière modification par LigH ; 04/07/2012 à 21h42.

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    Citation Envoyé par xdigital Voir le message
    Memtest 5.00 beta (and alpha) shows only 1 core on all Gigabytes Boards I have tested so far.
    Confirming for a GA-MA770T-UD3P with Phenom-II X4.

    In default mode, MT5b1 takes a little longer to not detect 4, but only 1 core, but at least runs.

    In F3 mode, it takes several minutes before it reports a timeout, then initializes, beeps, and then the PC freezes; ESC does not reboot.

  9. #69
    Citation Envoyé par DummyPLUG Voir le message
    Asus Sabertooth x79 (Bios 1104), I7-3930K C2, 8x8GB DDR3-1600
    System auto reboot after finish Test #6 (12core detect/active)
    will run normally if I disable hyper-threading in bios, or using F3 (6core detect/active)
    I have the same board and can confirm that I see this as well.

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    I just bought a new Dell Optiplex 9010 and a kit of Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB DDR3 1600 CL9 RAM. I've had a couple hard lock-ups, so I grabbed memtest. The 4.20 release of memtest86+ turned up several errors around the 250ish MB mark (I don't remember exactly where), but I thought it could have been because Ivy Bridge wasn't properly supported, and it was conflicting with the region of video ram. Of course then I found this 5.00b1 version, but am getting what appears to be the same error, in test 3, at failing addresses 0000f5d6138, ...13c, ...140, ...144, ...148, ...14c, ...150, ...154, ...158, ...15c (and 18 more before that that are off screen).

    See screenshot here:

    I'm now not sure if this is a 5.00b1 bug, or if I legitimately have bad RAM, or something else entirely. This first pass is just finishing up, so I wanted to post now while I had a couple minutes to kill, but I'll yank out the first stick of RAM and re-test ... then if that's clean, I'll put the first stick in the second slot and see if errors pop up at 8 GB + 245 MB the next time around.

    Edit: It moved onto the second pass as I finished writing this, and is past test #3 (where the failures occurred the first time around) and didn't report any additional errors, for whatever that's worth.

    ---------- Post added at 20h12 ---------- Previous post was at 19h53 ----------

    Ok, that was pretty fast. I pulled the stick from slot 1, moved the stick from slot 2 into slot 1, put everything back together, and get a very similar (but not quite identical) set of errors, this time at 245.6 MB.

    Screenshots from very beginning of test with only one DIMM, and the errors:

    I'll still test with just the other stick, but this is looking to my untrained eye like either a Memtest86+ 5.00b1 bug or a bug in some other hardware (or BIOS).

    ---------- Post added at 20h32 ---------- Previous post was at 20h12 ----------

    This DIMM didn't fail until test *4* this time (whereas the previous tests of both DIMMs and just the other DIMM), but again failed at 245.5 MB:

    Any thoughts on whether this is a Memtest86+ 5.00b1 bug, something in my hardware, something fixable in my BIOS, and/or how to figure that out?

  11. #71
    Ummmm ... is it possible the error is triggered by having Ethernet plugged in? Could that conceivably make sense?

    I've had about three clean Memtest86+ runs with Ethernet unplugged (i.e. all that I've tried so far), and every other test with errors had Ethernet plugged in. I just sequentially and back-to-back did a test with Ethernet unplugged (fine), Ethernet plugged in (errors), and again with Ethernet unplugged (fine).

    Edit: I just plugged Ethernet back in, ran Memtest86+ again, and got errors at 245.1 MB again. This seems completely repeatable at this point. Do you want me to run any other tests, or should I just ask for a replacement [motherboard] from Dell?
    Dernière modification par omegadrh ; 07/07/2012 à 08h06.

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    Hey, Doc TB

    We are testing memtest5.00b on several different mac pro's (1.1-3.1) and we noticed that the keyboard doesn't work. I also would like to know whether or not ECC mode is turned on automatically.

    As for the test, it runs fine 17+ hours, overnight...


  13. #73
    Working on initial test of a new build. Currently: Gigabyte x79-ud3 mobo, 3930k cpu, 2x4gb Crucial Vengeance 9-9-9-24 RAM. I've OC'd from 3.2 to 4.0 GHz. (Yes, the RAM is only 2 channel and should be quad. Builder goofed )

    Anomalies found... some of these I'm not sure if my problem or a bug...

    1) Memory speed varies based on F1/F2/F3 vs older version. 4.2= 17.4 GB/s; 5.0b f1 or f2= 15.68 GB/s; 5.0b F3 = 13.6 GB/s; 5.0b -- = 12.0 GB/s -- that last one concerns me a bit. Does it make sense to get worse performance with 12 threads than with 6? And with six rather than one?

    2) Running in F3 mode I got the (looks fake) two bad memory spots at 1a6f0 and 1a6f8

    3) Can't see SPD data, SMBus controller not known

    4) I'm OC'd to 4000 MHz and the BIOS shows that in several ways, but I see 3.20 GHz in 5.00beta [Could this be my problem? Or could MemTest86+ somehow keep the CPU at its default speed???]

    5) Not sure if this should be a report or not... I initially ran 24 hours in normal mode. Accumulated a lot of errors in a "normal" part of RAM. I *tightened* the RAM timing from the XPD listed 9-9-11-24 to the labeled/spec'd 9-9-9-24. Have had no "real" errors since then, but not yet run a repeat 24 hour test.

    This does look like it will be a nice release! I love the CPU temp displaying

  14. #74
    Update. Now running 8Gx4 (Corsair Vengeance 10-10-10-27 RAM).
    Citation Envoyé par MrPeteH Voir le message
    2) Running in F3 mode I got the (looks fake) two bad memory spots at 1a6f0 and 1a6f8
    After running overnight it is clear the RAM itself tests out reasonably good. But still getting "random" multibit errors in the low region.

    SO... I set the upper range to 1m (BUG: this ONLY works just after startup. If I do it later, any change causes a reboot)...

    ... and let it fly. Instant zillion errors. The entire range of errors is 1a4f0 to 3cf68 on my system. Errors are on 8 byte spacing. Always multiple "random" bits. I'll attach a few screen shots. As others have noted, test # reporting is wrong. Error in test 7 shows up in 5, and similar issues on some others (rarely, I see errors reported as 6 and 8 as well in this region)

    BTW, a Question: is there any way to scroll through the error list? Neither arrows nor page up/down work.

    Other anomalies/errors still exist/repeatable.

  15. #75
    A further update. Having set the **lower** limit to 1m (18 passes immediately after startup), it has now run almost 21 hours on 32GB of RAM with no errors (18 passes in 21 hours... even with 12 active cores/threads this takes a while ).

    By the way, another bug report. Look at the first screen shot in my message #74. The error counts are not being handled correctly.
    * Notice that the total count (line 10 of the screen, right side) is much larger than the sum of counts below.
    * In action, I observe that as the counts grow, the per-type count goes up then gets "stuck" for a while (usually at 32768 IIRC), then resets and counts up again.
    * Sometimes the total count also gets stuck as well
    * The total count during the normal scrolling display never gets stuck

  16. #76
    Great reports !

    The < 1 MB range bug in test #5 is well known. This said, did you saw this behavior in tests other than test #5 ?

  17. #77

    Hi! :-)

    Given that this < 1 MByte and other issues are "well known" (as no doubt are others) do you have plans to release any further beta's for testing soon?

    Seems little point in re-testing Beta 1 when there are fixes for know issues which need to be tested. We can get on with verifying those fixes on a wide range of platforms while you are updating the code for other issues! :-)

    Will you be releasing a Beta 2 soon?

    Kind Regards


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    Citation Envoyé par coffee1234 Voir le message
    try a BIOS update. had similar issues with F2-Bios from Gigabyte Z77-DS3H. clocked RAM to 672 mhz. u seem to have 807 mhz. BIOS v.F6 solved this for me

    Test 5 Errors are false positives?

    Pièce jointe 5039
    Thank you, that is very helpful! I have updated the Bios to F8 and now the ram is running at 800 mhz, I will re-run the memtest and report if there are any further problems

  19. #79
    Motherboard: ASRock A75M-HVS, Socket FM1 (905) - Default BIOS values
    Memory: 2 x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance, DDR3-1600CL9, CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9, CAS: 9-9-9-24-41 (Command Rate: 2T)
    CPU: AMD A8-3870K @ 2995 MHz (30 x 99.82 MHz)

    Memtest86+ 5.00 Beta (USB Installer):
    normal mode: runs fine & without any memory errors

    Setting the muliplier to 33x (still at 100MHz clock), shows the following on Memtest-Screen:
    RAM: 1595MHz (DDR3-2100) - 198 Bclk

    PASS % shows 100% while TEST % was still at 97% on TEST #9 (the last one in ONE pass)

    first PASS was done in around 22 min.
    second PASS was finished after +60 min.

    (no further information about the time for the next 6 passes)

    any suggestion to force (RAM) errors, without damaging the hardware?

    Memtest86+ 4.20 (USB Installer and ISO)
    normal mode: after ~10 hours it shows always 1-2 Errors
    safe mode: after ~10 hours it shows no errors

    Thanks for this great tool and please keep up the good work!
    Dernière modification par crusher66 ; 27/07/2012 à 04h30. Motif: added information

  20. #80
    Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X-EVO
    Memory: Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 (2x4GB Dual Channel)
    CPU: AMD Buldozer FX-8150 (8 Core)
    Mem Speed: XMP Profile CL9-10-9-27-2T@1.5V (QVL recommendation)

    - On every second or third pass, test #7 (Block Move) reports 2 errors in low region, sometimes at 13cf0 + 13cf8, sometimes at 274f0 + 274f8. I believe this is already reported here and a confirmed bug in the software. But beware, it is not test #5, as reported in error log, it is test #7 (Block Move). Just wanted to mention this to make sure you look into the right test to fix the bug. Strangely, errors are reported with a different test number (-2), so test 7 errors are reported as test 5 errors.

    - When I add 2 more DIMMs of the exact same type (to a total of 4 DIMMs/16Gig), test #7 (Block Move) gives tens of thousands of errors over the whole memory range, from 0 to 16Gig. Usually in the lower and higher region of each single 2Gig test segment, seems like there is 1 bit missing, always the same bit. Can anybody confirm if this is a bug in the software or could this be serious RAM / MoBo / CPU error? Retesting with Memtest86+ 4.20 gives errors during "block move" too, but it seems it is a different bit reported there. I don't think that the RAM is faulty because every pair of dual channel runs fine if tested seperately (8Gig). Only if they stick in together (16Gig) there is a problem. I've devcided to run this machine now with 8Gig only until I know for sure that 16Gig is working fine. If there is any hint that this is a software bug, please let me know.

    - Oh, there is one more thing. The access speeds shown in the upper left corner seem to be incomplete. While L1/L2/L3 cache throughput (MB/s) is reported correctly, the memory throughput is left blank (Memory: MB/s). This seems to be happening with AMD FX, since I've seen this in a screenshot of another beta tester who has the same CPU (AMD FX-8150).

    Thank you, it's a great piece of software! Keep up the great work.

    Regards, Chuck
    Dernière modification par chuck noland ; 27/07/2012 à 11h31.

  21. #81
    Great report !

    Test #7 is definitely bugged in SMP mode : I'm working on that.

    In all case, final revision will come with SMP disabled by default.

    Beta 2 should be out this month

  22. #82
    Citation Envoyé par hackeron Voir le message
    Thank you, that is very helpful! I have updated the Bios to F8 and now the ram is running at 800 mhz, I will re-run the memtest and report if there are any further problems
    Thank you coffee1234, updating the Bios fixed my problem!

  23. #83
    I've tested 5.00b1 today on another machine with NVidia chipset...

    Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E
    Memory: Kingston HyperX KHX6400D2LLK2/4G (2x2GB Dual Channel)
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 C3 (4 Core)
    Mem Speed: CL4-4-4-12-2T@1.95V (Kingston tested timings)

    - Did only run two passes (no errors reported), but known errors in test #7 (block move) would probably happen here too if trying more passes.

    - DIMM detail information are not shown in the lower portion of the screen. When going into config and pressing 7 (SPD Info), it reports "SMBus Controller not known".

    - Strangely, I have to press "c" twice to get into config. At first touch of the button, only a black window is shown where the config menu would be. After second press of the button, the menu appears.

    - Same here as with AMD FX-8150 as reported in my last post: The access speeds shown in the upper left corner seem to be incomplete. While L1/L2/L3 cache throughput (MB/s) is reported correctly, the memory throughput is left blank (Memory: MB/s).

    - I can confirm further reports of other beta testers, that a complete set of tests is running slower with every pass. The second pass feels like it takes twice as long as the first pass of tests.

    Again, thanks for this masterpiece. Will look forward to beta 2. ;-)

    Regards, Chuck

  24. #84
    Sorry for the bad English - this is not my native language ...

    Question about memory and MemTest 5.00b1:
    In April, it was purchased 4х4 module Samsung
    SAMSUNG 4x 4Gb DDR3 1333 Mhz @2133 Mhz DIMM PC3-10600 [ M378B5273DH0 -CH9 ] CL-9

    But who were the May (until Ivy Bridge)
    in early May, the assembly was made:

    i-5 3570K ( x43 offset +0.35 =0.790/1.210v. )
    ASUS P8Z77-V
    4х4Gb Samsung 1333 (DH0-CH9) @2133Mhz 9-10-10-28-CR2 =1.625v vccsa=1.000v.

    - Now come down to test the memory of his hands on one plate,
    found one module buggy , gave out a couple of mistakes immediately
    or within three hours of testing at a frequency of @1333

    sent to guarantee a week ago ...
    Now dotestiroval remaining three module:
    - one and the same error

    stepping :

    voltage for the test :

    Error #1 module :

    Error #2 module :

    Error #3 module :

    # 4-th module is already in the guarantee week ago

    this two months 4x4 = 16 were tested on the dispersal of not more than @ 2400 = 1.65v, it is normal for voltage SEC.

    Question - did these errors even in nominal terms,
    but this is normal or not? or all of the 4-D module was faulty?
    or for some reason 2 months broken?? or can be MemTest 5 / beta / wrong?

    What more needs to be done? All of them take under warranty? or a certain percentage of error allowed?

    - I can not believe that the whole lot wrong ... may be something else wrong? Win7x64, LinX, playing works fine and well at least a week without having to reboot 24/7 (have not tried longer) to @ 2133 or @ 2400
    and even there are no errors in the windows, and the blue screen does not show ...
    Dernière modification par 47920 ; 31/07/2012 à 06h40.

  25. #85

    I've tested the 5.0b1 on my custom-designed 2nd Gen Core i7 embedded board.
    It's HW config:
    -Core i7-2715QE @ 2.1GHz BGA1023,
    -2 x 4096MB soldered Micron DDR3-1333 w/ECC (9-9-9-24) running at 1600MHz 11-11-11-28,
    -QM67 chipset,
    -BIOS based on AMI codes but significantly modified according to platform needs + improved visuals.

    The result is attached, the sytem passed two rounds at default settings without errors. It's just a brief testing, I'll examine it more carefully later.


    Doc TB, thanks you for your great work, ver. 5.0b1 is REALLY different from 4.20 and I know how much time it takes.
    I have only one thing to know - the lowest string on the screen is Motherboard name, I guess, but, unfortunately, it shows rubbish in my case. Could you please tell where are you reading that ID from? We could modify the respective string in the BIOS code then and the tool could correctly detect our board after that.

    Thanks for your work again. Good luck.

    Regards, Mikhail.

  26. #86
    Motherboard name is grabbed from DMI string. It seems your DMI strings are empty or corrupted.

  27. #87
    Guess I'm an accidental beta tester, as I needed something to test 16GB of RAM on my HP Envy 17 (Ivy Bridge chipset).

    I'm testing two 8GB Corsair Vengeance SODIMMS (10-10-10-27) and ran into a one-bit error at about 2 hours into the testing, and the same error again four hours later. Was on the second of the two DIMMs as it was in the 10GB slice of RAM that the errors occurred. As this ties in to the RAM possibly being bad, I sent it back to for refund and ordered two SODIMMs of the same type, though not packed together in a kit. Same SODIMMs however.

    It's an HP-produced board with the HM76 chipset. CPU is a Core i7-3720QM running at 2.6GHz.

    Pics of the errors are below.

    First error after two hours:

    Second error after six hours:

  28. #88
    Hi @Doc TB,

    Any further updates on Memtest 86+ 5.0 beta 2? :-)

    Kind Regards


  29. #89
    I am testing 5.00b1 on a Supermicro X9SCM-F motherboard with 32GB of RAM and an E31275 3.4GHz CPU. I have attached a screenshot and will leave it running overnight. I will confirm the result in the morning.

    I have noticed that the ECC mode option has disappeared from the configuration menu in 5.00. Was this intended? Does memtest 5.00 detect single bit ECC errors by default or not?


  30. #90
    PS : On Beta 1, there is an unwanted breakpoint remaining on Test marked as #6 which sometimes pop a false error. In the dev process, I often use this trick to display simple informations.

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