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    I need to verify RAM validity on an ASUS P9X79 PRO motherboard (Sandy Bridge-E).

    My question is, is memtest 86+ 4.20 safe to use on this board?

    I have used it; it seemed to work OK (though not all 32GB showed up, only 24GB; but the BIOS showed a problem with the last 2 sticks as well (of 8 sticks in total); these symptoms may or may not be related).

    The CPU was reported by memtest86+ as "Pentium M". It is a Core i7 3820K.

    No RAM errors were thrown, at least up to near the end of test #7.

    But towards the end of the first pass (it might have reached test #8 without my noticing) the machine silently died.

    Since then it will no longer even begin POST, and the CPU LED on the motherboard remains lit. This could indicate that either the CPU or motherboard has died. (In theory the available air cooling is excellent.)

    My question is not about troubleshooting this hardware issue, but about what I should do after I have solved it.

    Is it safe to run memtest86+ 4.20 again, after replacing motherboard and/or CPU? (I don't want to run an unnecessary risk there--these are expensive parts.)

    Is memtest86+ 5.00 beta available to end users for testing?
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    Hi !

    I've tested several X79 based PCs (including p9x79 pro and other) with memtest+ 4.20 with no issue (except some dead ram sometimes).

    So memtest+ 4.20 is safe.

    Bad coincidence in your case

    Shit happens.

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    Thanks very much, I'm relieved to hear it.

    I'm now testing the same RAM on the replacement motherboard. A replacement CPU made no difference: the motherboard was indeed dead.

    At least two of the original 8 sticks are also toast. (The BIOS SPD section gave them an "abnormal" code and I've removed them.)

    Thanks again for confirming my confidence in memtest86+. It's been a slightly rough episode, but that happens, as you say.


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