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    Testing my new Samsung N220 netbook I noticed that CPU-Z is missing all fields under the Memory tab except the Size field. Is it my netbook problem or CPU-Z not recognizing the new hardware? The SPD is OK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franck@x86 View Post
    can you please give a try to version 1.54 ?
    Thank you Franck, 1.54 is giving me the timings now but some fields are still missing (Dram Frequency, FSB:DRAM, DRAM Idle Timer, Total CAS#, and Row To Column). Also Type shows incorrectly DDR3. It should be DDR2.
    Thanks again for your quick response...Steve.

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    Hi, I found this thread using google, I'm with the same issue.
    I don't know what to do, I've already tried three different windows installations and CPU-Z versions, 1.60x32 and 1.60x64, 1.59.4 and 1.59 without any success.
    Everything is normal, SPD, CPU, motherboard, but memory tab only shows that I have 4gb of memory, nothing else...

    I'm using a Z77 motherboard with an ivy bridge early sample (2.2ghz not unlocked).

    Thanks in advance for any help! I need to write a review but I cannot register RAM speed and Timmings.

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    Hi, I have the same issue with my Dell Dimension E520. The SPD displays fine in CPU-Z but on the Memory tab, all of the fields except the Size and Type are greyed out (see screen shots below). My concern is that the Intel 965 chipset in the E520 might be throttling back the speed of the RAM but I have no way of checking. The memory speed displays as 800MHz in the BIOS but I would like to have confirmation of that in CPU-Z. Can anybody help?
    BIOS Memory 250412.jpgCPU-Z Memory Tab 230412.JPGCPU-Z SPD Tab 230412.JPG

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