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    Here is my CPU-Z stats:


    Let me know what you think.


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    My brothers build I did for him:
    core i7 1366 950

    My build I did since I didn't have money to go the 1366 route at the time:
    core i5 1155 2500k

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    My CPU-Z stats whith C2D E8500 OC @4.35Ghz


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    just moved up from q6600 to core i5 3570k wow what a leap!!!
    I had a tentative look at overclocking and the last validatioin is where I am at at this moment does it look ok to you guys?? seems stable with prime and intel burn test???




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    Intel Atom, solid 200MHz clock boost


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    Some perty impressive scores above. Thought I'd share my i3

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    3.9g 745mhz 3.4v 10-11-11-28 1T

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    Bonjour/Hi Everyone

    New member. Fairly new to overclocking. This is where I'm at thus far. If anyone has any tips or pointers I would greatly appreciate it.


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    One of my first tries with my i7-3770k, without toutching the power levels. I love this machine for it's super low energy consumption and run it smooth at 4Gig without any trouble.

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    Hello guys !
    Here is my i5 3470 - http://valid.canardpc.com/4ee5xb

    But i need your help ! How i can take part in this chart - Top 15 in 3470 OC results

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    Descripción del producto
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    V-core is a little higth else if my pc crash during game about 10 minutes. I got a msi gaming G45 and Antec gaming series 520 watts.

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    Even though my 4th core is corrupted,I managed to turn it off and just tried little oc with other 3 cores.Here are my results:

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    Hi guys new to this Oc lark just thought id give it a try ..http://valid.canardpc.com/4e4zvz

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    not o.c'd yet but would be grateful for any advice on where i should start as never done before.thanks in advance


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    AMD Athlon II x 4 620

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    http://valid.canardpc.com/2cge3m - my main Win desktop.

    Ivy Bridge-E 4960X @ 4400 MHz 1.216 vcore ... while also driving 8 sticks of ram, 64GB RAM @2400 MHz CAS 10 on virtually stock voltage 1.53v, air cooled.

    Uptime so far is > 4 weeks, under continual heavy multitask load. Need to reboot some time soon :)

    Quite pleased with this, because 8 sticks is said to be hard to drive and usually limited to <2000, alternatively can need up to 1.65v, and here it's working at 2400 rock solid on almost Intel stock voltage without compromising latency. It'll probably do better when I get water cooling in place but if not, I'm still happy.

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    Unfortunately my main is a win laptop 333MHz ATI RS960/RS960M ..drivng DDr2 3GBytes
    I plan to upgrade but to what I don't know. :\
    I do plan on building a MSI, AMD Gaming Rig and overclock it.

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