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    Hi there,
    Specs. Pentium 4 3.0GHz(HT)
    Intel 865GBF (Supports Dual channel Memory Inerface)
    2X512 Hynix PC3200
    Gainward 6800GT

    I just realized that I am not running my PC's memory on Dual Channel Mode as I have installed both my memories on same memory channel 'A' of my PC Instead on one memory stic on A channel and DIMM1 and other on B channel Dimm1. SO I canged Memory Installation for Dual channel configruation. I have dobe that successfully but...Earlier my memory's performance mode was enabled and now its is disabled(But dual channel is enabled).

    Ques: In CPU-Z What is Memory Performance mode? What is actaul performance difference? How can I enable this....I check BIOS there is no option there?

    Plz help ASAP

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    memory performance is always greyd out on my computers

    right now i have a asus A8N-SLI with a 4400+

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