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Discussion: сhoix carte mere

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    “Don’t cum,” he said. “I want you right on the edge”. And he slowed his sucking, somehow managing to notice exactly the right moments to stop and start to keep me hovering at the point of no return -- right on the edge.
    Mark then lifted his body up from my face and re-positioned his cock straight into my mouth to basically face-fuck me. And we were now doing a full on 69.
    “Swirl your tongue – I’m almost there too,” he directed.
    I kept bucking my hips trying to get my cock deeper into him so I could have my explosion, but he somehow knew just how to prevent me from that – and at the same time, his cock was almost choking me and getting bigger. And I didn’t care… I was grabbing his ass again – and using a finger to play tap on his butt like I’d learned the other night. We were both getting close.

    He started thrusting his dick into my mouth a little harder and faster, and his cock was still swelling. My own balls were aching – I’d been ready to cum for a long time and I just kept thrusting and bucking up into the air to join his mouth… There was no way to talk -- just muffled moans.
    His pistoning got even faster, I lightly pushed my finger into his butt a little, and he lost it… he leaned forward harder, swallowed my dick deep, and sucked and sucked… I HAD to cum! I knew he was going to cum too… I moaned super loud and pushed my finger deeper into him. I grabbed his ass down, pushing his cock into me, and thrust my own cock up into his mouth -- and groaned loud as I shot my load – just as he pushed down and shot his load. Pulse after pulse we fed each other – right at that same moment. Both our mouths sucking and slurping, as they filled with the cum. One of the most intense orgasms I'd yet had -- and as my mouth filled up, I just lay there frozen.

    "Yeah, ready -- cause you're not done.... When you eventually get back here with me, I'll be telling you EXACTLY how you're gonna now make ME cum that many times too, while you hold off, frustrated, begging for a final chance to blow your own load, after watching me over and over like that...."
    I stared at him in stunned silence for a minute.
    He went on... "And if you're lucky, MAYBE I'll let you finally cum, if you follow all my directions perfectly. Got it?!"
    He had this hungry, combined with crazy, sexy look that was indescribable. I was confused and shocked, but as I let it soak in I realized I was totally turned on by this idea -- and now trying not to tip my eagerness... After a long pause, I said, “ah -- ok Mark, I got it. I'll keep count. For sure.”
    “Good! So don't get home too late on Sundays, we'll need some time! Now grab us a couple towels and lets go rinse off."
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    Tes cartes de capture ont besoin d'un slot pcie x16 ?

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