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    Ca m'a fait relancé le 1 dis donc
    Uplay: Styxounet

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    Ca m'a fait relancé le 1 dis donc
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    Quand on aime on ne postcount pas.

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    Alpha closed dans une semaine environ.

    November’s Closed Alpha will serve as a technical test for Torchlight Frontiers. This is a closed opportunity for a small group of players to test, report bugs, provide feedback, and try to break the servers. Player feedback is an important part of Torchlight Frontiers and we’ll be listening carefully to what Alpha players have to say. There are many facets of the game that we need to inspect and evaluate before opening the doors to a wider audience. Game development is a long process, so before we allow everyone and their alpaca to play we want to make sure the game is working as intended and represents our vision.

    Normalement on a pas le droit de stream ni de faire des vidéos donc j’imagine que ça sera une très petite alpha pour éviter ce genre de chose.
    "Les faits sont têtus."
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    Le jeu sera bien F2p avec personnellement plusieurs truc qui m'embêtent.

    Notamment les points 3 et 4 qui peuvent être totalement rédhibitoire si mal équilibré. A voir en jeu, la communication n'étant jamais totalement claire/franche (enfin assez pour dire qu'il y aura des accélérateur d'xp et donc du p2w pour moi, mais pas la proportion).

    1 We believe that the Free-to-Play model gives the widest possible audience access to Torchlight Frontiers. We will be building the game with this approach to start, with the hope that it provides the ability to grow and expand our game for years to come. If it doesn't, we will change course.
    2 We believe item sales should enhance your enjoyment of the game. We believe the best items to sell are ones that you want to buy, but do not need to buy.
    3 We believe that you should earn your game play rewards through adventuring and killing monsters! However, we understand that some people's time is constrained by real-life responsibilities, so within reason we will allow for limited acceleration of various metrics, like gold, luck, etc. Whenever possible, we think these powers should be shareable with your friends, and will still require that you earn your loot through adventuring.
    4 We believe that normal gear, like your armor and primary weapons should be attainable only by adventuring and finding them. That said, we may sell some special items, like specific Relic Weapons. If we do, we will always strive for there to be a reasonable way to attain or craft them through normal gameplay.
    5 We seek to have fun with cosmetic items, like decor for your fort. These will span the spectrum from things you can buy, to things that drop from monsters, to things you can craft. These items have no gameplay impact, so they are entirely optional for you. But they are fun!
    6 We reject "pay-to-win". For one thing, there is no specific "winning" in Torchlight Frontiers. We want you to be who and what you want to be in our world. We know that killing a boss and finding that cool rare item is immensely satisfying, but buying that same item from a store or auction house is less so.
    7 We have no plans to gate content from you. There will be no "premium" areas where paying players can play but non-payers cannot. The world of Torchlight Frontiers is open and fair, and we value our non-paying players and paying players alike. You are all valued members of our community.
    "Les faits sont têtus."
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    Ouai le point 4 fait chier. Mais en même temps le F2P fera venir des gens qui n'auraient pas investit 50€ donc a voir.
    Uplay: Styxounet

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    Bon en gros, ils vont faire un enieme MMO quoi
    Pour devenir mon coupaing: Steam, BattleNet

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