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  1. #601
    BETA 7.3.0

    Localization system first-draft added to the game! Will be expanding it and adding translations into other languages.
    Added Steam Friend Listing in the server browser
    Fixed aqueducts not transporting water correctly
    Fertilizer will now stack
    Fishing no longer causes ghost fish to (not) appear in your inventory
    Fish will now bite slightly faster
    Repairs now scale with the skill required to repair them

    Tool calorie consumption no longer scales with durability
    World markers now appear on a list in a Minimap panel.
    You can now see all markers on the minimap and click them.
    Added the concept of global markers, which can be set by the server leader and will be displayed to everyone. These can be hidden per-user.

    'Add Marker' in the minimap will add to where you're looking at.
    Updated the string table with more strings, removed some invalid strings.
    Fixed the fuel supply tab remaining time display not showing up.
    Prevent stats errors from kicking people / crashing the server (instead they will show an error message in the server console).
    Fixed some stat related crashes (The "Cannot insert duplicate key in unique index '_id'" ones and the "The given key was not present in the dictionary." ones. Save files that already saw the latter may not be fixed, but new instances should not happen.)
    Made the Icebox auth default to 'inherit' instead of 'public', like other storage objects
    Save config file when selecting 'skill points on action' on a local world
    Better messaging when /ban fails to find user

    Fixed a case of carts having the wrong weight
    Fixed buying/selling multiple of the same item being recorded as only one buy/sell action, for graphs and laws
    Fixed changing your election speech counting as a 'run for office' action, for graphs and laws
    Fixed exception when vehicles fall through the world
    Fixed broken skill tooltips
    Fixed Excavator / Powered cart moving while no one is driving
    Fixed Excavator digging while the arm is disabled
    Excavator has stronger brakes
    Fixed Fishery occupancy
    Fixed Stove chimney

    Adds and fixes functionality to ServerWatcher
    Meteor Shard can't push physics objects anymore
    Avatars now put away tools while driving
    Fixed linux startup stalling during "Compressing"
    Fixed some people not having their working directory set correctly, which prevented starting up servers
    Improved error messages when starting new worlds from in game
    Fixed a bug where double clicking delete on a store listing would get you kicked, which I marked as fixed before, but it is really fixed now!
    Fixed projects getting stuck at 100% progress without outputting their last item.
    Made stomach contents tooltip line wrap
    Change string references to language to enums
    update CSV to include language

    Added a framed glass door
    Fix translation dropdown indexing
    Obscure "Gibberish" option
    Added more options to control target frame rate & vsync
    Reduced FPS to 10 while game is unfocused
    Gathering efficiency skills are now a multiplier rather than a flat increase from (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
    Gathering efficiency skill cost reduced from (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) to (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
    Added new steel lighting solutions: table lamp, ceiling light, and standing lamp.
    Made /spawnplant case insensitive, and added better messaging for error cases.
    Replaced the prop backpack with an actual backpack
    Fixes issues with invalid parameters wrongly getting passed in Chat Commands.
    Adds ability to reset keybindings to default.
    Prevents issue where users get deadlocked after assigning keys.
    Fixes misc. bugs related to above
    Fixed land animals occasionally getting stuck under water
    Stopped the toolbar from scrolling while the cursor is shown

    Prevented an exploit where you could continue dragging and dropping an item stack while walking around
    Almost certainly fixed dragged item icons getting stuck floating on the screen. Hopefully.
    Fixed searching on the search and select window before all items have loaded (eg. the store selection window)
    Fixed an exploit where negative-priced store items would cause you to pay negative tax (thus stealing from the government)
    At stores, the person spending money on each offer pays taxes for that transaction. Eg. if you sell items at a store, the store owner pays taxes. Conversely, if you buy a negatively priced item at a store, the store owner pays taxes.
    In store windows, tooltips, and the economy viewer, quantities for 'buying' listings all now show the number of items that the store wants to buy minus the number in its inventory.

    Fixed a crash when trying to repair the road tool
    Fixed a bug where the skillpoints bar would get stuck at maximum
    Fixed a crash caused by multiple people rapidly right clicking on the same stack of items.
    Fixed a crash caused by picking up a chest with stuff in it.
    Increased starting skill points from 9 to 12
    Increased the cost of the first two specializations from (0, 0) to (1, 2)

  2. #602
    Et un avant gout de la prochaine mise jour (qui arrivera avant celle sur les vhicules) :

    On pourra jeter nos vieux trucs par terre, ce qui gnrera de la pollution. Si c'est biologique, a gnrera du compost.
    Cool, mais c'est un peu facile de contourner le systme en crant juste un coffre "poubelle" et en entassant ses objets inutiles dedans.

    Ce serait intressant d'avoir des poubelles qu'il faut vider de temps en temps (a pourrait crer un nouveau mtier) mais je ne vois pas comment ils peuvent nous forcer l'utiliser.
    Visslar pour les intimes.

  3. #603
    Update ouverture

    En raison de la dure de dveloppement ncessaire et de nos disponibilits, j'ai dcid qu'il serait prfrable de dcaler l'ouverture du serveur d'un jour.

    Date dfinitive
    : samedi 31 Mars midi.

    Une update sera poste demain soir afin de dtailler la configuration et les mods qui seront prsents au lancement de la partie!

    Pour faire un peu monter la hype, sachez qu'on a retravaill la gnration des minerais et que j'ai bon espoir sur la prsence d'un mod qui amliore le principe d'efficiency!

  4. #604
    La succursale Bolchvisme Infrastructure Minage et Autoroute runi ses troupes pour atteindre les quota.

  5. #605
    Le nouveau serveur a tout juste ouvert hier soir ! Pour le moment il y a une quinzaine de joueurs actifs, et comme vous pouvez le voir dans les screens ci-dessous, tout est faire !

    Le retard d'ouverture a t d la mise en place de nouveaux mods revoyant fortement la difficult et la courbe de progression. Le rythme est plus lent et l'efficacit dpend de l'ge (nergie mcanique, lectrique, ...).

    Le Discord du serveur :

  6. #606
    BETA 7.3.2
    Clothes can only be swapped in the avatar editor during the first play session
    Fixed Tree exceptions
    Fixed Trees overlapping with other plants/things
    Fixed simulation data not being saved in all cases
    Fixed underwater plants spawning air pockets on death
    Fixed old stacks of torches being immovable
    You no longer lose calories when you try and fail to pick up an object (eg. a chest with too many items)
    Fixed incorrect 'not authorized' errors on stores.
    Fixed plants instantly growing during migration
    Fixed inaccurate /players list
    Fixed server migrating every restart

  7. #607
    Le district sovitique prt pour les rsultats de l'lection du nouveau maire.

  8. #608
    Ce serait tellement beau, un systme de factions pouvant dboucher sur des guerres de territoires...
    Steam ID : Morvax

  9. #609
    Je vois que tout est ferm ? Moi qui voulais rejoindre l'aventure c'est trop tard ?
    Dernire modification par Foxyrad ; 01/05/2018 15h24.

  10. #610
    Hello les gens! J'ai recupr le jeu il y a quelques jours, et pour le moment, je tente une survie en solo. Yaurai des coins pour m'accepter sur leur serveur ce soir?
    La broutourne!
    Citation Envoy par Arteis Voir le message
    Kahn c'est Salakis en tutu

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