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    Par contre toujours pas de campagne "Octobre rouge" officielle
    Ceci devrait être une signature conforme nette lisse et propre comme un cul de bébé. Elle fait trois lignes en hauteur et j'ose l’espérer moins de 100 par 40... ou alors 200? Meeeeerde Je sais plus......!!!!!!

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    Version 1.08 Beta Available
    Version 1.08 is now available. Contains what should be the final fix for broken Action Reports in Land Strike missions. Land Strike missions no longer have a circle to fire TLAMs into, simply fire and they are counted as a success once the weapon is away. Also contains shortcuts and filters to aid in searching through ship lists as well as new aircraft, weapons and a re-balance of the sensors and submarine noise levels.

    To Opt Into Beta:

    Right click the Cold Waters in Steam library, go to properties and you should have new "BETAS" tab added, then use the pulldown to select the beta you would like to opt into -leave the early access code empty- and the new update should download. When you run the game the version number should read version 1.08.

    Version 1.08
    In Beta

    Kommunist Class merchant added
    Mil Mi-14 (Haze) Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) helicopter added
    Haze helicopters added to land-based missions (Land Strike and Insertion)
    Beriev Be-12 Chayka (Mail) Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) amphibious aircraft added
    MK45, AT-1, AT-2, SET-40 torpedoes added
    Vessel, aircraft, weapon references to textures and audio now check external folders (override/default)
    TLAM cruise altitude set to 500 to aid with terrain avoidance
    Unit Reference now has filters for global/nations as well as shortcuts to submarines, warships, biologic, aircraft and weapons
    Rebalanced noise levels across all submarines
    Rebalanced sonar performance to be in line with performance quoted by USNI reference
    Aircraft and Helos now have their historical loadouts
    Tweaked the Mk48 sensor to be less overpowered
    dictionary_interface.txt Noisemaker renamed to DECOY
    Number of noisemakers on board displayed again in weapons rearm panel

    Weapons tab now displays number of wires used/available for your submarine
    Recognition manual now displays submarine test depths
    Recognition manual now has shortcuts to sub, warship and merchant classes
    Recognition manual now has shortcut to own sub to allow viewing of own sub statistics along with weapons data
    Signature panel now has shortcuts to sub, warship and merchant classes
    Different HUDs now load correctly without the need to return to main menu
    Sonarman now calls out correct contact number when detecting transient from a known contact

    Land Strike missions no longer display or require a "target zone", just fire anywhere and the TLAM counts as away
    Broken After Action Reports for Land Strike missions fixed
    Noisemaker rearm at port uses the correct value in vessel txt file instead of 20

    dictionary_interface.txt added new values for in game recognition manual:
    ReferenceTestDepth=Test Depth
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    bande de naze

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