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    An "official forum" for a product where not an author/developer for the product participates and only common users try to see something in the magic crystal ball, is pretty meaningless.
    As we can see, problems and inconsistencies with Memtest86+ are just piling up here and if nobody picks this up, this will make the program useless, at least in the near future when new processors and chipsets may pop up that the program can't deal with.
    Just my two pennies worth .....

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    Your two pennies are worth as much as you paid for this service... nothing. ITs open source so if you want improvements go right ahead. but this arrogant attitude of thinking everyone else owes you anything that you dint pay for is ridiculous childish.
    Are you going to wine at the mechanism when you cant figure out to fix your car and want them to work for free too ? Do you want to pay somebody to fix this software for you?

    Besides had you done just a tad bit of homework you would know the the program is pretty much CPU/memory agnostic for its cores functionality. but i guess ppl with your "everything is about me" attitude don't like to read around on a forum when you can just start a whine thread instead ?
    that means that the error core functionality aka the error detection runs as long as its a X86 compatible plat form. Its just the advanced detection/information features that needs updates for newer products ( roughly)

    Memtest86+ project stared because the initial memtest86 project died out as well. it was possible because some guy took up the gauntlet and started to look into the source. Just as you can do now when this project seems to have died out. or you could face your attention towards passmarks memtest86 which is still active developed

    There are plenty of options to go by. but the least things is for you to whine and demand free stuff from other people like a teenage stereotype. Seriously grow up and give some well deserved gratitude for the guys that have been giving you a free service/product for this long.
    They have brought in effort to help others and getting nothing in returned. Contributed to future development of the common good. Unlike you selfish bastard who seems stuck on focusing on solely yourself. You deserve absolutely nothing good, and the worst wishes from me to you sir.

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    Actually it is you who doesn't deserve anything. Chromix made a good point at same time asking what happened to this project, because it was great when it was, and now - as the time goes by it becomes less and less useful. Chromix neither said he is ungrateful nor demanded anything. Maybe he even donated to this project. You don't know that. So Mr. Butthurt stop living in your little fantasy world, stop insulting other people and instead of posting useless information and wishing bad things to others just shut up.

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    Du drama international
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    C’est comme je vais parler avec vous, je vois que vous êtes un peu efféminé, c’est pas pour ça que je vais dire tiens il est homo !

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    Du drama international

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    I would be even willing to donate to this project, but I do not see any way to do that. And developer(s) are not responding to some of the long standing bugs.

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    Hi Witold.

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    I would be even willing to donate to this project, but I do not see any way to do that. And developer(s) are not responding to some of the long standing bugs.
    I guess you've missed then? The link there seems to lead to an active paypal account named Memtest86+. Whether donations in this point of time will help the actual development of the software I can't say.

    I'm an occasional user who struggled trying to get Memtest86+ running on a new machine, until realising the missing UEFI support was the reason. This was very hard to infer because of the lacking and spread documentation, dead links and French language.

    Maybe we can raise some interest in adding UEFI support if the development process and community was more open and easier to interact with? I don't know the history of the current organisation or even who and what this Canard magazine is but memtest86+ seems like a tool which shouldn't be left dangling just because PassMark takes over memtest86(.com) and close sources further development.

    Somebody already put the memtest86+ v5.01 code on github. Also PassMark still supports the GPL licensed v4 (non-UEFI) version of memtest86, and provides the source code with the binary download. Maybe there are improvements in there which we could also port to memtest86+? Obviously not UEFI support but maybe other goodies.


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